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Last of Summer

Not Long Ago


The Weimaraner is going to love the water if they feel at home in and on it. Tikka and Bill are off to a great start together. garins-sup-4Big Sister ( Luna) does the Standup Paddle Board too! When watersports are something you love and want to share with the Weimaraner the introduction to water is essential.

Achieving the water retrieve might take patience. Some Weims are more natural swimmers than other. Nonetheless, they all have webbed toes and can become proficient swimmers. garins-luna-nails

Luna Sets the Standard

Tikka has a lot to learn, and Luna will be sharing the inside secrets. Nail grooming is key to being girlie. Other tips are important to such as how to cover up properly. The undercover Weim-mode is crucial to the Weimar person.Garin under-cover1

Water Weim

Crane Family954

Update on Lucy

At first we were scared that she may not like the water, which would be rough since we spend a LOT of time boating and playing at the lake, BUT a couple of weekends ago, my brother’s lab, Harken, taught Lucy how to fetch sticks in the lake and ever since, she LOVES to swim and  is faster than he is! Thank goodness we have a swimmer! And thank goodness for playful friends who help us grow!

Crane's Lucy923
Max, being 14 just chills and waits for Kisses from that crazy little Lucy.

She’s so good at paddle boarding, canoeing, boating, swimming, hiking and, when its all done for the day, cuddling isn’t a problem either!!

Breeder Comment

You were fortunate that she took up the water retrieve with Harken’s leadership. Some Weimaraners (who will remain nameless here) have been a challenge to get into the water. They will let the experienced Weimaraner do the work. Silly Weims.
There has never been an OwyheeStar Weimaraner that Cliff worked with that didn’t swim. Some loved the water more than others. The biggest obstacle he has with water work and hunt tests is getting the young Weimaraner to enter the water on command without the aide of a dummy.  Nevertheless, they all swim for him and even water retrieve.


With Tripp

Companion Weims are the best! We can agree on that can we not?


Rachel says, Tripp is amazing, I am so thankful to have him in my life! As you can see, he shares life with me on every level.

Tripp is such a great travel companion and water buddy. Lol as soon as I put my paddle board in the water Tripp jumps right on and is ready to go! Once we’re out in the water he feels so comfortable he gets up walks around, hangs out on the back of the board for awhile and then comes back up to the front and lays down! He’s amazing and I’m very lucky to have e him!

Thank you for Tripp! He truly is an amazing dog, he has so much personality and has adapted to my lifestyle for sure! He loves the outdoors and I’m so happy he loves the water as much as I do!

(lol) I still remember you (Shela) laughing at me through an email that I bought him a life jacket! You were absolutely right, he’s an amazing swimmer! (Lol, again) he swims better than I do and faster too!

I wish you could see him on the paddle board, he’s so good and I don’t even have to encourage him to get on the board, as soon as I put the paddle board in the water he runs over and jumps on, ready to go!

Breeder Comment

Tripp was rehomed with Rachel when his original family suffered a brutal loss during the last economic downturn. They lost their home and were struggling on every level. It was heartbreaking, but they felt finding him another family was in his best interest. We could not have gotten more fortunate for him.

Tripp is a companion Weimaraner sharing life on every level with his Mama. He is the best kind of friend–one who keeps all the secrets, keeps up with you, and celebrates everything you do together.


At The Lake

Crane's Lucy2bLucy went to the lake for the first time and was introduced to the water and paddle boarding. Crane's Lucy4b
Lucy loves the lake! And still, does really well with car rides!

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to feature Lucy on the OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog two days in a row. It gives people a feel for what can happen in a very short time.  Lucee was born on December 7, 2016. She is six months old. Special thanks to her family–first for the fabulous share, and secondly, for doing so many things with her. Each journey is unique. Although Melissa and Jeff plan to add another Weimaraner soon, it will be different in many ways. Nonetheless, we expect the outcome to be equally fun.


Yesterday’s post got a lot of responses on Facebook from folks who have a related OwyheeStar Weim. That was especially fun–a great perk. Thanks to all you who took the opportunity to celebrate your Blue-sired Weimaraner.  We know many of you also receive the Twitter post or read on Linked In. However, you connect we are happy to have you with us!

Maybe you didn’t know, but you can subscribe to our blog–at the top of the right-hand column. In that same column, you can select various tags and links to get more information.For example, if you wanted to see other updates for the Dazee X Blue matings (there has only been one thus far), you would click on that link.

Finally, we want to add our gratitude to all of you faithfully loyal OwyheeStar fans. We love being in this together.

Want to Get Away?

Escape with your Friend

312942_10150830206500500_276406886_nWe appreciate those families where the Weimaraner is inclusive in whatever is happening. We have known them to be a part of the wedding party, barbeque, boating, camping, hiking, swimming, SUP activities to mention a few. Here are a photo or two from the archives. We love this one above with Salty and the family. Isn’t it serene?

zimerman6479_nwerthimier-two-at-barn_nThe versatile Hunting Weimaraner is a part of the family on every level. Thank you, Weimlovers, for sharing moments like this with us.

When you bring them home, they join your world. What you do (your lifestyle) becomes their norm. If you go somewhere, they want to come with. For those looking for a backyard buddy, this is not a good choice. Sure–they can spend time in the family yard with you and even hang out on occasion. They are just not a live-in-the-garage with access to the yard type of dog. 13529143_1262289560478659_3909295587421553350_n



Summer Fun

SUP — No Problem!

Garin's SUP 2Luna had a vacation packed with fun and firsts! Bill and I just got Stand Up Paddle boards (or SUP as those of us in the know say ;)!!) thinking it would be a great activity that we could do with Luna. We set out for the lake for a few days so we all could learn. Luna never disappoints, her “Auntie Linda” (Maizie’s mom) described Luna pretty well she said “Luna is so agreeable … such a good sport …always the best of companions” I was warmed by that comment, that is Luna. I never question “if” she will do something, I just ask her to do it and she does!

