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Don’t Let It Happen To You

AKC Reunite Reports that One in three pets will go missing in its lifetime — and it can happen in an instant. 

We admit those numbers seem high to us. Most OwyheeStar puppy folks never lose track of their Weimaraner. That is not to say it doesn’t happen. All our OwyheeStar pups leave with the AKC Reunite Microchip–but each family must register their chip. Beyond the microchip, you should consider other identification–such as a tag securely attached to their collar or harness.

Should you include your dog’s name on their collar? Including your pet’s name on their collar is a common practice, but is it a good idea? Cliff suggests it is better to exclude the pet’s name. Instead, provide your name, location, and a couple of phone numbers where you can be reached..

Providing your pup’s name on the collar can make it easier for someone else to appear to be the owner–because they are calling them by their name. Anyhow, it is food for thought.

While the microchip registered to you ensures you are listed as the owner, veterinarians, and other pet professionals do not scan every dog they encounter. Suspicious behavior might alert them to the need, but possibly they are pressed for time and feeling they are overreacting–even a new dog client may not be scanned. And keep in mind that merely recording an ID in their folder is not going to alert anyone. You see where we are going with this–two things. 1. Be sure to register your microchip. 2. Be sure to have identification on your pet’s collar. No one wants to become a statistic.

Should you happen to get separated, with your pet’s microchip registered through AKC Reunite, getting back together is more likely.

Puppy Development

~ The Adult-Looking Nine-Month Old Weimaraner


36 weeks (from AKC)

At 9 months, you’re probably starting to wonder when your puppy will be fully grown. Expect your adolescent puppy to continue to grow and develop emotionally for a little while longer, and keep up on your puppy’s training. Take a moment during training to reflect on what you might be doing to encourage some of your puppy’s bad habits and make a commitment to change your behavior.

Miles kissing

These comments are meant for puppies in general; however, they apply even more so for the Weimaraner puppy. Letting your 12-week old pup jump up is not a good idea. If you do, by the time they are 9-months-old, you have a bigger problem. Letting them bite your fingers–as a young pup, may well lead to mouthing issues as the Weimaraner matures. Some do this mouthing-thing for their entire life–and for their owner, it might not seem like a problem until they put their mouth on someone else–those teeth can easily tear a hole in a thin-skinned older adult, or alarm someone.

Tips for having Fun in the Sun with our Doggies

Note: This article first appeared in the Waterland Blog on Jul 29, 2020 | –used with permission.

Jan’s dog ‘Willow’ keeping cool!

By Jan Magnuson

We all enjoy playing with our pups and taking them for walks and hikes during this sunny time of year! Just like we take into account the potential effects of the direct sunlight, warm temperatures, and humidity on ourselves, we also should consider how our “furry family members” will fare! I adore my three girls “Willow,” “Daisy,” and “Violet,” and want to always make sure they are safe, healthy, and happy!

Before beginning a summer exercise routine with our dogs, it is a great idea to have them examined by our veterinarian to make sure they are able to safely participate. We should ask if our dogs have any health considerations or special needs that should be addressed before we take them out and about with us in the summertime weather.

We need to consider our dogs’ individual challenges to the warm weather like how much coat they have, if they are overweight and out of shape, or if they have a “pug face” (“brachycephalic”, like my Japanese Chin “Violet”) in addition to any specific health issues they may have like prior injuries, strains or arthritis, skin inflammation, etc.

When we are ready to go out with them, it is a good idea to have a small basic first-aid kit, our cell phone (with our vet’s and emergency vet’s phone numbers), and of course fresh water for them and for us. If we are going to take a longer hike, having snacks may be appropriate as well.

Because I am so active with my dogs, I have many different locations I take them for playtime, walks and hikes. So, on days that are hotter than others, I take them to a trail I know has more shade and is cooler and is possibly even near water. I also tend to do “laps” instead of going straight up and then back, as that way if it gets really hot, we can stop anytime mid-lap instead of having to go a long distance back to our truck.

Another consideration is if the walking surface – pavement, concrete, gravel – on a trail or roadway could be too hot. I place my hand flat on the surface and if it feels too hot for me, it is too hot for my dogs’ pads! So, using a trail that is grass and has lots of shade is a better option, or I can walk on the paved trail but make sure my dogs walk on the grass.

