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Fast Food For Winchester

Fast Food 4 Winchester

Yay!!! Whataburger!!!

While we don’t recommend a steady diet of fast food or even dog treats; however, we cannot speak for the secrets the Weimar holds tight. This one was captured and reported. The occasional indulgence is important–as long as it is not the forbidden and toxic type such as chocolate.

I think if Opus smells your breath there might be trouble. He probably has his own secrets don’t you think?

Opus Has His Way

Opus hug

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  1. It is so hard to say always “NO”… so sometimes Easy get’s a junior bag from MCD… but now I always look inside, the coloring book and the pens were not really good… not for Easy and not for the car :o) Enjoy this tasty extra treats Opus :o)

  2. I don’t know how she trained us to do this, but EVERY morning Maizie performs to get “two Oatmeal Squares and 3 blueberries!” Left shake, right shake = 1 Oatmeal Square; “UP” (sitting/front paws off the ground = 1 Oatmeal Square + 3 blueberries. This is like clockwork AFTER she slurps her teaspoon of peanut butter stuck in the caverns of the rubber Kong bone. Both of these treat rituals happen after breakfast. Look how she has us trained!

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