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Two Blue Boys

~ First there was Koda–now Mylo

We love him so much!

Mylo is everything we hoped for.  He is super lovable and smart.  While he may not exactly love his kennel during the day, he’s great at night. He sleeps until I wake him up to go out and goes back to sleep with little to no fuss!  

Thank you both for adding this adorable little guy to our family!!!

Breeder Comment

Five of the ten Dixie pups went to either a direct referral–or more typically a repeat client. Yes, two of these loyal OwyheeStar folks flew into Boise to carry their pup home as their carryon–one to Salt Lake City and the other to New Hampshire.

While we are very cautious about the longer distances, some folks work out to be excellent placements. First, the right kind of Weimaraner placement is more important than location. We do what we can–we also meet the most interesting folks along the way. Thanks to Koda and Mylo’s family who live right here in the Treasure Valley. We appreciate you!

This is Depressing

Tell Me Again Why We Must Go Home…

Lucy Going Home from the desertI took this pic this morning of Lucy in the back of our truck. She is looking back at the desert. She didn’t want to leave. Bob and I have been there since Tuesday. We were down there celebrating his birthday.

Lucy has her seat-belt on as you can see. We brought both the kids down this time. They had fun; everyone loved them. Most of the people there have smaller dogs.

Even more depressing--Luigi has my spot!

Even more depressing–Luigi has my spot!

Bummed-out in California

Here are the both of them (Lucy and Luigi–her Golden brother) in the back seat. They both have their seat-belt’s on. Lucy isn’t happy because Luigi is in part of her space in the back seat!! Ha Ha!! They are just like kids. Usually, Lucy hogs the back seat, and Luigi has to sit most of the trip. She is a princess!!  Ha Ha!! (November 16, 2014)

Cliff and Shela Comment…

Thank you Idelle for remembering us on your way home. These are great photos of the kids. We send a belated birthday wish to Bob.