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Winnie’s Babies

Here are a couple of links I believe you will want to check out — the week two update and other miscellaneous. Mama and babies are doing excellent. They have grown so much, as you see we can no longer use our small carrier.

The OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog

Many people refer to this blog as our Website. I always have to ask to be sure when someone says they are on our Website–which page they are visiting. I have been doing some Internet housekeeping. Just as with around the house, things need to be dusted and updated.

If you have never explored the links at the top of the blog, I want to draw your attention to them. You have to access a few things through another page –for example, OwyheeStar Information has a link on About OwyheeStarThe Weimaraner has a link for New OwyheeStar Puppy Clients.

These and other links are there with the information you may be seeking–the most visited link is Current Availability. We try to keep this information updated frequently.

Gone for the Week

The OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog is on vacation this week, but I will try to drop you a note as possible each day. I have borrowed Cliff’s iPad. I will not be reading or replying to emails either.

Sunday Photos

~Young Manfred with Stackhouse

~ Young Manfred

~Manfred after a Swim

We hope to take update photos soon–she has filled out and matured. Watch for those photos this Spring.


Well, my friend, another day we are granted. How fabulous it is–make the most of it, and have some fun if possible. There was a time not so long ago when Flo would ignore this bed–it was like it didn’t exist. Now, she loves it so much, and here she is in a typical Weim pose. You might remember that I adopted two retired OwyheeStar girls (Flo and Dazee). Both have serious hunting skills, and they find vermin here and there in this little kingdom. They fill my heart with joy and crack me up every day.

Breeder Comment

Thank you for making them a great home–it is fabulous to know they are happy and that they thrive.

No Names Here

I suppose it is realistic to admit the Weimaraner might be one of the more entitled family members. They quite possibly get by with antics that some parents would not allow human children to do. (Oops)

The best seat in the house is often the sofa, the sofa back, your favorite chair, or anything that provides the comfort and visual advantage they need. After all, they are considered a Watchdog–nothing misses their eye if it interests them. They are game for the taunting squirrel, birds, bunnies, and even the occasional toad. Of course, sky raisins can entertain them endlessly.

Sunday Photos

~Various Puppy Photos from the 2017 Archives

Sunday Photos

~Various pictures from our Archives

Sunday Photos

~ From the Archives

It is no secret that we watch a lot more college football, but we do follow several NFL teams. We will watch the Super Bowl. I laughed when I read Maxine say that her idea of a Super Bowl is a self-cleaning toilet. Who doesn’t agree? Football fans wait all year to see who will earn the prestigious Super Bowl Event–what an event it is too! The commercials are not to be missed. Halftime shows are an unknown–we could list things that have happened here. Typically, the halftime show is not what we tune in to watch. We might do our chores and come back to the game later. (Haha)

In honor of today’s event, I went searching the archives to find some football photos. Most of these Weimaraners are wearing college attire. It works –right!?!

Speaking of Nancy Garin

~ Tikka and Luna

Tikka and Luna-they’re 2 of my favorite girls!  Nancy kindly welcomed us to the Salem Weim play dates at their house.

We’ve been there many times and Mick typically hides between my legs or behind me for most of the day and if I sit, he gets in my lap. Mind you he’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest weim there! Haha! He’s just a big baby. The last time we were there, a few months ago, there were fewer weims there and Mick was actually social, it was amazing…we were all impressed to see him out there running around with the other dogs. 

I think Rudy was one of your weims as well. Ashley stopped me while I was mowing my lawn and asked if we could take a picture of our weims together. I ran into her almost a year later at Nancy’s house and we recreated the picture. So cute…Mick is at least twice Rudy’s size! 
Have a great day! Shannon

Breeder Comment

Yes, Western Oregon Weimaraner folks have a great advocate in Nancy. And then too–her Playdates are an extraordinary opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and have fabulous fun.