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Luke and Cador

Progress and Improvement

We have both Luke and Cador in training these days. Luke is back to a healthy weight and his coat and ears have totally cleared up. He’s no longer in his crate and has been great with Lilly and Cador. He barks a lot, but we have been working on that and have seen some improvement.

The Young Longhair

Cador is getting big! His coat is beautiful and he’s been a pretty good boy (other than annoying Luke whenever he can). He will reliably sit, lie down, and come. His retrieve is great. Working on his leash skills now.

We took both to the Applegate River last month and are taking them to the coast next week.

Breeder Comment

These angels not only recently brought home Cador (a Blue Longhair) but they adopted Luke. He has been here for quite some time. His family got into a situation that left them no choice but to return him to us. Thankfully that doesn’t happen often. This return scenario was not an ordinary case–this senior couple was saddened beyond words not to be able to get him back. So, he has found a family and home. Everyone is happy for Luke.

You Are Invited

Labor Day Weimie Play Date!!

This is LONG overdue!  I wanted to get a post out about our next Weimie play date, since it’s a holiday weekend Nancy and I are hoping for a big turn out =)  Let me set the scene for anyone on the fence about coming or newcomers.

Imagine this, a peaceful drive through the country with your weim panting in anticipation of what’s to come.  New smells, new sounds, and what’s that two acres of fenced space just waiting for a Weimie romp.  This is just the beginning of what you get when you join in on the monthly Weimie play date co-hosted by Nancy and Holly in Salem, Oregon.  As your Weimie makes their rounds, meeting their new best friends and their chauffeurs(that’s us humans), we get to kick back, grab a glass of fresh ice tea or maybe a brewski and chat with fellow weim lovers.  The conversations usually begin a quick run down of who belongs to who, stories of weim crimes(we can all relate), and mentions of your favorite weim quirks.     

Here’s a brief introduction of the regulars:

Luna, our Hostess with the Mostest

LunaParents: Nancy and Bill

Dog Parents: Blue x Elle, 12/22/14

Fave snack: Morning dollop of whipped cream and mom’s leftover egg yolk

Hidden talent: Stay, even when taunted by her BF Rudy

Jaeger, Disco Man Extraordinaire

JaegerParents: Shannon

Dog Parents: Boomer and Bubbles

Fave Snack: Turkey or Ice Cream

Hidden Talent: Take a Bow

Arliss, the Leader of the A Pack

ArlissParents: Arleen

Dog Parents: Dusty x Megan, 12/01/06

Siblings: Big brother to Auto, the Welsh Terrier

Goldee & Maverick, Fluff Masters


Parents: Holly and Joe

Dog Parents: Greta x Stackhouse, 04/19/14 & Sadie x Stackhouse, 12/16/15

Hidden Talent: Mind control over their mom

Weim Crime: “Helping” with the dishes in the sink

Buck, the Big Brother

BuckParents: Beth

Dog Parents: Sadie x Stackhouse, 12/16/15 

Hidden Talent:

Favorite Party Pass Time: Hanging in the sand pit

Kirby, The Snack Sneaker

KirbyParents: Rhonda and Jim

Dog Parents: Greta x Blue (Shela, will you double check these are the correct parents?)

Hidden Talent: Sitting on anyone’s lap

Favorite Treat: Nancy’s Strawberry Cake =)

For more information about the monthly weim play dates reach out to Holly at or find Holly Haffey and/or Nancy Fortune Garin on Facebook!  

Come for the fun, stay for the exhausted weim!!


OwyheeStar Responses

3_Mousse X Stack Week Four-35We have had more than ten puppy inquiries in the last two days. I have answered each one; however, my answer was probably not what they wanted to hear. In light of the recent public litter updates, people are hoping we are trying to place these lovely Gray Ghost pups. The sheer volume of inquiries may be directly related to timing–we tend to get what I call a seasonal downpour. This avalanche happens about three times a year–before spring, before summer, and during the fall.

