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We made it Home

It’s been 1 week Luna has been with us and things are falling into place nicely. She’s such a well mannered girl and very sweet. She’s so smart and has a great little sniffer! I’m amazed how well she retrieves. It seems to come naturally to her. She’s very happy to bring back what you’ve thrown but tug of war is her favorite! She loves her big brother and is really enjoying playing with him now that he’s accepted her as part of the pack. He understands she’s just a pup and is very gentle with her. I can’t say she’s as gentle with him though but he’s patient with her. 

Crate training is starting to take shape. I’ve introduced her several times a day to it and reward her for going in. I close the door and stay with her for about 10 min and let her settle before I walk away for 5 and incrementally increase the time away. That’s when the fireworks start. Today,  however, I needed to go into the office for a few hours and both kids were unavailable so she had to work it out. Up until this time, someone has been here around the clock. 

To my surprise and despite all my worrying, I came home to a clean crate and somewhat of a changed girl. She was certainly happy to see me as always and seemed to have an air of independence and confidence she didn’t have before. She seems more relaxed and balanced. 
We’re still working on the house training. I’m trying to figure out her habits and triggers… she does everything in 2’s and 3’s when it comes to the bathroom and she’s quick!! I might invest short term in Bounty paper towels until we’ve mastered this. 😝 When I take her out, she’s rewarded when she comes back in. She sits right at the door as I praise her and waits for her treat patiently. The goodness though is she’s  sleeping through the night with me accident free and I’m not having to get up in the middle of the night to take her out. So we’re all getting some good sleep. 
Hope all is well and things have settled a bit now that you’ve delivered many of the puppies.

Take care, Kris

Breeder Comment

We are happy to know that you not only made the trip safely to Connecticut, but the first week went well. We look forward to hearing about your adventures unfold. Thanks for your loyalty–and for making the trip.

Colleen Writes

Shela and Cliff, Thank-you for being so thorough with your client only page and the puppy packet.  I feel I had the website memorized by the time January 4th finally came. We are SO enjoying this “honeymoon” period with “Miranda” (#10 long hair, pink collar).   

We had an 11 hour drive home and she slept on my lap the entire way. That quiet time only lasted one day, lol!

I’m assuming you’ve worked with potty training and the “sit” command as we are having more successes than failures in the house.  AND she’s rang the jingle bells by the door 3X so far this morning to go out and potty!
For the last 2 nights she has settled in nicely at bedtime in a crate next to our bed.

What a sweetheart!  I feel so fortunate to have found Owyheestar Weimaraner’s.  The time and dedication that you and Cliff put into your dogs is much appreciated.  
Gotta go, she just rang the bells!

Breeder Comment

It sounds as if you are off to an excellent start. We love that Miranda is ringing the bells. Of course, before long, she will discover that ringing the bells gets her outside for fun as well as to go potty. (Haha)

Baby Faces

Well, I am having trouble with the planned morning post, so in lieu of it–let’s have baby faces. I especially like them sticking out their tongue.