Daizy & Reggie

 Best Friends……..

The Very Pretty Daizy with her Handsome Best Friend Reggie!

Bringing Home Reggie meant changes and challenges…

Reggie and Daizy are best friends now but it was a little rough in the beginning. You can see Reggie’s left ear in some of the photos. Daizy bit Reggie 2 times and unfortunately both times resulted in Reggie losing a piece of his ear. We couldn’t tell if she was being mean or playing so we put a stop to all rough play and separated them every time Daizy got a little irritated, even if it was just a little lip curl.  Now a days you can’t take one somewhere without the other, they really love each other but it took time and a lot of work to get to this point.

Here They Come...............

Daizy and Reggie Swim

They both love the water but Reggie seriously LOVES the water! He never misses an opportunity to get wet,  Reggie even pokes his head in the shower.

Daizy is almost 7 and she is still extremely athletic and very energetic.  

Toys, Fun, and More……..

The Flying Daizy in Action!

Daizy and Reggie keep Jamey and Andrea on their toes. Sometimes laughing too….

As you might guess this Weim-loving family has been part of our extended OwyheeStar family for quite a few years. We truly appreciate each and everyone of our faithful Weim-loving clients.  

Goofy Reggie found a ball and carried it all the way home!

About OwyheeStar

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