Each person contacting OwyheeStar hopes for a lengthy and personal reply explaining what we have available or what we plan to have available. Answering is not so easy to accomplish. Seriously, there is a limit to the number of keyboard strokes I (Shela) can yield in a given day. If you follow us, you probably realize I write a book every quarter but not the kind you publish. There are the blogs, the email replies, the application replies as well as the multiple websites. We do our best to answer to each person in a personalized mode, but in the end, it requires us to use shortcuts. If you contact us, you will get a generalized initial reply. We hope to get back to you on the same day and if not, then the next morning.

Here are some facts that dictate what is possible on our side of the fence:

  1. Females come into season every 6-8 months; we mate only every other time. Sometimes we cannot mate a particular female because there are too many in heat at once, and that means are waiting for 1.5 years or more between litters.
  2. Once a mating occurs, there is no guarantee it will produce a litter. We hear from folks all the time that have been on a breeder’s list for an extended time only to end up finding out the female didn’t produce a litter. This scenario is something most dog breeders would prefer not to discuss.
  3. We cannot predict how many pups will be born. Yes, you can do an ultrasound or have an X-ray taken; however, once again–that doesn’t ensure those pups will all be born. Sometimes puppies just disappear. It is another one of those things no one talks about, but if everything is not perfect a non-viable pup can dissolve. We have gotten a phone call from a breeder saying they have had the entire litter (which showed up on the pre-testing) disappear. It is a very sad situation, and we avoid this type of prediction. If we mentioned a mating, we make it habit to disclose we cannot be sure it will produce a litter.
  4. We cannot guess how many pups will be born.
  5. We cannot predict the sex of the pups before they are born.
  6. In many cases, we cannot estimate the percentage of blues to silver or gray pups.
  7. There are situations where we cannot guess how many Longhairs pups will be born in a litter. If both parents carry the Longhair DNA marker (AKA the fluffy-coat marker), there should be some in the litter. When they are born, they all look the same. Statistically speaking we can guess; however, experience has taught us that is a slippery slope. The same pair mated two times in a row taught us this lesson. The first time they produced two Longhair pups and the second time it was six. Both litters were the same size–eight pups.

Other Factors

We normally have a Waiting List. The size of the list can vary. Sometimes the number of people waiting is not a big factor; however, if nearly every person on the list has the same criteria (for example, they all want a silver gray female) the wait would be longer. Predicting all of this even with every dab of information in hand is impossible. The human element is hard to predict. No one can say for sure what the folks on the list will do. Nevertheless, we function in the same manner always.

We accept an application from those who seem to be a good match for our process. As you see, it might be six to eight months to get a puppy. There are exceptions, but they are rare. Realistically we cannot accept an application from everyone who is interested in a pup from us. The investment is too great–it takes more than an hour to review an application and reply. Sometimes we invest two-three hours initially before the decision is made that this is going to be a win-win situation for the pup, for us, and for the person wishing to acquire the OwyheeStar Weimaraner.

Each person approved must give us a Waiting List deposit to lock in a place on the list. As you can understand, with all this information, it is a massive juggling act. There are no clear answers up front or even early on when the pups arrive. Nonetheless, pups are offered to people in the order of the Waiting List. Even then, a variable can affect whether this particular litter is going to work for you when your number comes up. Some folks are hunters and want a very hunt-potential pup. Size, color, sex, and temperament are all considered. These things are sorted out during the Discovery and Placement test process.

For Some

There are those who find it impossible to wait or to trust us to do what is in their best interest. Nevertheless, our reputation speaks for itself. We understand our process is not something everyone likes; however, we thank all of you who have entrusted us to what is right. We do not take that lightly. May we suggest that if you are interested you subscribe to this blog and follow us. Thank you!


What If???

Your Beloved Weimaraner Went Missing?

Would You Get Them Back?

Dear OwyheeStar Client,

IMG_0077Question–Did you register your pet’s AKC Reunite Microchip with AKC?

Almost two years ago we upgraded to this fabulous program called AKC Reunite. Anytime after spring 2014, your OwyheeStar Weimaraner Puppy came home with the AKC Reunite Microchip installed There was also paperwork in your packet to help you register that microchip.  If you have not registered the AKC Reunite Microchip with the AKC Reunite Organization we urge you to do so.