Stopping often in the shade to allow our dogs to lie down and relax and get a drink of water is helpful too.

Always watching our dogs to make sure they do not overheat is imperative – dogs can get too hot very quickly, so we should always keep an eye on them to make certain they are not showing any symptoms of heat exhaustion, as that can quickly become an emergency.

More info here:

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Jan–there are no adequate words to cover all you have done for us and with Willow.

Willow has been a superstar her entire life!  She has attained many titles and awards (see above) for Conformation, Obedience and Rally Obedience, Agility, Tricks, and Good Citizen, and include 5 UKC Altered Best-In-Show and 14 Altered Reserve Best-In-Show awards!

In Case You Wondered

~ AKC says this about the current market

As a follow-up to our initial breeder security email, we’ve assembled new resources to help you better protect yourself on AKC Marketplace.

For the past three months, AKC Marketplace has continued to capture record-breaking traffic from active puppy seekers. This surge in visitors has led to an increase in scammers looking to take advantage of both breeders and puppy seekers alike. 

To learn more about how scammers gain access to breeder accounts, read the latest Expert Advice article, “Breeders Beware: Puppy Scams on the Rise.”

Breeder Comment

Well, it is undoubtedly true that we have received more inquiries than ever before. If anyone happens to see an OwyheeStar puppy listed for sale anywhere but directly from us, we know it is a scam. That has happened before–I contacted the listing and notified them, but what a hassle. We would not want to have someone get cheated thinking they were getting a pup from us–when it was as a scam.

While there is a steady stream of inquiries (which takes considerable time and energy to keep up with), a lot of these are not going anywhere. People are in a hurry for a puppy. The reality is we cannot make an endless number of pups. What we do takes time, energy, and costs us on nearly every level. It is our joy, but there are limitations.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

July 4, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

Happy 4th of July. I am going to be honest here–I am holding my breath. With news of protests scheduled, I am concerned about the potential for these events to turn ugly. I sincerely hope we don’t read about more damage and loss of lives.

Looking around, to us, it seems the crops are a little behind what we would expect. Overall, the day seems lovely and holds promise, but it won’t be the same for most of us.


We have Bernie’s last litter–this is it. I cannot tell you how wonderful she is on every level. She is the best ever Mama and such a happy camper to have around. From here on out, we are looking to have her spayed–Cliff is counting on hunting with her. Of course, he never takes her to the field (or even around the farm) without the GPS collar. She is a hunting fool and can take off chasing a scent–go missing. Then we look and search, and wait for her to come home. So–she must wear the collar.

If you recently got an OwyheeStar puppy, we sincerely hope that you registered your microchip with AKC Reunite–this is cheap insurance.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. This week we find our supply of material running lower than it has for some time. Who can guess what might come in our inbox?

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— June 28 — Bisbee

Monday–- June 29 — Wilson

Tuesday – June 30— Ellie

Wednesday — July 1  Sky Raisin Patrol

Thursday –- July 2 — Nixon

Friday — July 3 — Tallyn at Five

On a very personal note

We are busy keeping things weeded, wet, and the lawn mowed. Cliff has his birds plus the Weimaraners. The quail have been harder to keep alive this year. He says they are doing better.

With the COVID numbers on the rise in Malheur County, we find ourselves on the Governor’s Watch List. That could mean she would put us back on tight lockdown if the trend continues. Cliff and I are hunkering down and staying home as much as possible. We all know about the controversy surrounding masks–but my biggest concern is how this is dividing us. That is all I am going to say about the issue other than to say united we stand.

I picked a small cucumber from the garden last evening and washed it off–ate it. It was lovely. I thought about the Great Granddaughters and how they love cucumbers. It was a good memory. I miss seeing them–life and COVID have been brutal on family this year. That goes for the biological family too.


~ A Good Report and Life Continues

As you probably remember Ellie’s nose had bumps. After a bunch of testing and biopsy, we still don’t know what was going on with Ellie’s nose.   It has healed and is a lot better now.  You can still see the somewhat discolored skin, but it’s not that noticeable now. 

The good news is that it’s not cancer, and Ellie is doing great.  She loves to go to foothills riding shotgun in my truck.  She found a deer leg that she didn’t want to give up (but did eventually) and loves to rest in the backseat on the way home (it was hot, though were was lots of water in the streams).   We do have to keep a good eye out for rattlesnakes.

