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Happy Birthday Dusty

Yesterday, February 2nd, 2019, (Groundhog Day) our Dusty celebrated 14 candles. Well, he didn’t actually get the candles, but he would gladly eat birthday candles. (OMG) Cliff says the pictures look photoshopped–they were not. (Haha) The hat is too small–but cute.

Thank you, Dusty, for all you have done for so many. We are blessed to have had your company for so many years.


IMG_1387Dusty is an old man. He requires things to be a certain way. For example, if his morning food must be sprinkled with the NuVet with the Duralactin sitting atop or he will give me the look. Oh, better yet, he won’t eat a nibble. The trifecta –Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice, the NuVet (powder), and the Duralactin. They keep him mobile and more than comfortable.

Our Adults eat the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice including Dusty. On occasion, we use a higher calorie food that is very similar–for those needing a bit more than the typical fare. The Duralactin is an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement–it takes about two weeks to see dramatic results. It helps to diminish the need for prescription medication that is sometimes needed to manage inflammation.

We seriously believe the NuVet combined with a quality basic food (such as the Diamond Naturals) is an excellent diet. Dusty also enjoys steams squash, steamed pumpkin, various other veggies, and whatever morsel he can garner along with his basic diet.

IMG_1388Dusty has a crate (or maybe we ought to call it a hideout) that is located in our utility bath. When the door is open, he can put his eye on me working at my desk. I think he likes that arrangement. You can see his food hangs on the door.

We have had a lot of questions about food lately. Please be aware that your food company may switch the ingredients without warning. A person who was using another food had severe skin and coat issues–hair loss and sores. After spending some serious coin at the Vet Office, they contacted Cliff. It was then that we suggested they check their food for change–sure enough, there had been. They switched over to the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice (ordering it from, and her coat began improving within a few days. We suggest you be aware of the food as well as snacks–keeping in mind companies can make these changes that may well raise havoc with the Weimaraner’s coat, or tummy. We can all agree that this situation is best avoided.

2017 25th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

           ~July 1st, 2017 

Early summer and all that comes with demands celebration. We kind of get started with a bang! It is fortunate that Independence Day is the 4th of July. The BBQ, watersports, camping, etc. is combined with fireworks. The only hesitation we have is the safety and well-being of our beloved Weimaraners. We sincerely hope to learn that everyone and their pets made it through this holiday without incident.

As The Saying Goes

IMG_6050The expectation is to find Treasure Valley crops almost visibly growing from day to day during the longer, heat-filled perfect growing conditions. Old timers used to say regarding their corn crops that they would be ‘Head high by the 4th of July.’ We stopped along the road yesterday and took a couple of snapshots to show you how things look only days before. The wheat is turning golden and pushing towards harvest ready. Some of the fields were even dryer than this one. Oh, and this is where I should mention our alfalfa is happily growing back almost as we watch out our window. It is the most amazing thing.


This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  Of course, we had two on the topic of fireworks and preventing issues with our beloved Weimaraners. I want to say a special thank you to everyone who has sent and update recently. We know how busy summer can be. We absolutely appreciate you taking the time and effort!Lite Snackers_1145

Sunday—June 25 Jorga

Monday —June 26 It Begins

Tuesday —June 27 — Fireworks Sensitivity

Wednesday — June 28 — Spock

Thursday  — June 29 — Sadie

Friday  — June 30 — Maizie Knows

Dusty Endorses Chewy and Suggests This Healthier Snack<== Dusty Speaks!

Coming Soon! Watch for the next product review featuring Sadie. 

On a very personal note

IMG_3128We took me to the Holistic Care Provider yesterday. I have yet another supplement to take, and we will see what it does for me. Friday was the best day I have had in months. Regaining my strength and getting into a full recovery state appears to be a longer trip than I would hope. Regardless, I am encouraged. Cliff went along with me today. I am so very blessed to have a supportive, loving husband. You know, having a wife that ill for months is not easy.

