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Our Girl, Eva

All is great. Thought I’d say hi to you and give you a much delayed update.

Eva loves gun fire. She doesn’t need hearing protection, that pic was kind of a joke.  I take her to all of the tactical weapons classes that I teach.

Well she is ruthless and loving. Amazing combo. 

Breeder Comment

Thanks, Jim, for updating us on your Eva and the wonderful relationship you have with her. It is great that she was a perfect fit for you.


Hello Owyheestar!  



My two beautiful Weims

We’re coming up on a year since we acquired our Virgil from you. Skeeter is now going on 3 1/2 yrs old. I love these two so much. 



The lovely Longhair-Virgil

Virgil is such a beautiful dog and I’m so glad to have him as a member of our family.


Skeeter Valentine

He and Skeeter get along well. They run with me, swim at the pool, and visit the dog park. Virgil gets along with all dogs. He’s like this huge mediator…if things start to get weird, he will run at top speed with that fancy tail flying, getting everyone running around once more. 

No one can catch him or Skeeter, they’re soooo fast. People always comment on how nice they are and how beautiful they are. I always say it’s the Owyheestar breeding! Happy Holidays to you and thanks again, for my lovely friends.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the news and the update. It is always good to hear that the OwyheeStar Weimaraners are thriving and much-loved. Virgil was a spur of the moment addition (because he became available) and we are so very delighted to know you love your Longhair. Getting your endorsement means, even more, when it comes from a person like you–a licensed, practicing Vet Tech.

We wish you continued health and wellness. It is a great comfort to know Virgil and Skeeter have so much going for them. Below are the links for the two from their previous pool work posts. Maybe one day there will be the opportunity to update us on their progress further.

Not Expected

Longhair’s Tail Fluff

        ~ Weim Tales


Heerman's Two on the bed

Skeeter Valentine and her Longhair brother Virgil

Virgil got a sticky fly trap thingy stuck on the last 1/5th of his beautiful, gorgeous, lovely tail!!!! What the Whaaaat. He was wagging the thing so much that it swung around where it had no business being and bam! Fly strip on the tail. First I have to say it’s not easy trying to get a weim to stay put. 

First I have to say it’s not easy trying to get a Weim to stay put when something like that happens, however, I did and was able to remove said fly strip. Washed tail to no avail. Had to trim some. The question is will it fill back in? I feel like I should know this but I do not.

Breeder Comment

Yes, Kaliece, the tail will grow back entirely. It might take months but the Weimaraner sheds hair (even the smooth coat), and new hair comes in from the follicle. During the first couple of years, the feathering fills in and for those that love the look–the tail becomes a beautiful flag.

We knew a person who used to shave their Longhair Weimaraners during the summer. Their coat came back full and lush, but they were cooler during the heat of the summer. We often clip the tail a bit (on the underside) before they whelp. This trimming process saves a lot of mess because there is a considerable amount of blood and ewe during the whelp. You don’t want this flipped all over the walls etc. It always grows back. So, for all you who are concerned about losing a little fluff–now you know. It will grow back. Some folks also groom the toe hair during the muddy season. They just have a groomer remove it. The toe tassels always come back. If you ever are worried, just clip a spot that is not noticeable and document it with a photo. Look at it over time.

As difficult as it might be to accomplish, rubbing peanut butter in something sticky like gum will dissolve it. This tip that might save needing to cut chunks of hair.

        ~ Swimming is Exhausting

We love him so much. Such a sweet boy. He is now LOVING to go swimming and he loves running with me. He is training up very well for that, he runs by my side nicely. He is fearless and very protective of me so I’ve really had to work on him relaxing on that aspect. I love knowing he’s watching out for me and he’s learning to watch my cues for leave it and quiet and learning to trust me and where I put him as much as I’m learning to trust his judgment as well. I don know if you know but he is my first male dog ever. So, Thank you for sending me such a nice boy. Just he needs to hush when asked and that is progressing very well. Thanks again for another great OwhyheeStar companion.

 Breeder Comment

This breed is different from other breeds in many ways. Many people who decide to get their first Weimaraner end up with a male. They might have wanted a female, but possibly there were none available. It is then they discover the truth–the boys are very sweet. Oh, they can be headstrong. The females can be tough to manage too! Regardless, they have a quality that catches a lot of folks off guard. It is not something you can put into words; however, in many cases, the way they bond to you wins you over. After being forced to get a first-time male dog, many end up having the male Weimaraner preference.

We have talked a lot about the difference between the male and female. Of course, there are exceptions. Regardless, in many cases, the female Weimaraner tends to be less engaged in their owner’s agenda and to value less the desire to please. (They can be such a prima donna). While all Weims can be manipulative, the female takes it to a new level. This trait can manifest in many different ways, and much of what happens depends upon their human and the relationship. Yes, it depends on the type of leadership role and your ability to evoke the desire to please you. How this expresses itself can vary. Each time it is a bit unique, and at the same time, it always sports a lot of the similar expression.

