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Some Friends You Choose

       ~Others Select You


Davidson's Ellie Shares 1


This darn thing won’t leave me alone!




Davidson's Ellie Stays Warm2


Also, it’s cold outside




Breeder Comment

Dear Ellie, I see your kitty is still stalking you—or more aptly getting in your space in your previous report ( click here to see Ellie and her kitty in an earlier OwyheeStar Blog).

It is hard to imagine how life could be more to your liking even though you share your space. The furniture looks comfortable, the blankets cozy. We know the stove will soon be lite to keep you toasty warm. What more could a girl want?


Off to A Good Start

We love our Berkley. You chose well!!

Peck's Berkley-9374

Here’s an update on CRATE TRAINING:

She was totally content in her crate for the 4-hour ride home from Oregon. We stopped once and she went potty. Her first night home, she was not happy at all to be away from her litter mates and her mama. We put her crate in our room so she could see us, but she still howled and whined much of the night. Yesterday we put her in her crate several times, for 20-45 minutes each time, during the day while we ate our meals and ran an errand. She was a little vocal about it each time but got better as the day progressed. We hosted a lunch event and a dinner event, and she did splendid meeting and greeting all the shoe-less guests (parvo precautionary rule). She was the absolute center of attention for a good chunk of the day. When it was time for bed last night we put her in her crate and she went right to sleep. Not one howl or yelp! She stirred at 2 am and gave me a little whimper. I took her outside and she went potty right away. She went back to sleep in her crate until almost 6 am, which is my wake-up time anyway! We were so thrilled and gave her lots of praise for doing such a good job.

An update on POTTY TRAINING:

We used the bell method with our first Weim, and it worked like a champ. So we knew this was the way to go the second time around. Every time we take her outside to go potty (after she eats, wakes up, just before bed or crate time, or every 30 minutes or so), we take her little paws and ring that bell and say “outside”. Yesterday she rang the bell all on her own. We took her out and she went potty right away. Then again today, she rang the bell on her own, and the same thing happened!!! She is catching on so fast. We haven’t had to clean up after any accidents. I am shocked.


She is retrieving like a champ to our hand….stuffed toys, mostly. She isn’t into the balls yet for some reason. She is coming on command and just starting to get “sit”. I started working with her on heeling as well, but that’s a little trickier. She is starting to get it, but barely. Berkley went with us to take big sister to school for her first day of school today. And then she snuggled on the couch with us and listened in as I read a Sofia the First story to our youngest. She’s one fun pup. I attached a few pictures.

Thanks so much, Amanda

Breeder Comment

It was very sweet of you to update us on Berkley. We appreciate the follow through you are doing too! It is paying off. Yes, we try to set the pups up for success, but it takes more than a little knack to step quickly toward success.

The potty training is excellent. I love that you used the bell system. Around here that would not work, but in a traditional family setting it can get you off to a good start fast. Be sure to get a fecal exam. Giardia and coccidia are common one-celled parasites that can quickly multiply and reek havoc on the pup’s intestine. Treatment isn’t a big deal if you catch it early. Pups prefer puddle water, and they also lick their feet all the time. These are great ways to ingest something that can take off like a wildfire.

For those that have never collected a sample–you invert a baggie (Mark your name on this baggie first to ensure it is labeled). Grab a portion of a suspicious looking sample and invert and seal the baggie. Label a second baggie with your name, the pup’s name as well as the date and time the sample was collected. Keep this sample cool (not frozen). Freshness is important; therefore, get the collected sample to the Vet office ASAP. Collect it just before you leave when possible.

This one thing can save you a lot of trouble. Stress diarrhea is a thing. We might fear the worst, and it could be stress. Canned or steamed pumpkin is great for correcting a loose stool. It is not a bad idea to give your pup a couple of tablespoons twice a day and even some berry yogurt–the kind with live cultures. These are very good for their digestion, and the yogurt helps ward off yeast infections too.


