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Chance Encounter

At Priest Lake

     ~ August 2017


Lu and Lucy

A fun and unexpected meeting between our Owyhee Star Blue Weim “Lu” and a beautiful dark blue Weim “Lucy” (and her “brother” Max – not shown) at Priest Lake, ID in late August – they weren’t too excited at first about each other, but then got into the lake fun and swimming….  ~Sharyl


Breeder Comment

When Jeff shared he had met some nice folks who had an OwyheeStar named ‘Lu’ I thought who can it be beside you folks? Of course, we were not sure because you reside in Sisters, OR and have the coastal second home. Nevertheless, we realize people are mobile and explore other parts of the country. It was very fun to hear about the encounter and to see the two swimming in the beautiful North Idaho Lake.


And the Weimaraner

15577986_10209995671242101_2256536000076409207_oHello, Shela and Cliff

It has been a long time since I’ve written you, just been pretty busy with a blossoming fiber art-wear business and dealing with my 8-year old Golden Retriever’s (Shea) gum cancer. We did operate and they got all the cancer, according to follow-up tests; however, it came back and we had to say goodbye to her yesterday.

We are both heartbroken of course, and did shed some tears….tried not to get too emotional in front of Lu, our Weim, but of course she knows something is different. And it’s her birthday today, of all things (she’s now 6).

At any rate, we are keeping her usual schedule and giving her good pets and exercise/ food etc., but she is clearly grieving the loss of her “sis”. Basically has retreated to her bed all day, not even going upstairs with Steve (her hero) when he goes to use the computer or watch sports.

From what I’ve read, normal routines – exercise etc are the best thing for her (tho its still 16 degrees and freezing fog, plus 4′ of snow, most we’ve ever had!), and she will get a Bully Stick tonight for her birthday….with me holding the other end, of course..

Do you have any other words of wisdom for our girl Lu?

Thanks so much, and we think of you often and read your posts ever day.

Here’s to sunshine, health, and beloved dogs and friends for 2017

Sharyl and Steve 

Breeder Comment

The grieving Weimaraner and how to help them face the loss of a family member is a tough question. No one grieves the same. I would say to not hide your grief and to just let the process unfold. Anyhow, tucking the struggle inside is not good for you. Nor, does it really hide that emotion from the very intuitive Weimaraner.

A loss (such as this) is never easy. Happy Birthday Lu and we are sorry for the loss. Those words fall short of covering. Hugs

Voting For Lu

ME for President!Our Leaping Lu

I have the ideal qualities to be the next President:

  1. I speak my mind, frequently, eloquently and clearly

  2. I am stubborn and persistent

  3. The camera loves me

  4. I am an excellent lobbyist (see #2)

  5. I am a superior manipulator

  6. I have endless energy

  7. My name is easy to remember and can be printed on t-shirts and campaign signs in LARGE LETTERS

  8. I can sniff out my opponents (also called prey)

  9. I like to control every situation see #2)

  10. I LOVE to run – so I figured, why not run for President?  (unless…wait a minute, what’s that I smell over there?  Oh, now I’m BACK – and running!)



Additional Comments

I thought you might enjoy this piece I wrote about our now-5-year-old (can’t believe it!) Lu…..(True x Benton 2011) Pic attached – let me know if you have trouble opening it.


Hugs from Sharyl and Steve in Sisters

P.S. Shela– we are still enjoying the blogs so much – thanks for all your hard work (Cliff’s too!).

From Cliff and Shela

Lu is the perfect candidate on every level. Seriously, all others pale in comparison–she is a looker and knows how to have her way with you no matter your political persuasion. Feel free to repost. This would be fun to keep going.


Luey is a Gem

A Note from Julia

My name is Julia, and My parents live with and for Luey the Bluey van de Ven. I have been totally smitten with him since he was a pup. (They are Carmella & Martin.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been looking for just the right dog, recently, since losing my best friend two years ago.