Cliff got the end puppy yard rototilled and planted. He has been working on the future lawn located on the east side of the farmhouse. We wanted to taper the dirt gradually so that any runoff would run away from the foundation. This last winter we wished that it had been like that with all the snow piled high along the eaves. Oh, and he has the Utility Bath tile up except for the last piece. Then he has a section to grout and the trim to put up. Don’t worry; there is more to be done before we can call the Utility Bath remodel finished. Nonetheless, we are getting there.


Cyclamen Lessons

If you follow me on Facebook or the blog, you know about the cyclamen that my friend (Ellen) gave me May 2012. She brought it to me at the hospital when I had a major surgery–what I jokingly refer to as one of hospital spa visits. You might remember that I never replanted the cyclamen and yet it produced a constant abundance of flowers year round. In fact, it had at least one blossom all but for a two-week period about a year-and-a-half ago when I thought maybe it was done giving me the joy. What could I expect from one plant that never got fertilizer or repotted?

About two weeks ago, I decided I had to do something about my treasure. So, I tried to remove it from the small glass square container (which had no drainage). I decided to use the same outer ceramic pot (which has drainage) and to put a couple of big rocks in the bottom with some fresh potting soil. I probably should have broken the glass container but being me, I tried to extract the plant and to keep the glass vase intact. I did; however, in the process, the beautiful cyclamen foliage broke off entirely, and I was left with a wad of leaves, etc. and the separated root mass. I poked it all into the flower pot. It was clear I might have killed my baby.


The original leaf –can you see the bud to the right?


A few days later, I had a single leaf which gave me hope. I looked closer and discovered what looked like some potential stem development. Sure enough, yesterday I counted ten green shoots–one carries a bud. I am watching it entirely too close. I suppose it is a bit like watching boiled water, but I cannot help myself. When I consider the neglect–it causes me to shake my head. I cannot help but marvel. I wonder how many plants are killed each year with the best of intentions. To me, this plant speaks–it has a lot to say. It whispers truth about friendship, endurance, hope, and never giving up. Even when something appears to be dead, sometimes new life emerges. It is God’s law of the universe. We do not create life. We can kill something but not always. I found myself in cautious anticipation wondering what would happen. Contemplating if I replaced this plant with another cyclamen if I could have such good fortune.

IMG_6062I cannot speak as to why the plant more than overcomes and blossoms despite minimal care. If you want to consider bits of tea as fertilizer, I did empty the occasional leftover various tea bits in the mix. Regardless, there is no accounting for the thousands of blossoms smiling at me over the years. Sometimes adversity creates more than the ideal conditions. This phenomenon is true in our personal lives. When we are forced to dig deep and make the most of what we have, and at the same time we are compelled to appreciate each moment allotted our perspective changes. We bloom if you will. I am not sure I could ever perform like my cyclamen, but I sincerely hope the challenges have produced growth and something beautiful. Nonetheless, in my human frailty, I openly admit I would prefer to reside in the ideal conditions without all the challenges.





Out and About

With Dusty


Dusty At the SanctuaryIt has been a long hard winter at OwyheeStar. Most of you know the snow was piled high and the remaining meltdown lasted until early March. The snow was not user-friendly–Cliff got some snowshoed which helped, but later it was nothing but a slick wet surface that was not conducive to travel. Therefore, exercise was limited.

Dusty At the Sanctuary-2Dusty had the best romp since late last fall a couple of days ago. He made a trip to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary (the natural unfarmed corner of our property). Our Original Blue Boy also got a chance to swim in the pond. We didn’t capture photos, but he enjoyed the water.Dusty At the Sanctuary-3

Nose to Ground–there have been birds and other critters here.

Dusty At the Sanctuary-4

At twelve-and-a-half years of age, he is still looking good. One never knows how long one of the extraordinary soul-buddies will remain with us. Each moment is precious. So many of you have Dusty in your pup’s lineage. We are positive you would like to see him doing well.


Good Morning Weimlovers!


Dusty-Sit/Stay (by Larry Cleveland)

I am awaiting the arrival of dawn anxiously. I love with Mr. Sun peeks out and teases us with his essence–right before he peers over the horizon. Everything has an ethereal quality that is defined deep within our soul. It speaks to us of the promise and the arrival of a new beginning. Things we often take for granted. The wise person’s spirit doesn’t waste this opportunity. Forgive yourself, others, and let the past be the past. Today is a fresh start.


