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“No dogs allowed at the pumpkin patch, no problem!” 😁🎃

~ Clover and Cabela

This was the kids’ reward for a good first month of remote learning. Life is so different for them right now, it’s fun to be able to do something special and out of the ordinary in a good way for them. ❤ Bonus points for the dogs loving it too!

Breeder Comment

Family fun that includes the Weimars–we love it. What a fabulous idea.

We Shared Our Lives

Binka and Grizelda

We purchased two Weimaraners from you many years ago. They both lived long, healthy and happy lives but ultimately died within weeks of each other last holiday season. It was a terrible blow, but we are finally ready to bring a Weimie back into our lives. 
You folks are, of course, our first choice

Binka and Grizelda lived an excellent life with us–we live in a rural area east of Cottage Grove.

We got our first Weimaraner 1994, and then the next in 1997–neither from you. Unfortunately, both passed away early in life. We moved to Oregon and found OwyheeStar and ended up with two of your dogs.

It has been a long time… the dachshund is half white now.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for the life you gave Binka and Grizelda–and for your loyalty. No one can say how long a living creature will live. We all hope for longevity as well as health. Sometimes we get it–other times not so much.

We look forward to you meeting your newest OwyheeStar–Charlee. We sincerely hope she brings delight and blesses your family.


~Part Three

~ We Miss Our Sweet Girl

This video (click here) was a couple years ago, after Cabela had had her teeth cleaned and a small growth removed from her eyelid. Ella (our middle kiddo) was all about taking care of her.

Thank you so much for chatting with me, I’ve found comfort in sharing our memories of Cabela. Like you, I feel like it was just yesterday that you were emailing me to tell me her miraculous birth story. She is so very missed. 

Jessica ❤

Breeder Comment

I know we can relate to the loss or the fear of the loss of our beloved Weimaraner. No one is ever prepared to say goodbye. Cabela had the best possible family and life–for that, we are ever so thankful.

Her family knows she cannot be replaced, but Caleb (the gray male they got from us some years ago), needs a new sister. So, soon Clover (another Blue Female) will join this family. We are honored to know them, and touched by their loyalty.


~Part Two (not alone)

I just heard from a friend that her dog Bruno, Cabela’s buddy from puppyhood passed last week as well. Gives me some comfort that she had a buddy for her journey home. They were our neighbors for a number of years…we built our houses together while our pups frolicked around! Cabela was known to steal breakfast right off their coffee table if they left their door open and she would often make her way to their house (with us chasing her) and eat Bruno’s food out of his bowl! 😆

Breeder Comment

I am sure everyone will enjoy this memory along with the news that Cabela has her old friend with her for the journey over the Rainbow Bridge.


~Part One

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that our sweet Cabela, our very first baby, has passed away. 

We are greatly saddened, but so thankful for the wonderful memories we had with her.  I am so thankful that she passed when she did, after a weekend together, filled with playing outside, eating horse poop (her, not us!), and stealing donuts off the counter.  She had been declining and I had been preparing myself for a couple years now, but of course you’re never completely prepared for the day that it finally happens.  She passed in her sleep, after enjoying a dinner topped with leftover mac & cheese and tuna sandwich scraps (she had become a bit of a picky eater). 

As a family, we laid her to rest yesterday evening, overlooking our creek, where she loved to splash around and explore.  The kids wrote her letters and Ella blew bubbles for her.  Hunter also gave her his certificate of achievement from school for his math test.  And of course, they both gave her a stuffie to take along on the journey (she loved to steal their stuffed animals!).  As sad as we all are, I am grateful for the lesson of saying goodbye to a family member in such a beautiful way.  

Thank you for choosing us to be her people.  We will forever be changed by the way she enriched our lives. 

Love to you, 

Breeder Comment

You might remember I mentioned Cabela in a recent blog–click here. I remember Cabela’s arrival like it was yesterday–and all that occurred after she arrived left an impression on our hearts. We entrusted into your care, and here we are many, many years later celebrating her life–grieving her departure.