Quick Learner

Luna went from shaky on the board one morning to jumping on the board on her own by the next. She also started enjoying the water a little more, she would swim on her own with just a little coaxing.

5 Hour Float

We spent our last day of vacation back on the water only this time it was a 5 hour float, again Luna had a ball, this trip out she learned to step from board to board and if mama’s board got too far away she would just (after she vocalized her displeasure) jump in the water and swim to me. At the end of that float I was waiting by the (in) the water with the babies (Luna & my grand kids:) and Luna started willingly swimming, I had to call her back a few times because she got a little far for my comfort!

Deadly Heat

Staying Cool


Thuerers George SUP
George the Longhair accompanies on the SUP

The Treasure Valley and extreme heat are one in the same. With temperatures pushing 100 degrees, people are finding ways to be outside and to stay cool. In and around Boise this often means floating the Boise River; however, the river is closed due to hazardous conditions. Nonetheless, people are finding other places to get in (and on the water). Remember to keep you and your fur friend hydrated. An occasional cool down in the water would be good for your fur friend. Dogs do not sweat–they pant to cool. Here is a refresher course on keeping your Weimaraner safe this summer.


The American Kennel Club offers this great advice–click on the header for the full scoop.


Dehydration and Overheating in Dogs

Here are two excerpts from their invaluable article.

Heat-related canine conditions can also become life-threatening without immediate treatment.  Overheated dogs can suffer heat exhaustion, heat stroke or sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias.

Panting, followed by disorientation and fast, noisy breathing could signal overheating. Other possible signs: Collapsing or convulsing, bright red or blue gums, vomiting and diarrhea. Since field dogs are unlikely to stop hunting or retrieving when they become dangerously hot, owners should watch their dog closely for overheating signs.


Simple precautions can ward off dehydration and overheating.

To help prevent dehydration, offer field dogs water at least hourly, experts advise. Many enjoy hunting so much they run until collapsing, so owners should watch closely to know when their dog has had enough. Wobbliness, weakness or collapse are signs to provide shade and offer small amounts of water.  If your dog doesn’t improve, seek immediate veterinary attention.

To prevent overheating, help your dog beat the heat by encouraging resting and drinking at his  leisure. For field dogs, deep, fast-moving lakes, ponds and rivers may be available to provide fresh, cool water. Allow your dog to submerge his body to siphon off the building heat.

Breeder Comment

Thuerer's George Early 2016-3George is from a previous mating between Mesquite and Stackhouse for those of you wondering. He was previously featured on the blog in a post titled ‘Ear Obsessed.’

Paddleboards and the Weimaraner


Rod and a very young Sunny….

Facebook Dialogue

Yesterday’s Blog netted same dialogue on the Stand Up Paddle board, and the Weimaraner.

Holly We are counting down the days for when the weather turns a tad bit warmer and we can hit the open water with our Goldee and SUP board. Do you (Charlie Mae and Murphy’s parents) have any tips on getting the weim use to the board?

 I have done mat work with Goldee and I think I may just get a SUP specific mat-that way we can get her loving it on dry land and then she will know she gets yummy treats when it is out, in dry land or a board.

Wendy Martel's photo.

Rupert on the dock

WendyHolly with my weim i practiced for a while with my board out of the water letting Rupert stand on it, walk around it…we had a boat dock which made it easier plus we lived on the river. Took a lot of falling at first, he wore a life vest and swam behind me…then he wanted to get on the board…he was 70 lbs so the balance was tricky! Good luck!

Holly Thanks Wendy! I’ve thought about taking the fins off and bringing the board inside and rewarding for her interest in the board and getting on the board. Did Rupert take to the water pretty immediately? We have only taken Goldee out to the water once, she was hesitant to go past shoulder height in the water. I’m hopeful that changes as we are able to get out to the water more regularly this summer.

Wendy –exactly take the fin off and then let him sniff around…it really does help! I did apply a clear, sticky adhesive on the top of my board, so it was easier for him to grip, and get up. My surf place sold it (check on line) We got Rupert as a pup and live on the water so he was raised in a boat and swimming, as soon as he was big enough he was in the water with his life vest of course. My board is almost 12 feet is it’s a longer one – the treat idea is good as well.

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WendyI was going say, he was more hesitate of the boat then the actually water, he honestly was SO curious out of the gate about the water, he was a natural swimmer …which helps! Good luck and keep us ALL posted

HollyIt helps to have a lab that would live in the water if we allowed her to. We have a vest for her, it’s also helpful when assisting them onto the board! I believe our board is 11’6, we got the longest available just to be able to get the girls up on it with us . Where do you take Rupert out? We are in Tualatin and head to Clackamette Lake in Oregon City.
WendyWe live on the Tualatin for years off Child’s them moved to the main lake…then moved to first addition, Rupert swims most of the summer.

Additional Comments from Cliff and Wendy…

Cliff — Just because you have a dog that swims, it doesn’t insure the new Weimaraner will follow suit. Sometimes the one Weim is content to let the other do all the work. Stay calm, be patient, and have fun. If you keep working at it, your Weimaraner can learn almost anything.
Wendy — The paddle board is tricky with the Weimaraner. Stand up paddling is hard to master; then throw  a pooch on and anything can happen.  I really think getting them used to the board is key; start off the water…Rupert is a hot mess every time we pass geese or ducks–he flies off the board of course. This in turns scares the birds; he then circles back to me. I pull him up?!  Picture me doing this several times–rinse & repeat about 10 times…sounds about right.