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We are Expecting

~ Bettee is Due Anytime

We can do nothing but hold our breath until the projected whelp happens–this is the first of two slated for this month. And, more importantly–this is an all Longhair Litter. Of course, we cannot guess what we will get–coat color, sex of the pups, or the number born.


~November 2, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The weather continues to set the tone–bitter cold in many locations — snow making an appearance or threatening to turn the highways into sliding zones, etc. Today–however, I think we are avoiding snow, rain, hail, etc. Well–they say our valley air is stagnant, but we are looking at a Sunny 50+ degrees.

We have had some deer visiting us. Cliff tried to get a photo–the setting wasn’t ideal. Nonetheless, we had fun watching the three that ventured into the hay–eating a bit. Our salt block is almost gone–it needs to be replaced. We have not had the trail cams up for a while, but Cliff is discussing them.


Hope made a trip to Home Depot on Thursday. She did pretty well. As we came into the door, a made was wheeling out a flatbed filled with lumber–we made it right by him without incident. Typically, we like to start with the farm store (D and B Supply)–it is more conducive to a first visit, but we were heading to Home Depot. It had to be a quick trip–so we opted to take her along to with us.

Meanwhile) The folks on the Wait List are anxiously awaiting news. Hattee’s litter departure completed, they know we are approaching a whelp–none are more than the Longhair folks who are sitting on pins and needles–hoping we get what they want. We don’t have a clue. We are waiting breath-abated like usual. Until the pups arrive, we don’t have a clue–and even when this litter first arrives, we will be waiting for the DNA results.

This Week On the Blog…

I was running short on blog material (as you well know)–and the call brought in some good ones. Thank you! If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too.

Sunday— October 27 — Bo’s Nose Work

Monday–-October 28— Under the Weather

Tuesday — October 29 — Lulu and Lyla

Wednesday — October 30 — Mesquite

Thursday –- October 31 —  Baby ‘T’

Friday — November 1 — Change Happens (Moxie Blue)

On a very personal note

The highlight of our week was Halloween. That might not surprise you, but we don’t often see so many grandkids as this year. First, I dropped off our gift for Brad and Nick –Nick was home. I picked up a smile and a big hug. It was the Ontario Tigers with the bag of goodies I had dropped off.

Then I headed home where it was time to get the homemade pizza going –Christina and Jacob came over for dinner. Before they arrived, Ashley and the two Great-granddaughters arrived. Oh, there was the usual excitement in the air. It was so much fun to see them. Oh–and look at Ashley’s makeup. It is extraordinary, don’t you agree?

Cliff got the old John Deere running–he has been working on smoothing our walking path–and I don’t know what else. It is amazing to get it running again–it has been dependable for a lot of years. We don’t use it a lot now–it is mostly the smaller, newer Massey Ferguson that sees the bulk of the work, but if we need to move a lot of earth that John Deere still works.

Well, I am back working at the Art Department–seeing what I can make. I have made several pieces on the wheel, but I think I favor the hand-building. I like the usual and free-flow process. The basketball is painted with underglaze. I am not sure how it will turn out once it is fired–here’s to hoping the color is nice.

Cliff and I had an eye check–my results were happy ones, Cliff not so much. We both need new glasses, but mostly I need them because mine are so old and the lens scratched. Cliff has a prescription change–and he is starting to develop cataracts. We are a ways off from having to do anything, but no one wants to learn that they are aging and have to face the expected. (OMG) I had my annual checkup too–there is follow up lab work–but the exam went well overall. My health continues to improve–Dr. Smith is pleased.

Change Happens

~with Moxie, my shadow

I’ve decided to stay home with baby and no return to work after 17 years.  Crazy!  I’m excited to have a new job at home and of course the dogs are thrilled.  Moxie is my shadow.  The dogs love are daily morning walks and seem to not mind that we added to our pack and the walk includes a stroller now.

I don’t want to miss out on your wonderful daily blogs.  I look forward to them every day.  

Happy Halloween! Chrissy

Breeder Comment

We are so happy you enjoy reading the OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog. Honestly–we would never have dreamed that it would take on a life of its own at the beginning. Here we are thousands of blogs later–years later and still going. We are ever so thankful to our fans, readers, and especially to the loyal OwyheeStar community.

Baby ‘T’

~Made it Safely to California

(Saturday October 26, 2019) What a day…and we’re not done yet!  Baby “T” (name still under discussion) was great meeting friends and relatives today in Roseville and he was perfect on the drive home.  This was taken after a wave of relatives had left just before we left Roseville.

He comes with the ability to run after small children (very happily). I’ve had a half dozen alerts that the power would go out at 4 p.m. It’s now 5:30 and the car is unpacked and I still have power but wanted to get this to you today as we could be without power until Wednesday.  Not a big deal really…glad its a weekend. 

Love to you both, Barb

Breeder Comment

It always makes us happy to know a puppy has made it safely and is making an excellent adjustment. All the socialization and work should set you up for success, but it is an ongoing process. Thanks for the news. We sincerely hope you are safe. Let us know how things go.


~ With Cliff and Shela

Why do they need another photo–always with the camera.

Mesquite back home from her trip to Oregon to visit Shela and Cliff. They were delivering a new puppy to a couple from Washington State.

Shela and Cliff had not seen Mesquite since she was placed in her forever home in August 2017.Mesquite recognized both of them and was happy to see them again.

