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The Blog, Posts, and Whatnot!

Dear OwyheeStar Faithful,

The Information Age has changed everything. Getting published and putting your story out there for the public has never been easier. The truth of it is startling when you think about how it has changed our world.

Every day we post a blog. That is 365 blogs a year. (Whew) Without our OwyheeStar Weimaraner clients sending us photos and their stories to post we would be lost. In this day, when everyone has their Facebook Page and possibly a blog, many of you share their story without us being in the loop. This self-publishing thing is a reality for us.

We have out OwyheeStar Weimaraner Group–a community where those who have a puppy from us can share their photos and news. They can exchange ideas. People seem to like that–and again, we appreciate your posts. Nevertheless, we depend upon the kindness of others for our blog fodder. It is a lifeline–that makes publishing everyday doable.

From the Archives Indi and Ilsa

A lot of folks are posting their stories — I find some of them on Facebook. Thank you–it means the world to see your OwyheeStar is cherished, celebrated, and an integral part of the family activities. Honestly, I am saddened when I look at a profile that doesn’t contain the Weimaraner. It makes me wonder what has become of the beloved Weimaraner puppy.

If you happened to have a cute story you would be willing to let me share please Email it to me. I will also need a photo. Frequently people send only a few words and some photos. I love them, but filling in the storyline is difficult–essentially impossible. So, let me thank those of you who update us annually or several times a year. I cannot thank you enough. If you have promised an update and not yet sent it, now would be a good time.

The OwyheeStar blog content…

306674_4840208887531_375238369_nThe OwyheeStar News Blog has many aspects.

We hope to incorporate all these categories into your daily read and possibly more– education, information, entertainment, and news of other OwyheeStar Weims. Photos are important. Quality is valued; photo content (and context) speaks to the heart. Above Indy and Ilsa take the motor home out for a spin. We think that qualifies as inspiration, as well as entertainment.

Snow-much fun….

528474_10200286702234638_1183330086_n538635_10200286703074659_621596887_n533750_10200131254594707_667385851_nAbove Ilsa and Indy have been captured playing in the snow. What grand photos, the photos speak for themselves.

Life is sometimes a beach…

560377_4680176766828_1577801153_nThere are beaches and family fun of all kinds.

Comfort is a must…2977_4776369491586_815950761_n46567_4776361931397_539219763_nB Indi and Ilsa 2 Blue

Finally, comfort is as important as being an integral part of the family.

Blog Contributors……

Indy and Ilsa are not new to our blog. They are frequent contributors. We truly appreciate the photos, and their constant entertainment (and the blog-material coming from their antics). Weims tend to take on the personality of their humans don’t you think? So what does this say about the humans in this household?  We will not comment on that further. We so appreciate the photos, the news, and anything you send our direction. Your updates keep the blog going.

PS: We have written permission to use these photos. All rights are reserved unless you have written permission. Please do not borrow photos without getting permission. This leads to good news. Indy and Ilsa will be featured in the OwyheeStar Store where you can purchase their antics on household items, etc.  Thanks for your consideration. The store is a work in progress. 🙂