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A new toy?

LaBash's Maizie _1918

Hmmm….it doesn’t seem like it.

LaBash's Maizie _1919

My parents call it “The Cliff Collar.”

LaBash's Maizie _1920

We’ll see……….😉

                                                Love, Maizie🐾

Breeder Comment

We sincerely hope that you are learning not to pull on the lead Miss Maizie girl. It was good to see you again. You are quite lovely and what a family you have there in Western Oregon. We love–they have a lot of great things. You are the second client in days who purchased from them. What can I say? They take care of people, and their service is extraordinary.


Jan at the UKC Dog Show

                ~ Tigard, OR


Beautiful Willow won two Altered Reserve Best-In-Show awards at the UKC dog shows in Tigard, OR this weekend, Yay Willow! Thank You to NW Silken Windhound Society for putting on the wonderful shows, and a special big Thanks to Julie Lechuga who is the hardest working dog club member anywhere! 🙂

Lexi’s Photo’s

Here are a few pics of Willow and me in the ring last weekend, Thanks to photographer Lexi Darienzo !

Breeder Comment

Many thanks to Jan Magnuson for all she does including the competitions. Anyone who has competed realizes the cost on every level. Anyone living within driving distance of Des Moines, WA would be well-served to use her Sunstar All Breed Training Services.

One Year

Miller's LeoWith Our Leo

Good morning! We have now had Leo a whole year! He is a wild boy, loving and thinks he’s one of our kids! I thought you’d enjoy this silly photo of him I took yesterday, he was loving rolling around in these morning glory vines in the heat. We sure love this goofy baby!

Breeder Comment

You may or may not remember Leo’s previous posts. Here is a couple if you wish to look back.


Bella Celebrates Three!

St Denis's Bella 3YRS-AThis princess is 3. Whoa …how time flies.

Seems like just yesterday we brought her home. This girl stole everyone’s heart from day 1.

She is so adorable and cute.

She barks and chases everything, birds, squirrel, dragon flies ,,, in the water at the dog park 😉 We love watching her and her facial expression is priceless.

We thank you, Cliff and Shela, for giving her to us. She completes our lives.  

Love, Sri, and Kevin


Breeder Comment

We love how you celebrate Princess Bella –her birthday, her daily activities, and whatnot. The fact that she is cherished is all we can hope for any OwyheeStar offspring. Thank you, both for the photos and the videos. We know everyone will enjoy seeing Bella celebrate her birthday. You have a way of bringing an elegant flare to everything you touch Sri. You bless us with your generosity and kindness. We count ourselves fortunate to be connected. Our wish is that Bella lives on and does well for many years to come. Thanks again for staying in touch too!


Raider Wants You to Wake Up!

When grandma babysits, and Raider loves to snuggle. All goes well until she wants her baby to wake up—at least Raider wants to show her some intense pressing love.

Maizie Knows


    ~ Watch Maize by clicking on this adorable video!

Perfect weather as you can see by the sky.  She usually knows exactly where we are going and starts whining with anticipated excitement.  Today, however, we were driving in an unfamiliar location–and you can almost see her trying to assess and figure it out!
(Livee x Blue, 02-28-12)13076838_999282526824135_1838973004290310845_n

Breeder Comment

Maizie is a frequent contributor. We enjoy her adventures. Thank you, Linda, for making this possible. She is also a celebrated Facebook Star. Here are a few of her many posts.

Watch for her five-year update–coming next week. I know you cannot wait to read more about her life.

Gray Ghost

In Southern Oregon

Jones's Ramsey_0007

Ramsey is 23 lbs. He is house broke and cage broke. He’s already learned how to sit, stay and lay down. We just love him!

Breeder Comment

When the new Weim family does well it makes us extremely happy. It is a win for all concerned–the breeder, the pup as well as the family. Getting the first things mastered is of key importance. The underpinning is your relationship–skills without respect do not carry over to adulthood.

Weimar Games



16903455_1181464675256469_144163915201259349_oGracie made this game up as is the way with Weims. She buries the ball under the snow and then surprises herself when she digs it out – every time! She lets me throw the ball every so often so I don’t get bored. Out in the snow with Gracie and our best to you.

Nancy, Tony & Lisa


Our Dear Little Boy

Can’t believe it was just a week ago that we met you and we brought our dear little Parker home…so many things for all of us to learn!
goudes-parker1He’s doing very well and his limp only seems to show up when he gets tired. He’s eating well but he’s still a tiny little guy. House training is coming along…although crate training is very slow. He really seemed to need time to get to know us and trust us before we started much training. Hopefully, it’ll go better this weekend. He’s using the potty bells and knows sit and come, so we’ve made progress there, and we’ve gotten some sleep with only one potty break in the nights. We’ve developed a pretty good routine and it’s wonderful to have him with us.
We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have this little guy in our lives!
Hope you both are well and seeing some signs of spring.
Take care,
Patty and Dave

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear Parker is adjusting well and a good match for you during this time in your life. It seems like a win-win situation. Thanks ever so much for keeping us abreast of what is going on with this special gem.

Megan’s Update

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

We couldn’t resist this poster! Roy is doing great after his neuter, everything is healing nicely.
We know about your struggle with cancer, Shela. I just wanted to let you know if you ever need anyone extra to talk to I would love to lend you an ear. I am here for you. I just feel like you’re part of our family in a way now.
Hope you have a great week! ~ Megan

Breeder Comment

Did I ever mention we have the most wonderful Weimaraner folks? Thank you, Megan. I will say that the cancer situation seems to be behind me for now. Who knows what will happen? No one –not even the doctors. I live each day as fully as it is possible.

Longhair Parent In the Mix


OwyheeStar’s Stackhouse

For those worried that their puppy might become a Longhair because one of the parents is Longhair, here is an example of an adult. Roy (Mesquite X Stackhouse) had a Blue mother who carried the DNA marker for the Longhair and a Father who is Longhair. This litter produced both Longhair and the traditional smooth coat like Roy. Below we see Champion Willow wearing her take. They have a goodly number earned at several shows. She continues to compete and has moved over to agility.

img_0361-2Another example of this might be seen with Jan’s Willow (Lacee X Dusty). Lacee was a Longhair and Dusty a Blue Longhair carrier.