This truth applies to every relationship– Weimaraner included. Possibly yesterday was not the best. If so, today is a new start. Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Set aside the mistakes and issues. Begin afresh and work toward success. Always start and end with a positive solid-rock activity. Don’t concern yourself with falling short in some areas. There is not a timeline for success. It (seeing a positive outcome) happens when you stay the course. Over time you will achieve together. Never forget this is a journey and arriving at your destination doesn’t have a set time. Close your ears to all those who offer their free advice and cite the fact you don’t know what you are doing. If you are making progress and slowly achieving the basic disciplines rejoice in the sweet progress. Stay on the path. Here is what Cliff has to say about achieving the basics (on a previous blog).

This is what I hope every OwyheeStar Weimlover will accomplish……..

  1. Loose Leash Heeling (on a regular flat collar)
  2. Sit-stay
  3. Down-Stay
  4. Come; followed by the Sit-stay

In the Midst of the Struggle



Dusty contemplating freedom to do what he wants (photo by Larry Cleveland)

The solution to your struggles is around the corner. Seeking answers. Everyone will give you their ear and their expert advice. If you don’t find the answer there, then the Information Age provides unprecedented opportunity. A Google search will (most likely) yield thousands of suggestions. It can be overwhelming. Most folks either pick on one philosophy or they pick and choose the ideas they like. We suggest sticking to one thing at a time; however, it is important to keep the end in mind. Just because something provides a much needed short-term solution, it might not be one that deals with the underlying issue. We keep discussing the loose lead (or leash) achievement because this is the perfect example. When you rely on the head halter, the Gentle Leader, a prong collar or the front clipping harness, it makes it easier for you. Nevertheless, it doesn’t get you compliance. The moment you are not using that device that thwarts their pulling, they pull even more fiercely. Ultimately, getting them to want to comply with your request it more important. It may well be life-saving. Can you see the point? Compliance on the leash is more important than getting off-leash compliance because when the Weimaraner run’s free, they are in control. They love being in control. When the defer to you and walk compliantly on the leash, then they earn the right to be off-leash.



Dusty is compliant on and off leash (photo by Larry Cleveland)


There are times they will need to be on the leash. During these encounters, there is nothing worse than having them lunge at other dogs. Being pulled down the lane is not ideal either. Many of you will continue to use the devices because it is a habit and to start from the beginning to achieve the best outcome would be an arduous task. For those beginning, we hope you consider the approach that gets underlying compliance. Thank you, for reading and hearing our heartfelt suggestions.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

Saturday at Owyheestar

Recent Dusty

Concerned Dusty

October and all it brings with it are here. This time there was the unexpected breast cancer find for me (Shela) on September 25th. In a matter of days, the cancer has been removed. It has traveled to the lab for further inspection, as well as make a discovery of the type of cancer who is attacking me. Then the treatment choices will depend upon their findings.

I was advised that it would be about a month until we begin some kind of treatment–most likely chemo and radiation. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Thanks to the Saint Alphonsus Medical Staff–from the initial check-in, to the surgery your care, concern, and proficiency proved to be heart-warming. The Breast Care Center was incredible; my nurse navigator, did a lot from me–and she continues on through the whole process. She is a breast cancer survivor (7.5 years+)

I continue to do remarkably well. Of course, I am a long way from being cured, but I will be found cancer-free. I will celebrate. Actually, I plan to keep that kind of an attitude right now–a celebratory-positive outlook is going to serve the process best.

This Week’s Links for you!

Sunday September 28  — At Home (Murphy)

Monday September 29 — George

Tuesday September 30 – Goldee is learning

Wednesday October 1 — Disconcerting News (Shela has breast cancer)

Thursday October 2 — Toby (Waiting for Mommy)

Friday October 3 — The Baby (Oscar)

Looking Forward

Dusty kissing Slater.

Dusty kissing Slater.

Cliff continues with the painting, the farm work, Weim-duties, training Emma, as well as caring for me. He has taken-on some of my work. He was thinking he might have to post the blog. Now, that is scarier than me being in surgery. You will have to trust me on that fact.