The Much-Loved Weimar

          ~Kitty taught him this.

Schwartz's Clyde_3045I’m just writing to say how much Clyde is the love of our lives.  Everyday!

                                 Thanks for making us a beautiful boy!  ~ Amy


Breeder Comment


This note (from Amy) came in time to fuel the recent FaceBook side discussion–in reply to the ‘I Get Around Blog‘ featuring Lily the sofa back Watch Weimar Gal. Callie (Deli X Zeke) was the first girl we had who preferred this location atop the living room sectional. It might interest you to know that the various girls mentioned in regard to this trait are not related. Therefore, we must assume this sofa-sitting thing is DNA wired. Copying the kitty came naturally to Clyde.

Thank you, Amy, for sharing how much you love Clyde and this photo.


Edgar Celebrates One


It’s Edgar’s first birthday 🎉
Happy ONE, Ed We love you!


Doug Writes

He and the kids are so close, it’s really neat to see how he treats each of the three a little differently. Thanks, Shela and Cliff! He’s a cool dog.

Breeder Comment

This makes us happy. The impact of these relationships will change the future. Isn’t it awesome?

Laughing Again

Thanks To Lily


I had to share. Lily was extra precious today. The top picture is her watching me fold laundry. The bottom is from her day camp’s Instagram page. They always try to get pictures of her but she doesn’t usually stop long enough. Today they got three! One with two of her “dog buddies”. I can never thank you enough. My son said it best. “Now that we have Lily Mom, we finally laugh again. Really laugh. ❤️


Breeder Comment

Please, Lily is infamous in her circle of friends and family. Most of her photos find her her wrapped in her human brother’s arms. She is a busy and happy girl. We see her often on Facebook. What can we love more than seeing a family activity and there is the Weimaraner? Nothing much! There is always the question when the family is camping or doing some fun activity, where is their Weim child? We don’t know. Not every activity is Weim friendly; however, some families go to great lengths to be inclusive. We love it.

We are glad Lily has brought healing to the family. You had been through a rough patch of unfortunate circumstances. I think when we walk through catastrophe, we either become bitter and resentful or frame everything in the future as a blessing. We are glad Lily is one of the many blessings. Thank you, for allowing us to be a part of your lives.


Colby Finds Comfort 

Kletzi's Colby Baby SnugglesI don’t really send much on Colby these days. But I wanted to take a moment to share a couple photos I snapped of our youngest with him the other day.
Kletzi's Colby Baby KissesIt’s been a little rough for Colby with the passing of our older dog, Sable.  It hit him worse than anyone, since the rest of us were prepared for this to happen.  We’ve been giving him lots of loving and he is milking it pretty well.  Case in point: letting him on the bed with the baby.
He doesn’t know of to be cognicent when she is laying around and stepping on her is a possibility I’d rather avoid.  When he came up to attempt a nap, I charged him a few photos. He grumped off shortly after he realized no nap would be happening here.
The weim grieves loss just like we do. But a little love can help to mend a broken heart.

Breeder Comment

I think Weimaraners, just as humans, process loss in different ways. Some seem to go on with life and adjust quickly. Others suffer intensely.

It never ceases to amaze me how most Weims adapt to life changes. I truly believe much of this is due to their inclusion in the family. When some add a baby, they forget that the Weimaraner was the center of the universe before the baby arrived. Others include the fur-family members without expecting them to be relegated to the background.

Many times a pup who comes into a family with children will be fueled by the energy of the toddler and younguns running around. Unwanted puppy nipping and also jumping up are typically the issue. It can be challenging. In the same family, if there is a baby, it may well never be a problem. The Weimaraner often are more careful and found to cuddle in with the baby. I used to have a photo of a baby sleeping on the Weimaraner. The family said it calmed the baby. Our relationships are complicated and amazingly unique.