Breeder Commentary

We are thrilled to hear that the biopsy was negative. (Yeah!) We are thankful that she loves spending time with you–those trips are special for the both of you.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

June 27, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

After weeks of waiting for the rain to stop so the hay could be cut, it got baled. We could not be happier. Other crops are growing–not far from us we have corn, onions, beans, etc. Farmers are pouring the water to the crops with the heat pressing in.


It is the time of year when pet owners cringe at the thought of fireworks. It is not so much the fireworks display but the neighborhood display that seems to go on for a couple of weeks–with little to no consideration for pets or those who suffer trauma disorders. It can be very paralyzing. Some people use natural calming oils, thunder jackets, and even prescription medications to get through the 4th of July.

Please make sure your microchip is on file with AKC Reunite–this is cheap insurance.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. This week we find our supply of material running lower than it has for some time. Who can guess what might come in our inbox?

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— June 21 — Happy Father’s Day

Monday–- June 22 — Knobby

Tuesday – June 23— Astra

Wednesday — June 24  Big George

Thursday –- June 25 — George

Friday — June 26 — Edgar

On a very personal note

We are doing reasonably well. Monday, we have to get Cliff a follow up appointment with his primary physician. He will have finished his medication soon.

Our life has become extra boring with the Covid-19 thing. The gardening girls are not only extra busy with the new baby brother, but getting around less–you understand. There are limitations. I miss them–the screams of delight finding a bug, a worm, or picking vegetables.

We finally have a single tomato developing — hoping it grows into something sooner rather than later. (Haha) The various plants on the mail cart have not recovered from the spill they took. They are mostly alive but still somewhat in shock. (Oops)


Edgar will be 4 next month. We moved to Colorado last fall and everyone is starting to get used to the change. Doug is still Edgar’s favorite person but he loves all of the kids and worries when they get too far away. My youngest loves to play with him like he’s her brother. She runs with him, gets him up onto the play equipment and tries to make him go down the slide. She also likes to dress him up on occasion.

He tolerates this but clearly doesn’t like to wear cat ears.

Breeder Comment

What a life Edgar has. I am glad he tolerates the cat ears–we know it must not be a fun thing for him. (Haha) Otherwise he has quite the life–and we love his inclusion. It speaks volumes.

Happy Father’s Day

~To the Father of Of Our Children

I want to honor Cliff for all he does to make happy moments for me, our family, and everyone of you who live with the OwyheeStar Weimaraner.

Without him–and his very special abilities none of this would be possible. Of course, that is only a small part of his greatness in my eyes–the list would be long.

I have been honored to share 50+ years with him. The journey has been incredible –sometimes challenging, but here we are together. I am sure you can agree he is amazing. Thank You

Saluting Christina

~For All She Does

Nail Trim

Every OwyheeStar puppy is hand-raised, and this process requires a good eye as well as focus. Then there is follow-through–steps we take at every transition point from birth for the exit. We are fortunate to have our granddaughter (who we trained) as a puppy-whisperer. You cannot teach someone to do this–it takes instinct and the ability–and the eye to see the little things before they spiral into something bigger. Pups get scratched, develop little issues, need nails trimmed, ears cleaned, etc. –it is a lot because a young pup is susceptible to all kind of bacterial, viral, and yeast infections.

You might remember Dink–he was a miracle pup. Christina decided she would keep him with her 24 X 7 because he needed around the clock care. She did this knowing she might not be able to save him–but if she could, it would be so rewarding. Over the years, we have saved many ultra-small pups that needed extra care. They could not survive because the bigger, stronger littermates would push them off the best teats. There might not be enough teats for everyone to drink at once–and the bigger keep growing while the small ones get shoved away. This scenario doesn’t mean that a smaller pup has anything wrong, but without intervention, their chance of survival is slim.

You Probably Know the Story

Dr. Calhoun at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital gave his as through of a check that is possible at the six-week visit.

It takes all of us to produce a well-balanced ready to adapt puppy. People ask, “do you have them house-trained.” I always say, “no, but we have them ready.” I think that is the better approach–they have to learn your routine, the household layout, and adjust. If you stay after it, the housebreaking can happen very quickly.