The blog should be there most every day-unless we get caught in some of the follow-up. I am going to try to keep a couple of blog drafts ready to post. The emphasis on that sentence reflects on the word “try.”  I always attempt to have one ready-to-go in case something unexpected happens, but sometimes I am weak. I steal it to defray a morning’s pressure to have a timely post. Please understand, this pressure is solely from my own heart.


We like to share our love of the Weimaraner with you. We like to provide a little advice for those needing it. At the same time, we openly admit we don’t air our laundry (the problems and whatnot) on Facebook, or this blog. It was difficult to throw this (breast cancer situation) out there; however, it seemed like the right to do. We certainly covet your prayers, and support. We appreciate those folks waiting for a puppy being so understanding. Nothing will change all that much, but we can expect a hiccup along the road to recovery. We would like to keep these road-bumps as limited as possible.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them. We appreciate you all!

~ Cliff and Shela

What’s for Dinner?

Great Dane Headliner

You have most likely read about the sock-eating great Dane of Portland, OR. If not click here to read the story.

The Great Dane is not the only sock-eating breed. The Weimaraner has had its fair share extracted by one method or the other. The fortunate-human finds the problem, before it is too late to do anything. A blockage can be life-threatening. In the past, we have had experience with rocks, rubber toys, and even a note from someone who had a Weim eat wood chips, and they became impacted.

The Vet Tech Has Stories

Cora, who is a Vet Tech told us a funny story. Someone brought their dog into the facility where she works  to be boarded.  The young man cleaning the kennels was new to the job. He was doing his work when he became extremely alarmed and hollered for her assistance.  One of the dogs had vomited a huge pile of odd-looking gunk.  Cora being the pro she is, took a look and extracted the pile. As she rinsed away the yuck, she discovered three delicate under panties.  The young man wondered if they should save them. Do you think she would ever wear them again? I doubt it, but she might want to see them to believe the story.

Ingesting clothing

Dusty Sitting_Many dogs ingest their owner’s clothing; however, the Weimaraner seems to relish owner scented clothing.  Reports of Weims ingesting socks, underwear, or other clothing abound. Raiding the clothing hamper is second only to counter surfing. Many a Weim have snatched a bra and then paraded through the house waving it with delight.  These moments might be funny, embarrassing, or entertaining–or any combination there of. Nonetheless, ingested cloth is always a concern. Don’t forget about the kitchen towel, sponge, washcloths, etc. Ingesting fabric can lead to intestinal distress or even blockage. Blockage in turn can lead to infection and sepsis.  Sepsis can escalate quickly resulting in a loss.

The Weimaraner Palate Preferences

Dangerous delectables include but are not limited to dish-cloths, sponges, rocks, wash cloths, and even electronic devices.  Normally things like remote controls, cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and such are ingested in bits and pieces. Batteries can be fatal.  Coins, nails, and bits of plastic are on the menu too! It is true that Weim taste varies–some like very unusual things. Most of these items are at-risk because the smell like their beloved owner. Weims are fond of their human’s scent.  When you think about it, this is not abnormal.  Regardless, sometimes the variety of items that interest a Weim can be surprising–it is even shocking!

Why does my Weim Chew Bedding?

This list of choice edibles can go on and on.  Weims are known for nibbling bedding–their own and yours.  We used to have what we called nothing but French Bedding. French bedding (in our imagination) features Weim-scalloped edges. Our idea of French Bedding will never become the rage, but has been our bedding of choice.  It is no secret that Weims like cloth items a lot; however, food and food scented items rival or even outshine cloth.

X-Ray Discovery

Turbo has passed on. We will never forget his antics, and his love for mankind–and food! Monica wrote that Turbo was not acting normal. He wasn’t vomiting or doing anything odd; however, he was not himself.  She called to get our advice. We didn’t know what to say. We suggested they keep their eyes on him. The next time we heard from Monica, she had decided something was wrong. They had gone to the Veterinary office. (That is probably always going to be the best decision, if you don’t feel right about the situation.)  An X-ray revealed a piece of wire in Turbo’s stomach. Turbo had surgery, and the cast-off artificial Christmas tree branch was extracted.  Obviously, it had tasted like the other food he had snatched from the trash. He was no worse for wear. Thereafter, the trash can became more secure.