Cliff is aware of the number of chips registered, but not to whom they were registered. If you have lost your paperwork just have your Vet office scan for the microchip and use the number to get them registered. Having them associated with the AKC Reunite Program might pay off in ways you never dream. Please read on about Trigger’s recent experience.


Trigger Went Missing


Here he is on his way home after we got him back!

Thank you, thank you thank you for microchipping your pups before they leave your home. Our Trigger is now safe at home. Our daughter accidently left.our gate open and we couldn’t find him. So relieved to get a text saying our pet has been found. What a blessing. I don’t know what we would’ve done. We all cried when we picked him up. They think a female is in heat and that’s why he took off. Time to invest in an invisible fence since the vet suggested waiting to neuter him till he’s a year old. Whew. Crisis averted thanks to Owyheestar!

~Natalie (12/22/2015)

Do You Want to Know More?

I registered him with the AKC reunite with the paperwork you sent home with him. The humane society scanned him and my info came up. He wasn’t in their database, but he is now so if it happens again, they will have him.

The AKC reunite is who sent me a notification that he was found and gave me a number to call. The humane society also called me. So I had two different people  helping him get home. Yes!  Please use our story on the blog so it will help others. ~ Natalie

Here is the notification…Screenshot_2015-12-22-21-07-04[2]

Make A Part of the New Year–Get Them Listed with AKC Reunite Please!

Kissing Santa

A Girl Must Do What She Must

10259138_971897622858499_4710122485038049911_o“Let’s get this right Santa. The package has my name! You spell it G O L D E E –(double “e”) got it? Love you Santa. Yes, we cannot have any mistakes or misprints– the toys, cookies, and laundry are for me.” With a bun in the oven I cannot be sharing with Autzen you understand? Like they say, what is mine is mine. What is Autzen’s is also mine.

Breeder’s Comment

We want to say thank you to Terri and Santa for their work behind (and in front of ) the camera. Holly and Joe are more than great sports. We appreciate all the photos. Each one is amazing! Maybe we should say breathtaking.

Pet Photos with Terri is a must for those who live in Western Oregon. Check her out sometime!

The Tree

First we picked it

We traveled as a family out into the country.  I, Maizie, got to play with a silky 4-yr old Irish Setter while Jerry sawed down our tree.  Final bonus–first chickens I had ever seen.  Lucky for them they were inside the fenced.  I gave them a good chase regardless!  🐔


I commented to Jerry on the placement of lights on the Christmas tree! I think together we did it perfectly well. Maybe I should say excellent–due to my consultation.



Important StuffFriche's Gracie with Blanket7355253_o

There are many reasons to wrap in a blanket. The cold is only one of them. Sometimes a girl just needs comfort. A book and a blanket are a personal favorite–Weims like traditional books too. The problem is their plan usual ends badly for the book.


Stylish and as Fast as the Wind

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Thank You! We are glad Maggie has found a great fit into your Two Weim Household. She looks happy and at the same time busy. Thank you for calling her priceless. We hope she continues to do well and proves to be an excellent field dog too!


Who Doesn’t Love Peanut Butter?

11027948_10207489631225986_3315836909104963246_nIt would be complex to answer to the above-posed question in detail; however, here are a couple of significant comments. People who are violently allergic to peanut butter would need to avoid the use of peanut butter. Such a person cannot keep the product in the household. To interact with Simian after his peanut butter eating feast, would not be a good thing for them. Nevertheless, countless Weimlovers share the peanut butter with the fur family member. There are some Weims who do not like peanut butter. I know–that is a shocking bit of information. Cream cheese is another option if peanut butter is out of the question.

Pumpkin Decor

Gracie Claims My Quilt

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We got out all the pumpkin decor including the pumpkin quilt. Now it is Gracie’s favorite spot in the afternoon. (Eeeek, a dog on my quilt!! A quilter’s worst nightmare – but it is ok for a Weim lover!)
Best to you and have a wonderful pumpkin season.

~Nancy, Tony & Gracie