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Celebrating Four Years

Foley's Maggie_1299.jpg

Santa Maggie.

Hard to believe Maggie turned 4 in December!  Thought we would send some photos of her so you could see how adorable she is.

Foley's Maggie_1206

Maggie found Elfie!

We are still amazed by her awesome personality and spunky spirit.  She keeps us young–but she has truly been one of the best dogs we have ever had!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Foley's Maggie_1205

Maggie snuggling with her BFF-our Russian Blue cat(she’s 16).


Foley's Maggie_6780

Bird watching in the summer.

Foley's Maggie-3

Playing ball-her favorite thing.


Phil and Gretchen —  Rathdrum, ID

Breeder Comment

Dear Phil and Gretchen–we appreciate you folks thinking about us. It looks like Maggie is enjoying life and that she helped make Christmas a lot of fun. Yes, we love her photos. We always enjoy hearing about Maggie and seeing her photos–as do others.

Velcro Dog



As you know, Skye is my velcro dog. She follows me everywhere and tries to help with the chores around the property. So time to water the plants and Skye carries the empty watering can back to the spigot so I can fill it up again. Oh, I was hoping that is what she was doing, had a mental lapse-hahaha! In reality, she likes to steal the can and try to engage me in play since that is what SHE wants to do. Sky is always up for entertaining me that is for sure!!

Waiting On Mama

Other times we can be found together–her just lying here waiting to find out what we will be doing next. She goes just about everywhere with me.

Nosework is Fun

We are currently doing Nosework that is a discipline in which they learn to detect different scents. We have done a few practice trials and hope to start competing next year. It is her favorite challenge so far. We have been placed in the Advance group for training; she is very accurate and fast to find the “scent”(birch). We have done searches in boxes, interior rooms, exterior in fields and on vehicles.


GREAT new Family Member!

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Our new Weimaraner “Simian” from Owyheestar is a GREAT new Family member! He is doing great on a leash in Idaho for walks in the rural countryside.  He was basically potty trained somehow when we received him at 8 weeks (Thank you!). The only bathroom accidents have been when we weren’t paying enough attention, our fault.

Training Continues

He is learning commands well, and is now a daily office dog at my firm. He has mastered going up and down the stairs at week 11.   Thank you Owyheestar, Simian being an ambassador with the public, i am already recommending your company.

Everyone Adores Him!

One young 5 year old girl while petting him said: “He is so soft, i want to pet him ALL over!”

Breeder’s Comment

Thank you for updating us on Simian. We are beyond thrilled that you love him so much. Keep up the good work.


Did You Notice?

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Grayson is unique. First his father was a Longhair (Duck), and his mother was a Blue (smooth-coat Longhair Carrier). The fact the parents both carry the DNA marker for the Longhair (one a Longhair and the other a Carrier) means 50% of the pups will be Longhairs. There were three pups born to the litter–one was a Longhair. Looking at Grayson you would not imagine that his parents were so unique. There is something else unique about this boy too! He sports a full length (undocked) tail.

OwyheeStar gets quite a few inquiries that specify that they want the tail left intact. The Longhairs always have the undocked tail. The American Weimaraner Breed Standard calls for the tail to be left about six inches long. They suggest it to be a bit heavy on the length–not a shorter stubby tail. Tail docking happens sometime in the first week. Therefore, the person wanting an undocked tail must commit early. It also requires a larger than normal puppy deposit. Nonetheless, many people prefer this option to Show Breeder’s chagrin. Some countries have a ban of tail docking.

Patriot Fans Celebrate During the Superbowl


Haze Waiting For the Game……have flag will throw it!

Who says the Cowboys are American’s Team?

Cheerleader Skye complete with pompoms... oh yeah!

Cheerleader Skye complete with pompoms… oh yeah!

We put on our attire to root for our team–yes we know you Seahawk fans don’t want to hear about us being for the opponent. Here is how we spent our day.

Superbowl Fun with Skye...

Superbowl Fun with Skye…yes, we did deflate the ball to make it easier…..but not in the real game.


My Ball--don't touch it!

My Ball–don’t touch it!