Luey is Well-balanced

I respect the time and effort you put into Luey’s breeding as well as shaping his world. Now that I live with Carmella and Martin, I am so lucky to take Luey running, hiking, to social events. Sometimes we just hang out – like this weekend when my brother in law finished the Leadville 50. The personality and composure of Luey cannot be matched.
I am a Registered Veterinary Technician & have 20+ years in the field. That said, I  expect my only dog to be active with me. The list of potential activities will include doing the things he/she has a penchant for – obedience, agility, rally, conformation, tracking…., etc. I want to know what the dog likes! (Who doesn’t love agility?)
I cannot wait to hear from you! In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of Luey.
Breeder’s Note; As you might guess, we receive a goodly number of inquiries that are a direct result of a loss. It is beyond sad to hear of such a loss; however, we know these precious creatures do not live long enough to suit our taste. 
Return clients, as well as referrals, make up a considerable percentage of our puppy placements. On more than one litter, fifty percent would fall into this category. We cannot thank you enough for sending good folks our direction. We do not take your vote of confidence lightly. 


We haven’t posted for quite a while, but wanted you to see our Lu “in flight” – caught by friend on camera’s sports-setting.

This is Lu McCulloch, True X Benton 2011 –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lu joined the family including a Golden Retriever female a little over a year older, and immediately established herself as Alpha Dog ! Two photos attached – one of the girls after breakfast waiting patiently on the couch for the morning runs to begin, one of Lu in the afternoon after a ball.

We live most of the time in Sisters, OR and part-time at the Oregon coast (Florence) where both girls spent their puppy time. Our property is fully fenced, and at both locations we walk them (they run and retrieve) about 2 miles in the morning and another run/retrieve at night. Meantime, naps and investigation of wildlife smells, and endless teasing by squirrels at both “their homes”!

Lu is an amazing athlete, and this pic shows her at the height of flight, trying to snag a ball, which actually bounced off her nose and she had to make another run for it. The fence behind her is 6′ tall – and she looks like she is standing on it!

Many good healing thoughts to you, Shela, and hugs to Cliff as well.

Sharyl, Steve, Shea and Lu.

Emery is a Show-stopper

Emery on Stump with sonHello….This is Holly up here in Yakima. I live with Emery!

You might remember we were the ones that had the deaf Dalmatian. He passed a little over a year ago. It was a quick thing and Em really grieved his passing. She attached herself to me much more than before (think 2 feet as being too far lol).

Comment on your loss: We were so very sorry to hear of your loss. It is very hard on the Weimaraner (as you mentioned). No matter how many times I remind myself, and others, that we do not know how many days we have together, it is hard to wrap your brain (and heart) around that fact. We think of our relationship in endless (long-term) status. We know it is not so, but no matter how long these wonderful creatures live, it is never long enough. Even with the best of breeding (and care) some are snatched away way too soon. Of course, we hear of these situations almost weekly. A lot of people contact us about their loss (even though we have never met them before). There are never adequate words to cover such a loss. Cliff and I are happy you have Emery in your lives. We look forward to the day when you can bring home a silver gray Weimaraner–adding to your family. Thank you for loving Emery so very much. Again, we regret your loss.

Em has Allergies

Emery 2013Em has some allergies, not bad but I feel for her. We’ve determined that they’re not necessarily food based allergies, definitely some environmental allergies as well. The thing I noticed is her coat isn’t as shiny as normal and I was just curious what your recommendation is. I give her fish oil daily which she loves! A lot of her issues are probably directly related to her constant dumpster diving she does! She gets into anything that’s not put away before we leave…..she’s not so keen on getting left behind!  She’s an only dog these days and could likely use a friend (my son has been begging for a silver weim) but until then….we just play LOTS of ball!!!  She’s a show stopper around town and quite the protector of our street (shhh, don’t tell her she doesn’t own the neighborhood)! Hope all is well, I love reading the blog!

Breeder’s Comment: Allergies are common for the Weimaraner. Food-related allergens are the most common. Frequently grain is the culprit–wheat, corn, or barley.  Various unknown grasses (turf and wild, alike) are also known offenders. Over the years, we have gotten reports of the grass-allergy happening when the sod was changed, or upon moving into a new home. We do not know what kind of grasses are likely to cause a problem. Bees and other stinging insects can bring on a serious allergic reaction. The worst scenario can lead to Eosinophilic Folliculitis–that is very rare.

Finally, we learned of a new allergen. This was methodically discovered by an OwyheeStar client, via systematic elimination of potential allergens.. The culprit came to light when the Weimaraner developed a rash after exposure to a newly laundered comforter. Melissa used All Clear and Free detergent and dryer sheets. After eliminating the use of the dryer sheets the itching stopped for the most part.

Melissa wrote concerning Bristol–Since I discovered this,  (it’s been a couple weeks) her coat looks 10 times better and the scratching has mostly stopped, hallelujah! I was starting to get discouraged looking at people’s stories online when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with their dog, so I am just so thankful she slept on my bed that night.

