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The inseparable duo

The inseparable duo

I wanted another Weimaraner, and we were delighted to be able to give Pokey a special place in our lives. Like your blog today (To Rescue or Not) all too well reminded me of when I brought her home and the adjustment period and trying to get her and Chester to get along. One who sees them together now would NEVER guess the rough start we all had. Nothing makes either of them happier than snuggling in my bed together or chasing each other around the yard. It’s also not unusual to find Chester in his kennel and Polka following him in to lay with him. Honestly I think they would both be happier if I could connect their kennels together lol

Beautiful Pokie

Beautiful Pokie

Adding Pokie to the fold….

Bringing in an older Weimaraner has its challenges. I loved getting Chester as a youngster, and I, personally, don’t consider Polka a “rescue” but it’s so interesting the different dynamics and challenges that arise from getting either a puppy or an older dog.

I’m a Weimar Addict

One day, probably after, Lord forbid, I lose one of my babies I will be getting another pup to join the family. I have become a lifelong weim addict.

My two happy kids.

My two happy kids.

I am a two-Weim person…

And I will always have two. There’s nothing in the world like seeing two weims that love each other and are attached to each other and at the same time love their humans oh so much as well. I can’t wait for our story to unfold even more. Each and every day I am amazed with something new. They have a way of pulling at the heart strings.

What's that?

What’s that?

I have always love dogs and horses……..

Being raised with dogs and horses, I still have never felt a love towards dogs like I do my babies. They really are my kids. I really don’t think I could ever thank you enough, or truly tell you what you have done for me.

Life is not always fair…

Happy Pokie

Happy Pokie

You know I was having a really rough time in my life before I got Chester. I had lost who I thought was the love of my life, and my first weim. And honestly, Chester saved me. Then Polka came in and made me even more whole and happy. You do amazing things, and hope you know how appreciative I am for having found you and your amazing dogs.

We got off to a rough start, but she really has seamlessly fit in with our family. Hugs and puppy kisses from North Idaho and Jamie, Winchester & Pokey.

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  1. How nice, that they are an inseparable duo – agrey one and a blue – that’s an eye catcher :o)

  2. Yes, and Mama Jamie is not bad herself. She is such a sweet young woman. I am glad these guys were healing to her soul. Weims have to be so much to us humans. It is a huge job taking care of staff as you call them. We are a needy lot.

  3. That’s why my staff calls me their “soul saver”, because I was their moral booster.

  4. Booster and Entertainer. The work is hard, but worth it. Someone needs to do the job. :O)

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