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~ At Two-Years

Hope you and your readers enjoy these fun shots and videos of Berkley, our big two year old. She’s so much fun.

This when we went camping at Lake Kachess. Stephan would take her on the paddle board and say, “where’s Amanda” and she would jump ship and swim to me…2 times a day, in addition to a lot of fetch!

Enjoy! — Amanda

Breeder Comment

What a fabulous swimming Weimaraner. We love seeing the fur family member in the middle of family events. Thank you!


~ Growing Like a Weed

Little update on our big girl! 
She’s growing like a weed and finished all her puppy school with flying colors. Her favorite things include going to the dog park to play with all her friends, going on family adventures and of course her tennis balls.

We took her paddle boarding recently and she jumped right off the dock. She loved it. We love our sweet girl and could’ve have asked for a more well mannered babe to join our family. 

Thanks so much, Angel & Jakob

Breeder Comment

We love receiving the updates (especially those that include photos). It is essential to find out how the OwyheeStar pups from every mating work out–and it helps us ever so much with having material for our blog. Thanks for all you are doing for and with Pepper.

Water and the Weimaraner

The Stand Up Paddleboard

            and Your Weimaraner

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The Weimaraner is water friendly despite the fact that some Weim parents cannot seem to get theirs in the water. Yesterday, on the blog (Swimming OwyheeStars ), Cliff shared some pointers on achieving the water retrieve.

There have been others who have interacted, and ridden on the SUP. Please check out these links:

Dock Diving and Sailboats

There are other (than the SUP) OwyheeStar water pastimes. Most water Weims are swimmers, or water retrievers; however, there are those that dock dive. Click here and see and Idaho pair of dock diving Weimaraners. Sunny grew up on a sailboat. He still spends time on charters to the delight of some who sail choose to sail with Rod.

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