Jan 30, 2011 Nicole wrote:

It is amazing how much time has passed since we took Kai home with us more than 5 months ago!

He is getting so big. Here are some pics of our dog park adventure from last weekend.

He’s growing up!! *Tear…

Half the park was split up into a wooded area, and the other half was an open mud pit because of the melted snow.

Since Kai is our “only child” we are trying to make sure he is socialized with other dogs. So far, so good!


At the Dog Park

Socialization is Important!


Making Dog Park Friends

He did, however, take out that kid to the right of one of the pictures. It was really funny (but we still felt bad, sort of).


Kai was running and ran really close to the kid. The kid got scared, jumped out of the way, slipped in the mud, and fell face first into the mud. The entire right hand side of his body was covered in mud. I looked around for his parents, and they were laughing too. I said that I was sorry, but what else could I do?

It’s a dog park……..

We were expecting to get muddy.

That poodle definitely needed a bath by the time we left!

Oh everyone is so friendly!

And so did Kai. After his bath, he was out for the rest of the day! We are soooo going back. Any chance to tire him out, we are going to take.

Kai and his parents like the dog park!

His adult teeth are starting to come in, and the biting stage has once again entered onto the scene.  Poor thing.  I think his mouth just hurts.  He has also taken up digging even though he goes on two run/walks a day and constant playtime.  And within the last couple of weeks, he has been barking a lot.  We have no idea what to do, but we are trying to not give him attention when he does bark.  We are hoping it will go away!

Besides those minor quirks, he is becoming quite independent.  This is a huge difference from how he was like for the first few weeks with us.  He was so needy!

A funny thing that we have noticed is that he hates when my husband and I are not sitting next to each other when watching TV. He will sit with my husband for 5 minutes, then sit next to me for 5 minutes.  This will go on for a while until one of us gets up, and sits next to the other.  Then, Kai can finally get comfortable and go to sleep.  It is quite funny.

I can’t imagine our lives without him now!

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  1. I love our baby!! Kai just got neutered on Thursday, and he is doing just fine!!

  2. I am so glad to hear both–1. you love him so much. 2 That he is doing well after being altered. Thank you for letting us know. We truly appreciate it!

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