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Bella Rae, Bacchus and Taun

Here is a quick update on, “the gang.”

Everyone is doing well, Taun turns 9 in August.

The deerflies are giving everyone a hard time; fortunately, the black flies have moved on.

We think of you guys often.

Best,   Jon, Laura and the gang

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you updating us and we love this photo. They are so adorable.


Max and George (13 pounds) settling in while I teach a class. Best to you and Cliff.

Shane and Jennifer

Breeder Comment

It is good to see they are doing well–thanks for the great effort on this tricky process.


~Fun and exhausting

It’s both fun and exhausting having a puppy in our lives again, but the socialization you provided is evident in his demeanor. 

Eli is finding his way with our 2 year old lab and 11 year old Jake (Rosie x Zee 2010), and the three of them are becoming more connected each day. I think navigating introducing a puppy into our existing pack has been the biggest challenge so far. Constant supervision and intentionally engaging with each dog individually and together has really helped us navigate their relationships. Our 11 year old weimaraner has been more cautious in accepting the pup, and has required more supervision for the safety of both dogs. I’m sure in time they will establish their ranks, but for now it still requires our attention. At one week in, I’m very happy with the progress our little pack. 
Thank you for such an awesome pup. Your care and dedication to the breed shows in each pup. 
-Melissa and Erik Vargas 

Breeder Comment

We met 11 years ago, in a different life. (Haha) We appreciate your loyalty and trust. You have done fabulous with Jake, and now Eli is off to a fantastic start.

Bella Artemis

~Tennis Dog in the Making

From this to below she is adjusting into her busy family life.

Breeder Comment

This is especially sweet as Bella’s Mama is our beautiful Grand Niece.

AKC ReUnite

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Sunday Photos

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ Locally

The oppressive heat is here and in most of the Pacific Northwest. It is unseasonably hot–even for the Treasure Valley, which is no stranger to triple-digit temperatures in July and August.


Things continue to keep us engaged with our work–inquiries, applications, and raising pups are all a part of our everyday life. Juniper’s puppies are growing and preparing for the Discovery and Placement process. Of course, those folks waiting to see which pup is theirs are anxious for us to complete the process. It cannot, however, be rushed.

Wilma is preparing to leave sometime in July–but her Mama fell and is having surgery. We will see how this affects the exit date. She is taking over her–following Stackhouse’s example. In some cases, we would prefer she not do so. She is snatching trash which she can, checking counters, and watching the front for interlopers. For a long time, she loved parking under my desk–now the house is hers.

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Friday — June 25 — Maverick

On a very personal note

Cliff is still working on our bath–a little here and there. Christina is painting the bathroom cabinet, and the good news is that she got the drawers and doors finished. They need Varathane. The color is a vintage green–I like it a lot.

I met with the Oncologist, who says the treatment is working. We plan another contrast CT scan for September, and between now and then, we will be looking at the bloodwork for indications of how things are going. I have another Thoracentesis scheduled for next Friday. I am not sure if I can win this battle or end up with a catheter. Nonetheless, I tell people I am a walking miracle.

Cliff is trying to keep up with the Weims and the farm—including the weeds and watering. Both are challenging.

The garden is surviving the heat–but it is a challenge, and higher temperatures loom large on the horizon. I should be covering the tomatoes to encourage blossom set–I am not.


~ Weims have preferences, too!

❤️❤️❤️ Here is evidence provided by Kimberly–Maverick’s Mama

Some Days I Hide

Monday’s are a day of choice for hiding–but usually, it is not an option. Our Weims express our deepest feelings and give us looks that say it all. Maybe they are not the breed for everyone, but for some –nothing else will do.

Sunday Photos

~ Something to brighten your morning