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~ Follows Enzo’s Paw Print Example

Scout is doing great! He’s double in size and growing like a weed!

Scout is so funny to watch on his own playing in the snow, but when big brother Enzo is around, Scout wants to do exactly what Enzo is doing, it’s so cute!!

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear the excellent news. One thing for sure, they don’t stay puppy-sized very long.


Introduced to Enzo–what is this?

(Not so long ago in Central Oregon) Yes we did, and spent the rest of the day introducing Enzo our 6 year Weimaraner to his new little brother.We named him Scout.We will keep you posted on his progress 

Breeder Comment

I hope you keep us posted –a lot of folks get wrapped up in the process of raising their new fur family member and soon forget us. Good intentions and even a note saying we can expect an update sometimes get delayed indefinitely. Sadly, some people update us once or possibly twice (in their pet’s lifetime) and then drop a note when their OwyheeStar family member crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

With so many posting news on social media (which is excellent)–I don’t always get shareable information from the more social media savvy folks –they do their own sharing. It is undoubtedly easier than allowing me to post a cute story–I get it. Most of what I can share is from people who are not on social media and frequent posters. Honestly, that leaves me often begging for a short story and photo. Some of you are ever so gracious to send something along regularly, though. For that–I am ever so glad. Please keep your stories coming–and include at least one photo. Thank you!

Contemplating Another

Advice Anyone?

We love Waylon so much, that we are contemplating a sibling.

I’m really torn because I feel like it’s taking away love from him. But we also lucked out with him not being a chewer or counter surfer etc. But he’s four now so I’m feeling likes it’s now or never. I don’t think I could ever have another dog after him 😬

Breeder Comment

For all of you who love having two, or don’t–drop your thoughts to Cristi. Thank You! And Cristi, we look forward to working with you again–I believe you meant another breed of dog. Of course, the Weimaraner doesn’t consider itself a dog. We all get that.

When Mama Sweeps

~ Flo and Dazee feel the assault of the broom

I think this is hilarious. I’d been sweeping the kitchen. You’d think I’d been after them.

Breeder Comment

Sena, they look as if you had chased them with the broom. (OMG) The two coddled senior girls have not idea how privileged they are! I love the look on their faces –make it stop, Mama.


I just wanted to drop a quick note to once again thank for raising such amazing pups.  Auggie is just about 4mo old and is incredibly smart and sassy.  He has learned to sit, wait, ring the bell to go out and spins insane circles when it’s chow time.  He loves cuddles, socks, and hiding under the Christmas tree.  He recently sampled his first “puppichino” and as you can see in the pic he loved it! 

I’ve included several pics of him. One of the pics has his sister Willow (5mo old, from a different breeder). They are truly two peas in a pod.  Wishing you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday season. 🎄⛄️

Beth Martinez and Auggie (Henrietta x Manfred) 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Beth, for the update along with the adorable photos. We truly appreciate everything.


~All is Well

She loves her stuffed birds

We are all doing great since our little girl came home to us! We are calling her “Gemma”. We just love her; and she and Susse get along great. No accidents in the house at all. 

She loves to play inside the house and outside. She is a fast learner – knows her name and the command “Here” already. Oh, and she loves to chew!

Breeder Comment

Thank you for your concerted effort to get Gemma off to an excellent start. Of course, you are an experienced Weimar family. She is in good hands. We hope to receive news of her and Susse’s antics as they become co-conspirators of the best kind.

Our First Week

~ Kobe arrive November 2nd

Our little guy Kobe came home on 11/2. Certainly, there was some anxiety with Luna as expected. Frankie seemed to be unphased. After all, this wasn’t his first puppy rodeo. We brought Luna home on 1/1 and it rocked his world. 

By Tuesday morning,  Luna was dropping the ball in front of Kobe trying to engage him. I knew from there things were on the right track. 
It’s now Sunday and you’d think Kobe was always part of the family. He’s settled in nicely and Luna has a new playmate. 

I managed to get a few pics of him when he’s actually still. Otherwise, he’s on the move! He came equipped with the Weim on/off switch. 
It warms my heart Kobe and Luna are getting along so well. They’re really so much alike and seems like a match meant to be. 

I’m looking forward to the months to come as he grows. I think he’s gonna be a big boy!! I’m sure they’ll go by fast. In the meantime, we’re anxious to get through the puppy piranha phase. However we have LOTS of toys get through it. 

Breeder Comment

Kobe –he has rocked your world as well as Social Media. It is so cute how he slid into the family and found your place in your hearts in quick order. We love hearing how Luna has adopted him and is grooming this boy to be her co-conspirator. We can only imagine what the two will manage to accomplish. Kris, thank you for making the trip and your continued loyalty. We are blessed to know you–and to share the Weimaraners.

Coop and Levi

The Boys Who Bring Us Life

They take us on a run every day, or else. They rule the roost. We cannot live without Weimaraners

I cannot thank you enough for making our lives whole. Even though they are pushy, loud and in control of me.

Breeder Comment

We enjoy reading about their life (and antics with you)–thanks for this lovely update.

Nicki and Annie–part one

~the Dixie Cup Sisters

Waiting For a Treat Here

Both girls love ice cream, peanut butter and laying out in the sun.  When we brought Nicki home Annie was not thrilled, she laid on our bed every day and would only come out to potty and eat.  Nicki could not jump up there because she was too little.  Of course, Annie put on weight and the vet wanted the extra pounds off. Happy to report that Annie got the extra weight off.

Annie was pretty spoiled and her nose was out of joint.  It took a long time for Annie to come around, Nicki liked her right from the start.  They will lay on the couch or bed together but never touching.  I am so jealous of other Weims we see posted on your blog that accept each other right away.

They are so much fun though and they will play together now. Nicki likes to zoom as fast as she can and she knows Annie does not like it. Nicki likes to tease her, Annie will jump up and lay Nicki down. Annie growls and barks, she sounds pretty vicious but her tail is wagging the whole time.  Nicki will chew on Annie’s ears when she has her pinned but does not bite hard.

Breeder Comment

Thank you for this fabulous update. We know everyone will enjoy reading about Annie and Nicki–your two OwyheeStar Weims. We appreciate you remembering us.

At Lake Roosevelt

~With Freya and Ava

I thought you would like seeing a couple of photos of the girls ( Freya and Ava Blue) on their trip on the pontoon boat at Lake Roosevelt.

We started out with the life jackets and then gave them a reprieve after they settled down.

Actually, they were exhausted from swimming and wanted to sleep all the way back to the house!

Breeder Comment

Thanks ever so much for this update–it is greatly appreciated.