Just for Reference

Max Summer 2014-3

Some Weimaraner tails are fuller than others. Here is a photo of Max (at five) showing his beautiful plumage. Max Summer 2014-6

Two and Looking Good

Atkinson's Addie

San Francisco and Orcas Island

I just wanted to let you know that Addie turned two a few days ago, and she’s doing great. She splits her time between San Francisco and Orcas Island in Washington State and is a very happy, friendly and loving member of our family.


She’s not too keen on water, feathers on a beach drive her crazy and she has a skin allergy that we’re managing. But she’s easy to train, loves to play with other dogs and has an adventurous spirit.

Her water issues are more to do with the big waves. She’s fine on lakes and calm rivers. But she sits out the Pacific Ocean—too much for her and, to be honest, I’m okay with that as the currents can be strong.

Addie is fed Orijen kibble and the vet thinks her skin allergy is probably caused by local grasses. She’s fine in Washington State, but the drought in California has affected many dogs in similar ways.

Dock Diving

Remember Skeeter?

Not so long ago she was seen on the blog learning how to dock dive. The Blog was titled Do Not Despise Small Beginnings. We know there is limited time and opportunity to work on, the dock diving; however, Kaliece brings us phenomenal news!

Skeeter Competes

Just wanted to let you and Cliff know Skeeter went to her first dock diving event this weekend. The group is x-treme air dogs Northwest. I’ve only been able to practice a few times and not with a trainer so that being said I’m super proud of her. She made it into the amateur division with a 14.4 ft jump. She was 2nd in the division after the first day, and we went to finals today where she placed 4th. It was a great experience for both of us. She’s mentally exhausted. Haha. She had so much to think about and get over because the event was held at the pool we swim her at. So when we got there, she had to wait and wait and wait to get in the pool when normally she just jumps in right away. Also, there were a lot of people, dogs, crates, loud music, donuts, hotdogs, etc.etc. in HER playground! She dealt with it well, though. I was just happy that she didn’t break her sit stay with all that going on when she was on deck. Everyone commented on what a beautiful dog she is and so sweet. She truly is an awesome representation of the breed; she always makes me proud, and she reflects well on Owyheestar.


Not the Norm

Before the beloved Koda

~There Was Tucker


Koda @ 4.5 YrsKoda is much loved and celebrated within his family. He is about 4.5 years old. Nonetheless, like so many Weimaraners, he came to his family with huge paw prints to fill. There are always the hopes and then we have our expectations.

Tucker’s shadow had cast a special spell upon his domain. Koda walked into this family’s heart and household as young pup without reservation. He didn’t know of Tucker, but Tucker had left this family taking a piece of their heart with him. At the same time, he set them up with a void that left a much need place for Koda. Somehow it seems Tucker was looking down with an approving smile and maybe a smirk too! How can you hope to fill my paws, little man?

Tucker’s Kitty Sister

Amy writes

I keep hoping she will convince Koda 100% they should be this loving. Koda is good with her most of the time, but he does get a bit rough occasionally. We haven’t really seen this type of snuggly love in the driveway yet, but keep hoping! She is determined!

Breeder Comment

Most Weims who grow up with a kitty accept them; however, not all them lay around and snuggle. Not every Weim scoops the kitty up and embraces them. Sometimes they tolerate the household cat. Other times they pretend they don’t exist. There is no one scenario. Bringing an adult Weimaraner into such a situation is precarious and could end badly. Please take caution.

Koda has made a previous appearance on our blog. You might enjoy that post–click here!












Kind of Like Airball, or Not!

         ~What Ball; can you see one?

Ruger Ear-BallWhen a guy is tired of playing ball or sharing it with his sister, there is always somewhere to hide it. When I don’t feel like digging a hole, moving the pillow, or sliding it under the sofa there is this option. I am clever don’t you agree? Mama agrees, and when she saw me doing this she got my photo and had something to say about me too!

Ruger Must Believe

If your tuck the ball under your ear they can’t get it …….😜 Crazy dog !

Skeeter Improved!

Kaliece Writes

Happy New Year.

I took SkeetSkeeter Valentine_2146er to the pool for some dock practice…only the 2nd time and she’s doing great.

I sent you a you tube video from Gary’s phone.

Breeder’s Comment

You have to be patient, but when you see Skeeter’s Recent Dock Dive you will be impressed. Maybe you remember their first outing. If not, click here to revisit that blog featuring Skeeter.

Zeka Brings Home Lucky

A Good Fit For Us!