Isn’t it the truth that these wonderful creatures make us better humans? I believe it is true. Thank you for the photo array of Cabela–each snapshot speaks volumes. Our hearts ache for you and the family’s loss.


~Friendship and More

We have made a lot of connections through the Weimaraner. I don’t think that is a secret. So, I wanted to take this Friday to say thank you, again–so many of you have blessed us.

I never cease to be amazed at those who are generous–and just this week I am reminded of an extraordinary gift we received more than 12 years ago. Next week you will read of Cabela’s passing–but for a moment can we remember her full of life?

Not too long after she joined her family, I received this framed charcoal sketch. It still hangs near my workstation. I look up and remember her and the miracle of her life quite frequently. Thank you, Jessica, for this beautiful gift. I still have the basket you also sent–using it on occasion for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, one of the handles broke, but for now, it remains in use.

Friendship, gift cards, cash, and small tokens of appreciation have found their way to our doorstep. Nothing is more valued than our relationship. We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you–for the updates, and all you folks do for us–including the referrals. We had one referral this week.

Caleb and Cabela the snuggle bug buddy

Hi Shela and Cliff!

Each time I run across this photo I am reminded that I want  to email you. Then I get caught up in other things, so here is the long overdue update– and the must- send photo.

Cabela and Hunter

Cabela and Hunter

Cabela has turned out to be quite the kid dog!

Caleb is too, but Hunter and Cabela have definitely bonded big time. She even reads books with us at night. 🙂 She is doing really well…feisty as ever and her leg doesn’t seem to bother her any more than it did in the beginning. It certainly does not stop her from chasing birds, digging holes to China, or running top speed over to the neighbor’s house to see what’s for lunch. Can’t believe she will be 7 this year!

Breeder’s Note: Cabela’s mother (Dottie) accidentally stepped on her when she was very young. This resulted in some undetected damage. Our guarantee was honored, and Cabela got a brother–Caleb.  We are very happy to learn that Cabela is doing well. (For all you who wonder about us limiting foot traffic, the excited mother is another reason among many to be cautious about foot traffic.) 

Featured Weimaraner — Pokey

The inseparable duo

The inseparable duo

I wanted another Weimaraner, and we were delighted to be able to give Pokey a special place in our lives. Like your blog today (To Rescue or Not) all too well reminded me of when I brought her home and the adjustment period and trying to get her and Chester to get along. One who sees them together now would NEVER guess the rough start we all had. Nothing makes either of them happier than snuggling in my bed together or chasing each other around the yard. It’s also not unusual to find Chester in his kennel and Polka following him in to lay with him. Honestly I think they would both be happier if I could connect their kennels together lol

Beautiful Pokie

Beautiful Pokie

Adding Pokie to the fold….

Bringing in an older Weimaraner has its challenges. I loved getting Chester as a youngster, and I, personally, don’t consider Polka a “rescue” but it’s so interesting the different dynamics and challenges that arise from getting either a puppy or an older dog.

I’m a Weimar Addict

One day, probably after, Lord forbid, I lose one of my babies I will be getting another pup to join the family. I have become a lifelong weim addict.

My two happy kids.

My two happy kids.

I am a two-Weim person…

And I will always have two. There’s nothing in the world like seeing two weims that love each other and are attached to each other and at the same time love their humans oh so much as well. I can’t wait for our story to unfold even more. Each and every day I am amazed with something new. They have a way of pulling at the heart strings.

What's that?

What’s that?

I have always love dogs and horses……..

Being raised with dogs and horses, I still have never felt a love towards dogs like I do my babies. They really are my kids. I really don’t think I could ever thank you enough, or truly tell you what you have done for me.

Life is not always fair…

Happy Pokie

Happy Pokie

You know I was having a really rough time in my life before I got Chester. I had lost who I thought was the love of my life, and my first weim. And honestly, Chester saved me. Then Polka came in and made me even more whole and happy. You do amazing things, and hope you know how appreciative I am for having found you and your amazing dogs.

We got off to a rough start, but she really has seamlessly fit in with our family. Hugs and puppy kisses from North Idaho and Jamie, Winchester & Pokey.