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Sunday Photos

~Various pictures from our Archives

Sunday Photos

~ From the Archives

It is no secret that we watch a lot more college football, but we do follow several NFL teams. We will watch the Super Bowl. I laughed when I read Maxine say that her idea of a Super Bowl is a self-cleaning toilet. Who doesn’t agree? Football fans wait all year to see who will earn the prestigious Super Bowl Event–what an event it is too! The commercials are not to be missed. Halftime shows are an unknown–we could list things that have happened here. Typically, the halftime show is not what we tune in to watch. We might do our chores and come back to the game later. (Haha)

In honor of today’s event, I went searching the archives to find some football photos. Most of these Weimaraners are wearing college attire. It works –right!?!

Speaking of Nancy Garin

~ Tikka and Luna

Tikka and Luna-they’re 2 of my favorite girls!  Nancy kindly welcomed us to the Salem Weim play dates at their house.

We’ve been there many times and Mick typically hides between my legs or behind me for most of the day and if I sit, he gets in my lap. Mind you he’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest weim there! Haha! He’s just a big baby. The last time we were there, a few months ago, there were fewer weims there and Mick was actually social, it was amazing…we were all impressed to see him out there running around with the other dogs. 

I think Rudy was one of your weims as well. Ashley stopped me while I was mowing my lawn and asked if we could take a picture of our weims together. I ran into her almost a year later at Nancy’s house and we recreated the picture. So cute…Mick is at least twice Rudy’s size! 
Have a great day! Shannon

Breeder Comment

Yes, Western Oregon Weimaraner folks have a great advocate in Nancy. And then too–her Playdates are an extraordinary opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and have fabulous fun.

Sunday Photos

~ From the Archives (2016)

Puppy Talk

~ With Cliff and Shela

Thank you for participating in yesterday’s discussion as to whether a second Weimaraner is a smart decision or not. Everyone’s experience is going to be different. Now, onto the most pressing question asked–When will you have puppies born?

There are options for a breeder to determine if a female is pregnant before the whelp. These include ultrasound, sonogram, and X-ray, but as many experienced breeders can attest, it doesn’t guarantee a full-term life birth. For this and other reasons (such as its practicality), we opt to let nature take its course. Having been contacted regularly by people who waited for months and sometimes more than a year to get a pup from another breeder only to have the bitch not produce, we know how disappointing and devastating it can be. While these are standard practices for some breeders, there are other unknowns, too. We typically have a Waitlist–sometimes, even with a Waitlist, we can’t guess what people will do. You might come along at the right moment when no one on the list is ready, or we didn’t have what they wanted born. Below is a segment from our Page titled ‘Current Availability.’ To read the full article, please click on the link.

Thinking of a Weimaraner puppy?!?

We are adding names to the waitlist–for potential early 2021 possibilities. We cannot predict the availability for several reasons–

  1. We don’t know if a mating will produce a litter.
  2. We cannot guess how many pups might be in the litter.
  3. We are not always able to predict coat color, and most certainly we cannot guess the sex of the pups that are going to be born.
  4. We cannot guess what the people on the Wait List will do–some may not be ready when we get pups. Others might opt to change their preferences. We allow people to do.

To start the process contact Shela (via Email– and let her know you wish to fill out the application.

Check with us–get your application in and follow up with a deposit to lock in a place on the Wait List. You must request the application via Email (

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our screening process is important to us. We want to make sure every puppy gets to the best possible placement. The good news is the right choice for the pup, is also going to be a good one for you. We do not take this process lightly. So if you want to bring home an OwyheeStar Weim, the best approach is to complete the application process. Our screening process must be completed to discuss availability in detail. Thank you for understanding. You can get more information above on the FAQs page–click here to access that page.

We have mentioned the application several times. The first step is always to complete our application. The OwyheeStar application is an online application, and it will come as an invite from our primary website ( To get the invite, please write Shela ( a brief inquiry, and express the desire to complete the application.

The approved application along with a small deposit will lock in a place on the OwyheeStar Waiting List.  Yes, to answer your question, the deposit applies to the cost of the puppy.

We are on MeWe

We have signed up for the 30-Day Free Trial on MeWe. We will see how this goes–you can find us there! WordPress is owned by Google and will not automatically publish there–allow a connection. That means I have to open and post the link each day.

Baily Blue

~ Gone But Never to be Forgotten

Our last beach visit


Thank you for 14+ years of companionship, love, and shenanigans!

