Deadly Heat

Staying Cool


Thuerers George SUP
George the Longhair accompanies on the SUP

The Treasure Valley and extreme heat are one in the same. With temperatures pushing 100 degrees, people are finding ways to be outside and to stay cool. In and around Boise this often means floating the Boise River; however, the river is closed due to hazardous conditions. Nonetheless, people are finding other places to get in (and on the water). Remember to keep you and your fur friend hydrated. An occasional cool down in the water would be good for your fur friend. Dogs do not sweat–they pant to cool. Here is a refresher course on keeping your Weimaraner safe this summer.


The American Kennel Club offers this great advice–click on the header for the full scoop.


Dehydration and Overheating in Dogs

Here are two excerpts from their invaluable article.

Heat-related canine conditions can also become life-threatening without immediate treatment.  Overheated dogs can suffer heat exhaustion, heat stroke or sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias.

Panting, followed by disorientation and fast, noisy breathing could signal overheating. Other possible signs: Collapsing or convulsing, bright red or blue gums, vomiting and diarrhea. Since field dogs are unlikely to stop hunting or retrieving when they become dangerously hot, owners should watch their dog closely for overheating signs.


Simple precautions can ward off dehydration and overheating.

To help prevent dehydration, offer field dogs water at least hourly, experts advise. Many enjoy hunting so much they run until collapsing, so owners should watch closely to know when their dog has had enough. Wobbliness, weakness or collapse are signs to provide shade and offer small amounts of water.  If your dog doesn’t improve, seek immediate veterinary attention.

To prevent overheating, help your dog beat the heat by encouraging resting and drinking at his  leisure. For field dogs, deep, fast-moving lakes, ponds and rivers may be available to provide fresh, cool water. Allow your dog to submerge his body to siphon off the building heat.

Breeder Comment

Thuerer's George Early 2016-3George is from a previous mating between Mesquite and Stackhouse for those of you wondering. He was previously featured on the blog in a post titled ‘Ear Obsessed.’

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  1. George you are beautiful!!! I hope all peeps and weims have a good summer… and all paws and fingers are crossed that no do has to stay in a hot car this year …

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