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Joins Skeeter Valentine 

          ~ At the Pool


January 23, 2017–Kaliece wrote 

          Hi! Wow, time flies.

heermans-virgilSo Virgil is doing great and I just can’t be more pleased with my Skeeter girl. She has accepted him so well and for the most part is really helpful in his training…except when she’s not haha. They are going to be best friends forever. So I have been doing loose leash training with Virgil and it is soooo beneficial to start from the get-go. He totally gets it, now the human needs to continue to follow through haha.Skeeter is really helpful in this area as she stays by me for the most part. So, super excited about this…

I booked Virgil’s swim assessment at Paw’s aquatic on February 2nd. I’m trying to make it so Skeeter can swim at the same time.

We captured this you tube video so we could let you know how it went. We’re excited to see him swim–thought he did great for his first time. 

Breeder Comment

It is great to hear from you and to see Virgil doing so well with training. We are glad you were able to have them swim in tandem. It is going to be great fun for all concerned. Thank you, for keeping us in the loop.

Dock Diving

Remember Skeeter?

Not so long ago she was seen on the blog learning how to dock dive. The Blog was titled Do Not Despise Small Beginnings. We know there is limited time and opportunity to work on, the dock diving; however, Kaliece brings us phenomenal news!

Skeeter Competes

Just wanted to let you and Cliff know Skeeter went to her first dock diving event this weekend. The group is x-treme air dogs Northwest. I’ve only been able to practice a few times and not with a trainer so that being said I’m super proud of her. She made it into the amateur division with a 14.4 ft jump. She was 2nd in the division after the first day, and we went to finals today where she placed 4th. It was a great experience for both of us. She’s mentally exhausted. Haha. She had so much to think about and get over because the event was held at the pool we swim her at. So when we got there, she had to wait and wait and wait to get in the pool when normally she just jumps in right away. Also, there were a lot of people, dogs, crates, loud music, donuts, hotdogs, etc.etc. in HER playground! She dealt with it well, though. I was just happy that she didn’t break her sit stay with all that going on when she was on deck. Everyone commented on what a beautiful dog she is and so sweet. She truly is an awesome representation of the breed; she always makes me proud, and she reflects well on Owyheestar.


Skeeter Improved!

Kaliece Writes

Happy New Year.

I took SkeetSkeeter Valentine_2146er to the pool for some dock practice…only the 2nd time and she’s doing great.

I sent you a you tube video from Gary’s phone.

Breeder’s Comment

You have to be patient, but when you see Skeeter’s Recent Dock Dive you will be impressed. Maybe you remember their first outing. If not, click here to revisit that blog featuring Skeeter.