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~Our Sweet and Beautiful Blue Girl

Astra is so beautiful, loving and funny –she has a trainer pick her up three days a week to work through her fears and then they go on a big hike out in McMinnville on Wednesdays.

On the weekends we take her to the dog park and the beach. Thank you for our baby.

Breeder Comment

Thank you–we appreciate the update and all you do with and for her.

Astra Update

~AKA My Snuggle Bug

I just wanted to give you an up date on Astra. My snuggle bug has almost grow into her feet, learned how to swim and she loves it and sit stay shake go to bed roll over and play dead and heel she loves walks with mommy and daddy she loves her daycare and playing with pups.we just love her so much


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We are delighted to learn that things are going well with Astra. She swims, does tricks, and snuggles. What a girl. Thanks for remember us!


~She’s Getting Bigger

She is our little girl and we love her with all our hearts. She loves the back yard and caught her first frisbee midair she loves playing ball , jumping into the hammock with mom. Her favorite thing in the yard is the fountain it is three tier and she likes the bottom she will drink water out of it and let all the water run down her face we now call it the dog wash.

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It sounds like Miss Astra is doing well. The fountain thing is a hoot. Thanks for the share–we all enjoyed it.


~Head over Heels

She has stolen our hearts and I am happy to share a few recent snapshots of her. Astra is doing great we had fun at the beach with her.

Puppy Class

~ Best in Class (haha)

Astra completed her first puppy classes and won best youngster at Mutts and Moms Cannon Beach.

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We are so happy to hear that Astra is excelling on every level. Thank you, for remembering us.

Keep going Astra–you rock!


~Family Reports

Columbia loves her new home on her very own 160 acre pear orchard! She’s already eaten, pooped and taken a nap. She definitely feels at home here and we all love her so much.

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Not so long ago Columbia was here (at OwyheeStar). We used terms like ‘Happy-Camper’ and ‘Tail-wagger’ –we were glad to find her such an excellent forever family. Thank you–for letting us know she is adapting well.

Oregon News


Astra is doing great she knows sit come stay.she goes for walks with us. She loves playing squeaky ball she is so sweet and loves snuggling with mommy. Thank you for our baby

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We appreciate you thinking to drop us a note about your Astra. Not all that long ago she was loaded up and traveling to join her forever family.

Her sweetness most certainly was a thing. The Great Granddaughters adored her–I suppose they hated to see her go. Well, it is a good lesson. We do this for other people. We cannot keep everyone–not even close. (haha)

Lu Enjoys Winter

~ Most Everyone is Ready for Spring

Searching for the ball

She adores racing around before the retrieving starts – making endless circles, just enjoying herself.

BTW, it looks almost looks like she’s pooping! – but no, that’s her tail!

But then it gets serious – she actually drives into the snow banks, finds the ball, comes out snorting snow – which of course makes her drop the ball and the whole process starts again.

March 6, 2019 –Here is the video Steve took this morning (snowing again!) of Lu searching for her ball in the snow. The snow has melted some, but you get the idea….

Reward at the end is napping on the heat vent. She’s perfected it!
personal note – snow has been lovely, but thanks, am done with winter right now!

Breeder Comment

Well, Lu is making the most of her snow experience. There is no lack of it in Sisters, Oregon this winter. You are not alone–many Pacific Northwest Locations have more snow than typical, and many folks are beyond ready for Spring’s arrival. Thank you, Sharyl, for this lovely post.


~ Smart and Playful

Hey there,

Charlie and I just wanted to give you an update on our Kimber girl!

She’s doing amazing. She is so smart and playful. We are really starting to see her personality come through! She also loves the snow. Thanks again for such a great pup.

Hope all is well!-Alix & Charlie

We are happy to hear that Kimber is doing well. It looks like you got the snow, too. (Haha) Thanks for the great pictures and the positive news.

Featured Weimaraner — Ms. Malory

Hello from Portland Oregon!

It has been way to long since we’ve checked in to tell you guys how we are doing.

Oh, I’m Ms. Malory my Mom and Dad were Storm X Zeke and I came to live with my Smith family in February of 2010.

So I think that makes me 3 years old now.  I am a super tiny girl. Everyone still thinks I’m a puppy. At last weight I was 40lbs. Now that’s pretty small for my age, :).

tucker n Malory 12-24-13malory

I’m perfectly healthy just a small girl, especially next to my brother “Tucker”. He’s 100lbs, wow!

Generally I would like to sleep like tucker does by the window but someone or something might walk by my house and I must say helllllloooooo, lol.


I’m not only small but quite the little princess as I prefer to sit on Tucker rather than the bear couch or floor. He doesn’t seem to mind much, 🙂

malory 12-24-12

I do like mugging for the camera, sometimes but this is my, “please stop flashing me with that phone, I’m really just trying to relax”, jeez….

I absolutely love to snuggle. I would say I’m obsessed with it. If you decide to have a soft blanket then you have just invited me to snuggle, right?

malory 1

malory 2malory 3Here’s my snuggling in action, :), :).

Oh, I do more than snuggle though. I ABSOLUTELY love to run, the faster the better!!!!

I also love to hunt, even though my mom and dad do not hunt. I will pretty much track anything that moves around in the ivy in my yard. I’ve caught a few things because I’m super quiet and light on my feet.

Last year I caught a MOLE, everyone was super happy so I went after a rat half my size.. ha ha. I caught it but let it go pretty quick. (Yes I have my shots, whew)

I also continue to learn from my big brother Tucker as he is super smart and very much a gentleman. I basically look at him constantly so I know what I’m supposed to do, it works out pretty well. We love to play chase. I love to chase him but when he chases me it scares me because he huge!! I usually get him started and then I run away, ha ha ha, it’s too fun! I asked Mom to include a picture of Tucker so you could see what he looks like. His head is bigger than my belly, yikes!

tucker 12-24-12

Well, that’s all for now and I hope not to wait too long before I check in again. I’m curious about one of my sisters though. Her name is Sadie May and her mom is named, Kristal Kaye. She commented on a post of mine way back in 2009 and said Sadie and I looked exactly the same. I’m curious how Sadie May is and what she looks like? Is she as small as me? Maybe she could update me. We were born of the same litter. Storm x Zeke: 2009, brought her home in Feb. 2010.

Hope all is well

Take care everyone!!


Malory “The Dickens” Smith

And Angy