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Not A Weim

Giving Back to Those Who Serve

~ Gus Thrives as part of the pack

Melinda sent along this note with a photo of one of her charges. You might remember she lives with Winchester, Opus, and Stanley–all OwyheeStar Weims. She and her family have also taken in a retired K9 officer. Many of you have extended your household to include a rescue Weimaraner or other needy pet. Kudos to you! It if not something that everyone can do, or even should do. Adding a rescue to the household should be approached with great caution. Not everyone has the skill to manage their needs. Not every rescue will slide into your family. People sometimes complain that rescue organizations are too particular. The second chance home needs to be one that works. It is a great responsibility to place the displaced as well as to take one’s care upon yourself. Here (below) is what Melinda has to say.

Sweet friends.

Rosario's Gus the K9 Rescue
This is Gus-he is a retired k9 officer. He was stabbed in the face by a felon. (Unfortunately his handler was killed). He still has an open wound, so he lives his days out by napping on leather couches, eating as many treats as he can beg for, strolls in the neighborhood. The vet said he has thrived being part of a pack. He’s the first lab I’ve owned and GOSH the HAIR!  But we love him and he’s a very good boy. I just have to keep an eye on playtime. ~ Melinda