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Bella, Bacchus, and Taun

~ Current Status–Change on the Horizon

I just wanted to send you an update with some pictures/videos since it’s been a little while. This week I’m getting ready to make the move to Tennessee. My mom and I drive the UHaul down next Saturday! Very excited but also a little nervous haha.

Well, Taun knows somethings up.

Taun seems to know something is up and has been sticking very close at all times. Here’s a picture of him on the end table in the living room…he’s not exactly supposed to be on there but it was cute so I got a pic.

We’ve been going on lots of morning walks and he reminds me in the morning if I’m not up quick enough. He also comes the barn lot and really loves it when there’s some puddles to splash in.

Bella and Bacchus

The puppies are inseparable as you can see, although Bella yells at Bacchus quite a lot for going in her crate. They absolutely love to carry sticks around together outside (usually the same stick between the two of them).

I’m really looking forward to exploring options with you guys for getting an adult dog in need of a new home in the near future, of course since these dogs don’t come along every day I know there may not be an exact timeline.
I hope all is well with you and Cliff!

All the best, Grace

Breeder Comment

If you are confused, Grace (Laura and Jon’s daughter) is moving away from her family. It is a significant change, and once settled, she hopes to get an OwyheeStar Weimaraner to join her in Tennessee. The Three OwyheeStar resident Weims are picking up that change is in the wind.

Apollo’s Changing Landscape

The Ever Handsome Blue Boy–Our Apollo

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Apollo at Five Year of Age

~Change Happens

We hope this email finds you well!  Our wonderful Apollo recently turned 5. This hass been another exciting year for Apollo.  We moved into our new home last Summer, so he’s been busy adjusting to his new surroundings.  We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly he settled into a new routine.  And judging by his constant requests to play outside, I’m guessing he approves of his new yard 🙂  Our two year old son Nolan also keeps him busy, always wanting to play or snuggle.  Apollo handles it well and they’ve grown to be good buddies. He’s in for more changes next month when we welcome our second son, Lucas.  I look forward to seeing them bond, just as he has with Nolan.

We Appreciate OwyheeStar–Cliff & Shela

Thank you for being there, and for Apollo!  Yes this is a wonderful, blessed time in our lives 🙂  And we are grateful to have crossed paths with you and Cliff along the way as we can’t imagine not sharing these moments with Apollo.

Congratulations on the pending arrival of your first great-grandchild!  That’s a beautiful name 🙂  Great grandparents are incredibly special…I was blessed with 19 years of wonderful memories with mine, and they are moments that will stay with me always.  Anyway, best wishes to your family on her arrival…enjoy every second with her!


~Sincerely, Catherine


Cliff with Doc the Original Nielsen Weim


Breeder’s Note:  We are thrilled that Nolan and Apollo enjoy each other so much. We see a time when the memories (etched upon his heart) during this time of his life are found to be too precious for words. This photo of a young Cliff (taken in about 1958) with his first Weimaraner–Doc, is a case in point. Cliff never forgot this dog, and their time together. 

Thank you for remembering us. We look forward to meeting Lucas, and seeing photos of him with Apollo. Congratulations are in order–on the new home, and your expanding family.



Featured Weimaraner — Apollo


Apollo Turns 4

Apollo continues to do wonderfully!  We recently celebrated his 4th birthday…seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home for the first time.  He still spends most days with Jeremy at the shop…immediately following morning feedings, you’ll find him at the front door waiting patiently for Dad and his ride to work.

Apollo is much-loved

He’s well loved by everyone at the shop, including the various delivery drivers and vendors that come and go throughout the day.  His off days are spent patrolling the yard and relaxing in the sun (or by the fire, depending on the weather).  But no matter what he’s up to, he’s never far from Jeremy’s side.  They are truly the best of friends 🙂

Apollo learns to accept a new family member


As you might recall, it’s been a big year for Apollo.  We welcomed our first child in April 2012, so he’s spent the past year adjusting.  It was tough for him at first…he was initially very stand-offish and indifferent toward the baby.  Never aggressive, but not as friendly as we’d hoped.  But as our son has grown, so have Apollo’s affections.  He’s still a bit skeptical of the ‘tiny human’, but I’m sure that will continue to fade with time.

Change happens, it best to prepare the Weimaraner for it…

What...more change yet...are you serious?

What…more change yet…are you serious?

The coming year will mark another big change for Apollo.  Our new house will be completed in late June, so we’ll soon be leaving the only home he’s ever known.  As with all changes, I’m sure this will require a period of adjustment for him.  But I’m confident he’ll do just fine.  We’ll be sure to send you some photos of him in his new surroundings 🙂

This is my happy face :O)

This is my happy face :O)

Breed’s Note: The Weimaraner can have a lot of problems dealing with change. Nothing challenges them more than sharing their human, or a piece of the universe with a new upstart. Eventually, the new human family member and Apollo will be inseparable, but for a season he must wonder why he has to share your devotion and affection. We cannot say for sure what they think, or what they feel. Nevertheless, it is clear the Weimaraner would crawl under your skin and reside next to your heart-of-hearts — if possible.