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     ~An Instagram Sensation

But What?

Breeder Comment

We are delighted that Willow is entertaining and that she has brought healing to your heart and home after Roxy’s departure. Thank you, Rene, for all your sharing. I am sure we are not alone in saying we get a kick out of it.


Front and Center

     ~ A Place of Honor


Here is a quilt my wife just finished showing all the bird dogs I have owned.IMG_0430

Mesquite is the star in the middle of the quilt. She is the only one who isn’t a Vizsla.

IMG_0441She is doing well, she is quite a card, has a super personality. She is very well mannered and likes her daily morning walks. She gets to hunt that way. She knows all the rabbits and quail and they know her. She points them but doesn’t chase after they flush or run.

I think she is more than happy here. I try and stick to the routine.


Breeder Comment

Thank you, for giving Mesquite the fabulous Golden Year Placement. I am glad she fills your heart and your home with joy. We truly appreciate your updates, too! The quilt is quite the treasure. Thank you, for sharing this with us.


I Travel

It depends on where we are going. I sometimes travel wearing the safety harness because Mom says I cannot be unsafe in the car. Other times I am allowed to use the counsel for my pillow. It is then I can look up and send laser beams to give my Mama the signal for what we should do next. I like the Puppucino and a vanilla cone. It is amazing how she speeds right by the ice cream joint and the coffee place.

Are You Traveling

A lot of you are probably doing something fun today. Maybe it is a family reunion. Or the traditional BBQ with friends and family. Others have gone to the mountains, the beach, or a local event. Whatever you do, be safe. Oh, and have some watermelon along with your ice cream.


Happy Labor Day Weimlovers!

Soaking Up Warm

No Fireplace Needed


Roy FiresideAll winter we found the Weimaraner soaking up warmth where they could find it. Fireside or atop a heat vent they clung to without shame. Of course, others were tucked in a blanket on the sofa, chair, or snuggled in their owner’s bed.

It’s so sweet to have Mr. Sunshine here to take over for the winter heat source. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest and inland could not be happier to soak up the sun.

Today, being the May Weim Gathering in Salem, we sincerely hope this weather holds for the fun event. Friends, fun, food, and the Weimaraner–what could be a better way to spend a Sunday?

Puppy Faces

Filling the Void

We are waiting for pups here just like you folks on our Wait List. I am out of easy posts for the blog, and I needed one this morning. I thought you might enjoy these photos pulled from the archives. A puppy fix never hurt anyone.


Eight Years

11046329_959080747486947_6500446833660721477_oYesterday marked our eighth anniversary for the OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog. It doesn’t seem possible. The first few months we had the idea not to have a schedule. We were going to post a few times a month. The idea was to have at least a weekly publication. We did that, and it shortly took off. It seems as if by the third month we were a daily affair. There have been very few misses despite having the (dreaded but) all too common life circumstances–major surgery, cancer treatment, etc.

The client relationship is vital for the blog content. Your updates (especially those containing photos) which include a myriad of topics are the substance of the blog. (Thank You!)


Likes and Comments

thWhen you like our article it helps us in ways I cannot begin to explain. Therefore, if you read it (and thank you again for doing so), please take a second to like. Your comments are welcome. Other people like to read them. You would be surprised how many emails we get in regarding a comment.

very-young-pups-from-owyheestar-archives-11I hope to expand and improve our blogging and the social media effort. Nevertheless, I must pace myself. One thing I think would be fun is to have an occasional survey. Maybe I could begin with the survey of the month. One thing holding me back is the lack of engagement. We don’t get too many ‘likes’ or ‘comments.’ A survey with only a handful of participants would not be as valuable as one with say a hundred opinions. I would want this to be simple–vote for your favorite or tell us your preference. Let me know in the comments if you would participate. (Thank you, in advance!)

The Focus

Jan and Willow9562_oOur focus will remain the same. We are all about the OwyheeStar connection and celebrating our lineages. We are not attempting to reach the world as a whole; however, we do have followers worldwide. This is about the OwyheeStar community.

11891270_10207599167758656_1427309952331633864_nIf you find this breed frustrating or you are looking for the perfect dog, these accounts should help you discover the need to move on to a different breed. The Weimaraner is not for everyone. This blog is directed at those affected (and infected) with the breed–and yet, it is for the OwyheeStar segment. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of the family.

We alluded to the fact that we have followers worldwide. We get requests for help from a diverse cross section. It is impossible to an7-zula-blue-x-blue-2016-week-5-11swer or to help every person that contacts us in desperation. We fling a cursory answer as it is possible, but we are limited. Nonetheless, there are a lot of answers to be found on the OwyheeStar Weimaraner’s News Blog. You can search or check out the pages at the top.