It is hard to address something like allergies. We think avoiding medication, and shots is the best approach when possible. This might give someone an idea about what to check for, and how to approach the elimination process. We recommend getting the thyroid checked. The Weimaraner has a high incident of thyroid issues. It is very treatable, but can go undetected for a good long time. That is a test worth doing.

Featured Weimaraner — Jacie

Greetings from GA Ms. Shela (and Mr. Cliff too!),

Jacie & Pop Pop

My mom was busy so I decided to hack her computer snap a quick photo of me and my best bud.  All is well here.  More pics will be sent as soon as I can get back on the computer.  🙂

xoxox Jacie….

Breeder’s Note: It never ceases to amaze us when we consider the Weimar verbal skills. Their computer skills put ours to shame. I guess we were fortunate that Jacie’s Mom was so busy. Thank you Jacie for getting us this cute photo. We love knowing you are a happy girls.

Featured Weimaraner — Sonia

Sonja at Three

Sonja at Three

Sonia–our OwyheeStar

Sonia is just under 3 years old and amazing! It has been a while since we updated so I wanted to share with you this photo and let you know she is doing very well. We are still so grateful for her. We were concerned about her for a bit as she was acting lonely after Clifford (the adult Weim we had when she came home) died a few months ago, but she has pulled through it fine!

Breeder’s Note: Change is always difficult for the Weimaraner. They love all in their lives so completely, any loss is unthinkable. We are glad she is doing well. Thank you for the update. We are so very sorry for your loss. Words do not cover such a loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Shela and Cliff

Featured Weimaraner — Jacie

Happy Holidays Ms. Shela,

B Jacie car ride 12.2012I hope that all is well with you and Mr. Cliff.  It’s that time of the year.  My mom is typing this note for me as my paws would get in the way.

I am no longer getting car sick!  For those who are having the same issue, it does take time and patience. B Jacie Car ride 12.2012 2My mom is very patient.  She started taking me on short rides here and there.  At first, I would still get sick but she would give me a big smile and encouragement me to relax.

Now as you can see from the pictures I am a happy camper. Mom still brings a towel and plastic bag just in case….On this particular day, we went to Petsmart and then Home Depot.  LOL.

Take care and happy holidays from Georgia!

 Remember WhenJacie  X O X

PS: I grew up, but I am still cute and much loved!

Breeder’s Note: Many dogs experience car sickness. Often it is caused by anxiety. Although they make medication for this problem, Jacie’s Mom has overcome the obstacle by being patient and acclimating to short car jaunts.

Durable Chew Toys for the Weimaraner

Hi Shela and Cliff (and OwyheeStar News readers! Sharyl and Steve in Sisters, OR here – 

We enjoy your daily blogs (the OwyheeStar News), find it a great combination of interesting, useful, and fun postings. Thank you for all your work! Today’s was something I wanted to personally respond to – re: the weim’s love to chew:

Lu (True X Benton 2011) proved your point early on, shredding everything of Shea’s (our now 3 1/2 year old golden retriever) that was soft. We rescued and packed away the soft stuff, and tried numerous toys for Lu….she also the first 18 mos tried her “own version” of toys: ends of rugs, corners of molding, rocks – which she still adores but never swallows – etc. 

I wanted to share that there are two toys that she has had for at least 14 mos, and adores, and after very hard chewing and gnawing, they are still intact, no chunks out even! The first one is shaped like an “S” in hard rubber, called the “Bumi” and we have the green one, the largest. She also swings it around and occasionally tosses it, and plays tug-of-war with Shea.

The second one is even better for self-play, it’s the Kong Genius Mike toy – it’s designed to put treats in if you want, but she just likes the size of it (large) and gnawing on it, and plays endlessly with it. Below is a picture showing her craziness in one of her fave positions.  Lu’s doing great, hard to believe she’ll be 2 soon. Seems to be listening better, but still is a bully with Shea. Runs like the wind on our walks every morning, and is stuck-like-glue to Steve most of the time. Has two levels of energy: 100% off, or 1,000% ON, but she does like her naps in the sun after the runs.

Breeder’s Note: When we receive notes like this one, sometimes we never get the great information posted. For that reason, we wanted to pass this along quickly. There are several good toys, but it is always great to hear of a durable and well-loved Weimaraner option. Thank you Sharyl and Steve for writing us, so we could share this information.