Flagged--No Cheerleaders on the field Skye

Flagged–No Cheerleaders on the field Skye

Flagged Again....The Rufferree is calling it close

Flagged Again….The Rufferee is calling it close

Sock Loving Dozer

He is Fun; He is Smart

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At his last vet check up he was 21 lbs at just under 3 months old. He loves socks and two of my 6 year olds shoes (he finds them no matter where we put them). Dozer loves to please, he already sites and lays down for treats. We take him for walks frequently, the last walk Dozer actually pointed at a cat that we didn’t know was there.

Thank you again for the new addition to our family.

Time to Celebrate!

fireworks-01-junefireworks-02-junefireworks-02-juneBe Happy 4july003

Leap for Joy--You are Free!

Leap for Joy–You are Free!

The Opportunistic Weimaraner is Watching….


OK – it was me that ate the peanut butter……sorry Mom.

It occurs to me this fine holiday that living with the Weimaraner requires a well-developed sense of humor. The Weim opened the jar, and cleaned every last smidgen of peanut butter. If it was not funny after the fact, then you are not cut out for this breed. Remember it was you who left the peanut butter on the counter.
Deciding to change the Weimaraner into something other than they are would be pointless. Don’t you agree? It is a bit like someone saying they are going to make you into a different person. Sure, we all can use some improvement; however, changing the basic precept of who we are would be considered sick and wrong. All too many persons find themselves in a situation whereby they are expected to be something they cannot. This is yet another cause to add to the list of reason shelters see the Weimaraner all too often.

In the midst of the fun…

Well then...are we good?

Well then…are we good?

Remember the Weimaraner is on alert. Don’t forget to keep them safe in every way possible. While you turn your back, they could have something they should not. We want to avoid a trip to emergency room, and well as the other holiday dangers lurking about.american_bomb 4july001 firecrackers_walk

OwyheeStar wishes to salute and thank all those  (past and presently serving) who have made our freedom possible.14thjulywaving-flagfireworks-02-june


Maggie Updated

Time Slips By…Maggie's Headshot

Crate TrainingI’ve been trying to get an update out to you for a while and as you know time keeps slipping by.  Maggie has been fun and a challenge.  She has been getting better with crating training, but still has slight separation anxiety.  She’s potty trained with the bell on the door.  She now knows sit, lay down, roll over and she brings me her food dish when she’s done.  But best of all she’s sleeping through the night!!

Weim Ears

Her 9 week vet check was fun, the vet rarely sees a Weim so a blue one caught the eye of the whole staff.  Maggie was taken to the back to be weighed and became a show and tell.   Her vet check went well, she did however have a bacterial infection in both ears which was an easy fix.  All in all, she’s been fun- and the family, including the cat, are really enjoying her.  She has become a really joyful addition to our family.

I love My Kitty Pillow

I love My Kitty Pillow

Breeder’s Comment: First, we want to take this opportunity to remind our clients to check out the ear-care section of the Website we gave you. Flop-eared dogs have a tendency toward ear issues. Over the years, we have found several little tricks, (and products) that work better than spend cash at the vet’s office. 🙂 🙂

We also want to remind you to stick to the suggested vaccine protocol. Raising the puppy you will find yourself in the thick of things. It is easy to rely on your vet for direction. We have the greatest respect for our friends in that profession; however, their vaccine protocol is meant to cover a broad-based practice. They must operate in this manner. We (Weimlovers) have to remember to do things a bit different for the benefit of our Weimaraner. That means getting the titer test in lieu of a sixteen-week shot, and when you get a puppy shot, it should not contain Lepto or Corona. If Leptospirosis is endemic to your area, please do the shot separately. Vaccinating in this manner, you get better protection, as well as less risk of a vaccine reaction (some of which can be life-threatening.

Finally, any number of small things can go awry. Bacteria, parasites, and general health issues can pop up. This doesn’t mean the pup is sickly, but the developing immune system can get overwhelmed. Be as holistic in your approach as possible. Raising the Weimaraner takes work. Regardless, they have a growing fan club.

Maggie is adjusting well

Maggie is a beautiful pup!!

Maggie home in Northern Idaho

She fussed a couple times on the way home, but once we readjusted her seating in Pasco, WA; she pretty much slept the rest of the way home.