Dusty has a Job

dusty-for-chewy-com_0587He has been practicing his product presentation. He was particularly happy with himself when it came to Fortiflora and Zukes Minis

If you have been to the Vet for antibiotics or vaccine now is the time to add some good bacteria to your Weim’s gut. It would even be better to add some just before the vaccine. There are many times when the addition of some bacteria is a good idea. fortifloraYogurt (with live cultures) can be an option; however, it doesn’t come close to offering the same outcome. Keep this on your shelf. Click here to purchase from

  • Helps reduce flatulence (gas) in dogs and contains 100 Million live microorganisms
  • Proven to promote intestinal health & balance with microencapsulated probiotics, which guarantees that they arrive alive in your pet’s digestive tract
  • Contains antioxidant vitamins E, C and beta-carotene which have been shown to support a strong immune system
  • Tastes great, has excellent palatability and may even increase a pet’s desire to eat
  • Easy to feed – just sprinkle on your pet’s food


OwyheeStar Week Forty-two 2016

Greetings From Far Easter Oregon

The rain you folks posted (that live west of us) is here. It is nothing compared to the reports of what you got. We can also mention that we had a frosty morning last week, but again–nothing compared to the 13 degrees our friend from Baker City experienced. 

4-hattee-x-stackhouse-3wk-a3Hattee’s first litter arrived not long ago. The pups brought news that we exceeded the percentage of Longhairs. A few people celebrated that fact. Others were not so thrilled with the news. We needed a few Longhairs but learning that 7 of the 9 pups were affected came as a surprise.

For so many, the idea of the Longhair is foreign. They came to the breed to escape the Labrador’s hair that has lingered in the cracks and crevices despite their attempts to remove it. The mere mention of more hair sets them on edge. Nonetheless, the Longhair is not leaving a trail of hair on the furniture, your clothing, and in the car. Yes, they do require a bit more grooming. Nevertheless, it is manageable. Even many naysayers have been infected –fallen for their cuteness.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today! 

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Thursday  —October 13 — Remember Us

Friday  —October 14 — Two Weimaraners

On a very personal note

front-door_3385This week we find we need more light. I think we always can use light–in our soul and in the environment. Anyhow-out back there is a yard light, but in essence, it doesn’t give a person much help. Cliff and I purchased an inexpensive over the door light for out back. There was another man looking at lights. We discussed the lights, the choices, and the difficulty in finding something a person wanted. He was right, though. If there was only one choice then that is what you would get. 

Our front door on this old farm house has seen a huge change. It used to be located on the roadside–it had not been used as an entrance for years. We decided to move it to the east front corner. It all sounds so easy–right? Well, we had to close up the old door location and cut a new one. I think Cliff did a good job at the installation. He found a castoff piece of concrete to make the entrance better until we get pavers etc. It is a very simple solution. Every time Cliff mentions changing the siding I cringe. There is something that is heart-happy to my spirit. I think the home my parents built east of Springfield near the McKenzie had this type of siding. It holds memories of my earliest remembrances. So, this is the home Cliff grew up in but it reminds me of my childhood too! I love the cottage feel and look.

Marilyn posted a lovely (and very inviting entry) and it made me think we needed to do a little something. So, we added a planter by the door and the welcome sign. I sincerely hope in the next couple of years that bigger change will happen, but I am content with what have done to the entrance for now.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. We can fill in a bit when necessary; however, we like to keep the integrity of your writing real. A couple of sentences can go a long way–sometimes it is enough. Those that have sent us updates know we are more than likely to post it word-for-word. 

There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing!

Tallyn’s Adjustment

August 23, 2016

Did a “double take” when I walked into the living room!!!!  Tobryn has been amazing!  Shows his teeth multiple times during the day, but has never actually BIT Tallyn. I suspect that he is setting boundaries. We all are slowly evolving into the new norm.  But after talking to others at the dog park, I know I am way ahead of the curve. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your advice about making sure that everyone knows their “pecking order.”  When we go out, Tobryn gets into the front door of the car and Tallyn goes to the rear door. 

August 31, 2016

First puppy class starts tomorrow (Thursday) at 630p.  Tallyn has an IQ that probably rivals mine.  Tobryn and Tallyn now sleep in the same bed……….sometimes cheek to cheek.  The initial acceptance phase has progressed.  As we continue this journey, I’m forever grateful for you, Cliff, as well as the Mother and Father of Tallyn.

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear the transition is going well. It was the plan from the beginning to make it a duo (two males). Finding a second pup that fit well into the family was important. Nevertheless, it requires a bit of knack to incorporate a new pup with the resident Weimaraner. Many of our clients have two Weimaraners. It is doable, but having two alpha-acting types is never a good thing. Thank you, Ron, for keeping us in the loop.


Memories Saved!

Shela Nielsen, I was looking at my sent mail from 5 years ago…. I still have all of our mail correspondence about adopting a Weimy ! It still holds all of the puppy pics of Dunkin before I had the privilege of adopting him! Thank you again for my Best Friend 🙂 every day is an adventure with him 🙂 󾇛󾕓

Life with the Pillow Hog!


I never dreamed he would be such a pillow hog. How I love it!