Rocks are not Rocket Science

Dusty FrolickingOnce a Weim is enamored with anything they are extremely obsessive-compulsive in their methodology. If rocks are your Weim’s obsession, you will want to watch them closely. Our Dusty ingested a rock.  Our Veterinary bill exceeded $2,000. Dusty cannot be unsupervised in any rocky area. We honestly don’t know if he still loves rocks. On two occasions, he ingested a rock. Once, he was eating a weed he had pulled. The golf ball sized rock, and the weed root all went down in a single swoop. We never knew how he got the other rock, but we are very careful about his access to rocks.

If all of these things are not enough there are other edibles that are dangerous.  Raisins, Grapes, and Macadamia nuts. The list should include cocoa mulch and many plants you might find in a well landscaped yard.

Everything goes in the Weimaraner puppy’s mouth. We talk about freedom being earned, but your supervision might be life-saving. The Weimaraner is full of life, and they engage their world in ways we might prefer they avoid.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

The second week of June

         Life is good…….

There are few weeks that go as planned. This week was no exception. Some are less cooperative than others. Nonetheless, life is good! We all must adjust when a cog is thrown in the works. Cliff and I think this might be why those folks that are less planning in nature, seem to slide through life with more graceful ease. We are who we are, and each of us is wired perfect.

Jan and Willow

Jan and Willow

We make the necessary adjustments and move forward. It is similar with our beloved Weimaraner. Not everyone is identical. Some are aloof, and others cannot wait to meet (and greet) every stranger in an all-too-friendly manner–both scenarios present challenges. One type works best for certain people, and the other works better for the other. It seems, all of us are working to reach the middle ground. The more aloof Weim needs to be a bit more friendly, and engaging. The all-too-friendly must learn not to bowl people over with their affectionate greeting. The latter can also overwhelm a less welcoming dog. No matter who you are, or what Weim you live with, there are unique challenges. A lot of things can go awry. The best approach is to stay matter-of-fact and move forward in a positive leading manner. We realize that is easier said than done.

Yesterday, we talked about The Yellow Dog Project. Implementing this type of system will take time, but even without the ribbon you should approach any dog with caution. Spooking a dog can result in a very undesirable outcome. Too many people reach for a happy-go-looking dog to discover (after the fact) that the tail-wagging it didn’t mean they could pet them unannounced. We suggest you ask permission, and that you approach other dogs, and people, in a respectful manner–give some distance, and dialogue before engaging them up close. People like to have a certain amount of personal-space, and some dogs need the same thing.

We recommend getting in some classes that teach good manners, and that will help you learn how handle your Weimaraner. This is great for on-going socialization–it also a nice refresher course for you (the handler/owner). We can always learn new things. Sometimes (in class) we find that we have forgotten more than we remember. A little reminder, and some organized practice can bring excellent results. 

Here are the links for this week’s blogs….

Life and Our Work Continue……

Deer Watching Us WorkWe had a busy week on every side. Cliff is farming this place in its entirety. It is a small hobby-farm of a sort. We have what would be called a short-forty acre parcel. The heat and wind dry out our sandy ground all too quickly. That means getting across it more frequently with the water.

We have a lot of work that needs done in the bird sanctuary. It has gotten a bit ahead of us, and we also hope to make several improvements as time moves forward. While we were working there on Thursday evening, a lone deer parted the lower limbs and peeked at me. I was afraid to move. There are not that many deer right here, and to see a lone one was surprising. Normally, they would pass through in the early morning, or late evening. They would leave their mark on the land, but there would be no sign of them. This one watched us work. You probably cannot see their legs; I tried to capture them on my phone. It was so darned cute.

Dusty has not been feeling well. He has an infection. We had to take him to the vet. He is doing a lot better. This infection was due to him being intact. It is so much nicer to have an altered male dog, and then you do not have these types of things to face. Anyhow, he is back to his happy self. …………Great News!


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!