The weather was not friendly…

We pulled into the parking lot right behind Cliff, we got out of our rig just as he opened the back door and we became googly-eyed over the pups…  The wind driven rain along with everyone else looking to get their new prize child didn’t make for ideal conditions to chat. Anyway, it rained all 4 hours during the drive home.  Maggie is a ham and we’re enjoying her.

It was a rough first night but we all made it.  Today Maggie has been more relaxed and seems to be adjusting very well.  The boys LOVE her, and we think the cat does too but she pretends to not admit that.

Thanks Again, Phil & Gretchen

Breeder’s Note: For those that have met Cliff  at any meet-up location, you understand all too well, the importance of getting the new family member home where they can settle into the routine. The location makes the journey shorter by at least 4-5 hours. Even if you happened to live a bit closer (like an 1.5 from us) that adds up to a 3-4 hour saving (minimum). We meet people for a reason. It makes for a better scenario for the family; it improves the transition process. It is all about the pups.

Getting off to the best possible beginning is important. Maggie is beautiful, smart, and brimming with potential. She has a great family. We know she is preparing to write a beautiful story with her new forever family. We thank each and everyone of you Weim-loving, blog-reading families. It is you who warm our hearts with your support, and on-going interest. Thank you for the referrals, the recommendations, and keeping us in the loop. It means the world!

Skye has a busy first week

I am Skye!

Jean and Skye on shoulderJuly 27- August 2, 2013

Going Home- My First Week.

I took my first car ride to meet my new mom (Jean) & her friend on Saturday. Cliff & I met them in a big parking lot in Pendleton, Oregon.

IMG_2290Intro to camping

On the way home, I got to go on my first camping trip, because Jean didn’t want me to have to be in the car all day. It was really fun sleeping in a tent- and I slept really good, except Jean says I groan a lot when I sleep.

998856_10151456703762574_312659417_nMe at Palouse Falls

The next day Sunday, I got to see Palouse Falls. If this is a taste of my new life- I love it! We get to do all kinds of cool stuff! Jean carries me everywhere because she says I’m too little, and doesn’t want me to get dog germs.

Meet the Family…

IMG_2319Monday I got to meet my new family. Whoa! What a mix! Donkeys & sheep & horses & chickens & dogs, oh my! So even staying home is fun and busy too. IMG_2334I’m learning to really like my crate. I eat all my meals in it, and take all my daytime naps in it. I have a special bone in there! I slept quite well in my crate at night. I didn’t even have to go out until 5am and then I went right back to sleep until 8am!

I garner a lot of attention…

Tuesday I got to go meet the tellers at the bank. They all think I’m so cute and they all want to take me home- but I’m stickin’ with Jean!! Jean takes me out to potty right after I eat, and every couple of hours. I’m already learning what “get busy” means, and I’ve been accident free! I slept all night in my crate- made it until 6:30am, went potty outside, and right back to sleep until 8:30, yay!!

Aunt Kassie Rocks…

On Wednesday I got to go for another car ride to town, with my aunt Kassie. She’s a big golden retriever mix. We were helping Jean with one of her dog training clients- an Irish Wolf Hound- all I can say is he’s HUGE! I stayed in my crate and watched. Wednesday night I slept all night! I woke up at 7:30 am and then we were ready for the day.

It seems I have a job as Jean’s assistant

On Thursday I went with Jean to her physical therapy appt. because they all had been waiting to meet me. Tyler the doctor, has a really cool dog who Jean also trains. Her name is Stella, and she is huge too!!! She really likes me and Jean said we can play sometime soon. My night crate time is really good- I’ve decided I can just sleep through the night. I don’t have to get up to go out. Jean is so happy!

I travel well…

Friday is yard sale day. I did a lot of car crate time, and met lots of really nice people. I’m learning to just go to sleep when the car is moving. It makes the time go by so quick! Jean also clipped my nails while I was asleep- that didn’t bother me at all! I go in my crate by myself now when I get sleepy and want to take a nap. I’m so glad Jean decided to crate train me!

No this is not my travel mode, but it is pedicure mode....

No this is not my travel mode, but it is pedicure mode….

So that’s my first week at my new home. So far, so good. I’m a pretty happy girl!!