Gatsby has a very large personality

1147815_681085495238753_35729164_o[1]Gatsby is maturing into a wonderful young dog, 2+ now, he is almost showing occasional signs of maturity. 😉  I can see him becoming much more responsive on our off leash dog walks as each summer passes.

He had a big adjustment this summer, Matt & I went to Europe for a month to visit our daughter who lives there. Because my Mum lives with us, it was easy for Gatsby to stay in his own home and I brought in some one each of the weeks to care for Mum & Gatsby.  The daily dog walks were handled by my daily walking buddy, she and her Vizsla are our near daily companions.  The first block of time was handled by my local daughter & her husband, two of Gatsby’s favorite people. Though they work long days, having them arrive each evening was all he needed to feel safe and secure.  The next block was as exciting as summer camp when his walking buddies stayed at our place for a few days transition!  The arrival of my sister, who did not really know Gatz well, was of some concern, but she fell in love with the little guy in no time at all and they had a fantastic time. He was very well-behaved for her J and she still talks about how much she likes/loved him.

It was pleasing to know that he could handle all that change and remain emotionally stable, such a long time for us to be gone, especially since Matt & I both work from home and he is accustomed to having his people around all the time.  I think it was helpful that he was in his own house and that he had his usual walks with his dog buddy.  I was pleased at how well he adapted to the various people to sleep with, especially happy that he made a new love buddy of my sister!

He has a rather willful personality, definitely has his own ideas as to what he wants to do, especially off leash. The first year of off leash training was a challenge, but he has gotten so good with time and practice. We walk on a semi-logged 700+ acre area near our home, it is easy for the dogs to run far ahead or out of site, but he always comes back to the whistle.  It took a lot of consistent work to get to that point and initially seemed hopeless. He has the spirit of a wanderer, where our previous weim did not even require a fenced yard, Gatsby will take any opportunity to sneak out and cruise the neighborhood, he never digs or tries to get out, but if he spots a gap in the fence or an open gate, he is out looking for his neighbor dog buddies.  The whistle works well in these settings, too!

He still needs a major chomp each evening around 9-10PM (a bone or your arm!) and he is quite funny about food. Very disinterested, he will eat when hungry, but not a food desperate dog at all, which is nice, though he responds quite well to treats.

Regarding water, Gatsby is not thrilled by swimming, but loves wading and is quite interested in things below the water, he easily puts his head under & blows bubbles whilst inspecting sundry underwater critters, whether in the low tide pools or the fresh water pond.  The little tadpoles are now fascinating to him

All in all he has matured into a splendid dog, we adore him. He has a very large personality.

Featured Weimaraner — Bella

DSC02895Bossy Bella...

Bella is just awesome, she tends to be a bit bossy at times.  Typical in what I’ve dealt with in this breed.

Nervous peeing (click here for a link on the topic)

Hope you are not posting our secrets...

Hope you are not posting our secrets…

She has started to pital pee when she gets over excited.  We are dealing with this daily by talking to her calmly and not adding to her already excited state.

Playing Fetch is Fun

She has pointed once or twice but that is all.  She loves to play fetch so I’m working on commands of release with her.

Bella loves to cuddle and get in our bed with us…IMG_20130412_092723_216DSC02883

She loves to sleep with us but we limit that as to not let it get out of control and she doesn’t share her pink chair with anyone.  She knows that’s all hers!

Bella loves the car

We took a trip to Idaho and she loved the car ride, in fact if you leave the car door open she takes it over.  That is about it for now.

Bella Camps in StyleIMG_20130525_130547_362

Bella’s second camping trip.  Our friends bought her a tutu.  Look at me so pretty.IMG_20130525_130549_157

Breeder’s Note:

The female Weimaraner most usually likes to run the house. They are clever, and manipulative. Oh, and maybe we should add, they are surprisingly creative. Despite the challenges, some people delight in the Weimar-antics. Bella’s parents are Weim-savvy, and have her number (so-to-speak).