Breeder Comment

We could not be happier for Mesquite–what a life she has with you. Thank you, both–for loving her and meeting us so we could see her. I think she was somewhat worried when she smelled the Weim scent on us and remembered–she would not have wanted to leave with us. (Haha)

Lulu and Lyla

~on our heels at all times

Lulu & Lyla are are on our heels at all times ( just like our last two Weimaraners)!  If we shower we had better make sure the rugs are down, if not we better lay down our clothes so they can keep an eye on us while we shower!  This surely must be a sign that we are good dog parents as they cannot get enough of us!  Wish our twin almost 14 year old girls felt the same!

Thank you for these faithful, loving and furry kids!
Jeff, Heidi, Emma & Ella

Breeder Comment

For those who like their personal space or privacy, we say keep on traveling toward a different breed. The Velcro Weimar is all about being in your space–touching you, having your things. Oh yeah! You Weimlovers know what we are talking about–don’t even think about the Weimaraner.

Under the Weather

~Awesome Girl–Jorja

We haven’t been feeling well, so the house wasn’t kept up with properly.  Today disinfecting the house I found these open chips of the coffee table near her toys. They were there for at least 2 days. She took the bone off the table while she was with me. So proud she never touched the chips!

Hard day today! Missing Arleen! 
But these good and new things (Pheasant Hunting) make me appreciate the great start she had from you all and Arleen. Xoxoxo Eileen and Jorja

Breeder Comment

Dear Eileen, I know so many of our readers feel your pain of the loss of your lovely Weim-loving sister Arleen (and of course, Arliss who passed not long after her). Arleen was a friend to so many–an advocate for pets. We are sorry for the loss you must face day in and day out.

Thank you–for this cute story about Jorja. We sincerely hope you are feeling better. Prayers for you, Eileen.

Bo’s Nose Work

~Something Altogether Different

When doesn’t our Weimaraner make us laugh? Well, the answer is simple–when they reduce us to tears. (OMG) But thankfully for us Weimar-Addicts, there are more laughable moments than not. What others would consider insane, we find entertaining, enchanting, and hilarious. I guess that speaks volumes about us.

No, Bo didn’t snag a snack–eat the pie or whatnot. This time, he left the evidence of a whipped cream treat on his nose. It is too cute not to share. I hope you agree.


~October 26, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The weather has been mostly lovely except when it wasn’t. That is profound–don’t you agree? The harvest continues– primarily onions. We see small brush fires here and there–the autumn clean up around yards and farms.

We have things winterized, but we need to drain our cleanup hose every night. You cannot trust that the predicted low will be accurate. It may drop lower than expected. To forget to drain things would probably mean that our nozzle would break. We use the firehose type–it works great.


The Hattee’s litter exit is in the works. The next couple of days are focused on that and not much else. It was up in the air whether the two would leave this evening or tomorrow–another one flies off tomorrow early. And Sunday we meet some folks in Pendleton with their girl. And Lyle is driving over to bring Mesquite so we can see her again. What a sweet gesture.

Martee had his wellness exam with Dr. John Calhoun. It all went well–makes us extra happy. Hope you enjoy these snapshots.

This Week On the Blog…

I was running short on blog material (as you well know)–and the call brought in some good ones. Thank you! If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too.

Sunday— October 20 — Crossed Paws

Monday–-October 14— Pushkin and Zula

Tuesday — October 15 — Sending Out Secrets Again

Wednesday — October 16 — Remy

Thursday –- October 17 —  Birthday’s Happen

Friday — October 18 — Bart (nails)

On a very personal note

As weeks go, this one was too busy to think about what we wanted to get done. (Haha) I managed to meet up with Shirley for coffee on Friday morning. Christina and I visited Becki’s ‘Boots to Roots’ hair salon in Vale, Oregon. As always, we came away very happy. Cliff and I stopped off when we were in Nampa and had some excellent ribs–kind of a big splurge with the sugary bbq sauce, though. I make sugar-free bbq sauce for us.

Cliff fixed a few things that were broken or not working correctly. So, what’s new? There is always those type of things. Our neighbors acquired some additional privacy fencing. Their dog likes to cause our kids to make a fuss. We don’t care, but the neighbors are very considerate.

We got the gluten-free bread maker. I have made a couple of loaves for Cliff–still working on perfecting the recipe. I am hoping tonight’s loaf is a bit less moist than the last ones I made. The flavor was excellent, the texture nice, but it was a bit too damp. It toasted okay, but I think I can improve on it. Nevertheless, Cliff likes the homemade gluten-free a lot more than the stuff out of the store.

Let’s not forget that Ashley and the girls were here early this week. We had a fabulous time–playing games, eating lunch, and a trip to Walmart (the place I typically boycot) to get a few things for Halloween. Don’t feel obligated to watch our stitched together video clips, but if this interests you–enjoy.


~ A pleasant Surprise

Dan took Bart to have his nails trimmed yesterday and we expected it to be traumatic for everyone because Bart can be hinky about his paws sometimes.  3 minutes later the technician emerged with Bart and Dan was shocked.  Bart offered up his paws and was praised for how good he was.  What a pleasant surprise!  He weighs 58 pounds and he continues to grow like a weed.  We had a beautiful sunny walk this morning.

Dan & Polly

Breeder Comment

We cannot believe you said Bart could be hinky–Haha. (Just kidding.) Well, it is excellent news that he rocked the nail trim–good for you keeping those nails in good shape. Timely nail trimming is always a smart approach–and can help avoid split nails as well as the need for a painful trim to shorten them.