Dock-Diving Weims

It is clear that Reggie and Daizy both like the water…..

Two Water-loving Weims!!!!

We have seen both Reggies and Daizy in the playing in the water, as well as swimming.

If you live in and around Boise, you might spot these two out and about. They have a second home in the Sandpoint, Idaho area. More recently, they have added dock-diving to their water menu.

Dock Diving…..

Initially, Reggie would watch his sister dive in, and then he would run around the end instead of diving.

We guess he could not see the point in jumping if he could get the job done from the bank!

Patience pays off!

Andrea reports: Reggie did it – he’s a dock jumper like his big sister Daizy!!

He isn’t as graceful as Daizy but he’s definitely a show off now that he figured it out!!

Reggie is still a beginner though, he  jumps from the same spot every time and slips most of the time – so he ends up landing in the water funny – but he doesn’t seem to mind. We’re pretty excited for Reggie the wonder dog!

Breeder’s Note: We thank Reggie and Daizy for sharing with us (and their parents too).  

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