It is with heavy heart that I’m touching base to let you know I’m releasing Bailey Blue today (12/28/2020)–I had 14 1/2 long happy years with her… thank you so much.

Of course, you may share this on your blog. If nothing else, to let others know that you provide a beautiful, fun loving family member for years to come…Chris Fisher

Breeder Comment

There are no adequate words to cover such a loss. We are happy she brought you so much joy and companionship. Thank you for letting us know of her passing.

Sunday Photos

~ Atti X Martee Pups

Breeder Comment

Sunday Photos is now a thing–even if we don’t have current babies, we have many archived photos. We should be able to post something every Sunday for 2021. We have gotten so many comments and requests to keep this coming–we hear you.

Oh, Henry

~ The Ups and Downs–We are Finally Trained!

–As with ever Weimaraner, it is a work in progress.

I wanted to send an update on Henry. It’s been a while. The last I emailed I was asking for help regarding Henry growling when he was in a cozy spot on the couch or our bed. We ultimately decided that we did not know how to manage the behavior and sought out professional help.

We learned that he was resource guarding. He had always done this with a full bowl or food and we just left him alone while he ate. Along the way Henry had also developed other bad habits, like counter surfing, barking incessantly, and greeting company way to enthusiastically.

You know better than most that weims are very hard headed, and Henry is no exception. Henry boarded with a trainer for one month, and during that time worked on better leash manners, recall, and ways to stop resource guarding. We knew that we he came home it would be like having a puppy in training all over again, but it has been so worth it. He is a new man!! One of the things we are doing is hand feeding him, we use feeding time to practice skills like going and staying on his rug, here, and heal. We also have a leash on him at all times while out of his crate, that way if he growls, or doesn’t listen, we have a way to control him. We don’t expect to have to use the leash for long, but it has been a great tool to reestablish the hierarchy in our home. Prior to training, Henry would stay for as long as you wanted him to only when incentivized by food, otherwise he would get up two seconds later. Now he will stay for long periods of time without food rewards. If I am in the kitchen, he goes to his rug and stays. Another improvement is leash walking. We used to either take Henry leashless on his training collar or with a gentle leader (we called it his soul crusher because he hated it), now we take him on his regular collar , and sometime with a training collar–with a leash around my waist.

He is still a work in progress, but the fact that I can take him on his regular collar and his doesn’t pull is amazing. He does need occasional reminders to heel, sometimes he listens without any correction, other times he needs a reminder. Henry is chomping at the bit when he knows we are going for a walk. Since we always have him on a leash, he is unable to counter surf. Barking is very minimal now, not sure how or why, but he gives us a few warning barks, then stops, thank God!!

He has not had to wear his bark collar since he came home. We will continue to work on greeting guests, but as you can imagine during such times, we don’t have many. The few times we have, we have let the company know ahead of time that Henry is in training, and to bear with us as we slowly let them in. This is a work in progress, but all has drastically improved.

The moral to my update, it took 4.5 years for Henry to develop bad habits, and years of us not dealing with it correctly. He is smart, and did everything in his power to outsmart us, so now we are in training together!!

Weims are not an easy breed, as you know, but Henry is so worth the time investment. He is the sweetest guy ever, and the best snuggle buddy. 

Breeder Comment

Thank you for all you do and are doing with Henry. Each Weimaraner presents with challenges (much like various human siblings)–and somehow, they know how to find our weaknesses and how to push our buttons, too. The conundrum of the relationship should never be discounted–and this is where we say, better now than later to have managed the issues. The Weimaraner tends to wrap their paw around a person, manipulate the situation to their liking–and it is hardly in their best interest. Ah, and Cliff is thrilled you have moved to the flat color and are doing well. Keep up the excellent work.

Positively Poised

~ Healing, Inspiration for your Sunday

Breeder Comment

Another Sunday of Puppy Photos to make you smile. I tried to choose ones that made my heart leap–as I scrolled through each pup’s photos from this week. The overall winner was from the firstborn puppy–and this photo is featured at the top. If that doesn’t make you laugh, I feel bad for you.

This litter is Martee’s first — (and it is Atti’s last litter). We have five pups, with only one gray in the group. I chose three snapshots of each pup–they are on the page in the birth order. So, in the first row, it puppy one, and then so forth–but puppy one is also featured at the top here. Cliff and I hope this brings you a smile and maybe a little joy, too.