Day of Rest

Weimar Lessons

quinns-two1We can learn a lot from the Weimaraner. How to play. How to be loyal. How to rest.

Breeder Comment

In our experience, the Weimaraner has two speeds–on and off. Do not be mistaken, on is full speed ahead and grab that table lamp before it goes flying.

The mellow Weimaraner request is pretty much an oxymoron. True, some are less energetic; however, the energy is not the big issue. It always comes back to your relationship and the very nature of how it works. A right relationship is one where the Weimaraner respects you (and of course, you respect them). It is ideal that the Weimaraner wants to please you, and that you have found a way to get them into compliance.

Obedience on the loose walking lead as well as a reliable recall (them coming when you call) is essential. All Weims are happiest when they are in control–they love being off leash, and it is nice to be able to have this luxury. Nevertheless, if the Weim is not in absolute leash compliance (on the leash), they are at risk. There is nothing worse than having the Weimaraner that pulls you down the street or lunges at everything as you try to walk them. It is bad manners and ultimately dangerous for you and them. Avoid this scenario. Getting off the tether also requires that achieving the strong recall. If they only come when they get around to it, it is again a dangerous situation.

Many people struggle with these two disciplines. They ask for everyone’s advice and often end up using a head halter, front clipping harness, or the Gentle Leader scenario. Others opt for a prong collar. None of these are things we can recommend in good conscience yet a goodly number of Weim folks rely on them. The underlying danger (when using these devices) is that you do not have a compliant and willingly obedient Weimaraner. You gain control using the device, but your Weimaraner is only deferring because the device (special harness or lead) prevents them from pulling and lunging. This scenario is not ideal. We recommend getting these disciplines mastered early, so you have a better and safer outcome. It is a plus for you as well as the Weimaraner.





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