The Weimaraner has preferences

Milo has preferences.

Milo lives in Texas, where he has some pretty important work. He must entertain, delight, and snuggle with a doctor and her military husband.

Milo copes with deployment!

Christine’s husband, Joe, is in the military. Therefore, Milo has had to learn to cope, adapt, and deal with deployment. When Joe is deployed, then he and Christine are as close as two peas in a pod.

Upon Joe’s return, Milo must adjust and begin his duties on that side of family; the adjustment also requires Milo to share his beloved Christine. The concrete-thinking Weimaraner does not always handle change graciously, and thus human sensitivity and tact are required to implement the change. Christine and Joe have done well with Milo! Despite the challenges, Joe and Milo have a special relationship of their own. Milo loves to lick Joe’s bald head, and apparently considers it a treat.

Milo has many friends!

Milo’s friends come in all  sizes!

Milo, attends day care, and has his own social life. He is adored at the  Day-Care Facility. (Click here to read more about Milo and day care.) Here we see Milo pictured with a special pint-sized playmate. Isn’t it precious? Scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see them in the yard together.

This family loves the Weimaraner!

We are thankful for all Christine and Joe provide for Milo. You might also note that Christine’s mother, has an OwyheeStar Weim. He has been featured on the OwyheeStar Blog on several occasions. Click here to read more about Wolfie. Quite possibly, our faithful readers might agree that many a person is made better for having known and loved the Weimaraner.

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