Lucky is just what we were looking for – a companion for Zeka. One that can entertain her and wear her out since our runs don’t seem to be enough for her.  He has done exactly that for us. Now the only problem is that he wears her out, she sleeps half the day. Then he needs to be entertained 🙂  
I have attached a short video of them.  We walk around the farm a few times a day, and this is what they end up doing. I love watching them; it is funny.  Lucky is so much faster than Zeka. She often cheats by cutting corners; it’s her only chance of keeping up.  They run until Zeka gets tired and lays down.

We Are Working It Out

He is a good boy.  I took Thursday and Friday off to work with them since Avery was going to be at some training; I have gotten to know him pretty well.  The ride home was pretty uneventful, they had a few words together, but they did fine. I attached a picture of us driving home in the car.  Zeka is passed out, and he is wide awake.  They have had words since, it’s usually because of Zeka. She is way more possessive of her stuff than Lucky.  She is always jealous of whatever he has and tries to take it; he is usually ok with it. She is a bully to him.  He tolerates her picking at him most of the time, but he lets her know when he has had enough. Chow time was pretty eventful the first day as well, but I think we have it all figured out now.

Lucky is Avery’s Shadow

He really bonded with Avery, it’s comical; he is (literally) Avery’s shadow when he is here.  He sits in front of the bathroom door and waits until he is done showering or the front door when he leaves until I convince him to come hang out with Zeka and me.

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They Are Going to Be Great Together!

Zeka and Lucky wrestle and play all of the time….until Zeka lays down for a nap.  He has been napping more the last two days; he must feel a little more comfortable.  I did take him to the vet on Friday. That didn’t go well at all.  Apparently he doesn’t like people near his face or over the top of him; however, he lets Avery, and I smooch on him all of the time. So I was taken aback when he gave the vet a hard time. (He didn’t like Zeka in his face at first either but he has gotten over that) It was not a fruitful vet visit; nonetheless, he did get his rabies shot.  He has a really bad and big hot spot on his chest that I have been doctoring.  Other than that, he is perfect.  We are very happy and lucky to have him. He and Zeka are snuggling as I write this – very cute.  Thank you for our amazing kids.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will send more down the road.


Breeder’s Comment

We do not get a lot of returns; however, we usually have one or two available. We also have moved to a process of rehoming our females earlier so they can have a second career. This was a difficult decision, but we can see how beneficial it is. We are working on a post that will warm your heart. One of the former girls is excelling in her new career as a therapy specialist. We are thrilled that Lucky (who is Blu’s brother) has found such a wonderful placement. We thank Ginger and Avery for adopting him and reporting back to us. 

Blu at Two

Blu Came Home

           ~in January  2013

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So today I decided to celebrate her birthday a couple of days early, we went for a walk/hike. She is amazing– she just loves children and other dogs. We are not hunters; however, I believe she would be a real good bird dog if given some training.

Blu has faced a Big Change

Unfortunately, she is like a lot of children today. I am speaking of having their parents become divorced. Ron and I have decided to part ways; she lives with him. I didn’t have a home where I could keep her. She is not as finished as we hoped when we got her. This lack of manners is because she did not receive enough early age training. She is a sweet girl. She loves to give hugs; she will come up to you, and lightly put her neck right on your neck.

Our Birthday Walk

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Blu and I met a lady walking with her children. Of course, they wanted to pet Blu. As usual, I said yes. So I was explaining that her birthday was in two days. They were excited for her.  The little boy asked if they can sing happy birthday to her. Wasn’t that so precious? I asked for permission to post it online. We got it. 

Blu was the Perfect Pup

I just wanted to say thank you for picking out the most wonderful puppy for us. Sorry for not getting you an update on her life sooner. As you can see a lot has happened. I wanted to let you know she is alive, healthy, happy, and a joy to be around. Thank you again. Tammi
Breeder’s Comment
We truly appreciate the extra effort Tammi went to (in order) to send us the note given the circumstances. Divorce and broken relationships are one of the primary reasons pets become orphaned. On occasion, neither person can take the family pet. This splitting-the-sheets action can lead to kind of hurt that is almost too much to bear–so much loss packed into the process of the dissolution. When a child’s pet must be left at a shelter or rehomed it can leave an even bigger wound than the parents separation. 
The pets are often the best kind of friend. They keep our secrets. They know our hurt. The love us unconditionally. There most certainly are no adequate words to cover what they mean to us. To leave them behind is tragic and heartbreaking. In some cases, it is unavoidable. 
We have received many inquiries from people who lost their beloved Weimaraner in the divorce or separation. The sad truth is you cannot just replace what you had. You must start over with a new best friend. Never give up–it is possible to begin afresh. Each journey is unique and takes us to a special place we share with that particular Weimaraner.