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I hope you and yours are well especially after this last year. Our family has an Owyheestar blue from Blue and Elle’s December 2011 litter. We LOVE Autobahn and are thinking about adding another blue to our family.

As you will see from the attached pics Auto likes to be right in the middle of everything! If you could please let us know what the current application process is we would appreciate it. Many thanks and have a great weekend.

Cathy and Shawn

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled that Autobahn is beloved, and look forward to working with you, again.

Sunday Photos

–cute faces make me smile.

And here is the start of something

Christina was petting this pup after a quick check and some preventative medication to prepare for the upcoming After a quick check and some preventative medication, Christina was petting this pup to prepare for the upcoming exit–what do you think?

I think this pup is going to love neck rubs, tummy rubs, and butt scratches. It sounds about right. Don’t you agree?


And Reggie is doing great. Here is a pic of him sunbathing. 

Breeder Comment

It was good to hear from you and to see a lovely photo of Reggie.

Bella Rae, Bacchus and Taun

Here is a quick update on, “the gang.”

Everyone is doing well, Taun turns 9 in August.

The deerflies are giving everyone a hard time; fortunately, the black flies have moved on.

We think of you guys often.

Best,   Jon, Laura and the gang

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you updating us and we love this photo. They are so adorable.


Max and George (13 pounds) settling in while I teach a class. Best to you and Cliff.

Shane and Jennifer

Breeder Comment

It is good to see they are doing well–thanks for the great effort on this tricky process.


~Fun and exhausting

It’s both fun and exhausting having a puppy in our lives again, but the socialization you provided is evident in his demeanor. 

Eli is finding his way with our 2 year old lab and 11 year old Jake (Rosie x Zee 2010), and the three of them are becoming more connected each day. I think navigating introducing a puppy into our existing pack has been the biggest challenge so far. Constant supervision and intentionally engaging with each dog individually and together has really helped us navigate their relationships. Our 11 year old weimaraner has been more cautious in accepting the pup, and has required more supervision for the safety of both dogs. I’m sure in time they will establish their ranks, but for now it still requires our attention. At one week in, I’m very happy with the progress our little pack. 
Thank you for such an awesome pup. Your care and dedication to the breed shows in each pup. 
-Melissa and Erik Vargas 

Breeder Comment

We met 11 years ago, in a different life. (Haha) We appreciate your loyalty and trust. You have done fabulous with Jake, and now Eli is off to a fantastic start.

Bella Artemis

~Tennis Dog in the Making

From this to below she is adjusting into her busy family life.

Breeder Comment

This is especially sweet as Bella’s Mama is our beautiful Grand Niece.

AKC ReUnite

~The Best Recovery Insurance Available

We cannot encourage you enough to get your microchip registered with AKC Reunite. Every OwyheeStar Pup comes microchipped — the only cost to you is the one-time (lifetime registration fee).

When you enroll your pet’s microchip with AKC Reunite, your pet’s ID is linked to your name, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and other vital information in AKC Reunite’s database. When your lost pet is found, they can then immediately send you text messages, emails and begin contacting all the phone numbers on your pet’s record to reunite you as quickly as possible.

Sunday Photos