Coco says Woof!

I send a big (huge) thank you for bringing this tiny velvet character into my life!

She has been cute, charming, exasperating, mischeivous and rambunctious, but above all, sweet and a bright light.


I love her very much. 🙂


Sleeping Angel

Coco–My Confidante & the Office Mascot?

We have been doing well together.

She comes to the office with me every day, where she’s a big hit (someone last night suggested that she be our office mascot) and gets to meet lots of people, including one of our new interns, who used to show and train wemiaraners near Seattle.  Small world!

Housebreaking has been mostly successful, save for the few times that I miss her cues or forget that we’ve been playing too long without a break.  She’s not too fond of the cold, so I’ve caught her several times trying to escape back inside without doing her doggie business.  Luckily, the score remains: humans – 1, puppy trickery – 0.

Here I Come..

We’ve also started training and have a few cues reliably followed without distraction (though I’ve been incorporating more training at the office, where there are lots of distractions).  She’s pretty good with sit, stay and come and we’re working on leave it (so hard!), off, wait and heel.

Coco and Opal

Coco and Opal are as thick as theives!  They seem to remember each other and team up with great abandon.  I mention this because I’ve taken Coco to a few puppy playtimes (structured and supervised puppy play groups at a local dog training center) and she’s a bit shyer with the other puppies than she is with Opal.


Coco & Opal

It is so wonderful that the two are able to keep their family bond!

Michael, David and I try to get together once a week or so.  As far as dominance goes, it’s’ hard to tell.  Yes, Opal does usually initiate the first ‘paw over the shoulder’ to Coco, but Coco usually responds back fairly quickly.


I don’t know if it came across in the first set of photos, but it was back and forth puppy pyramid – Opal on top, Coco on top, Opal on top, Coco on top.

It is quite adorable.  Coco also plays with several big dogs, so she might be more used to that than other puppies.

I think often of the farm and family at OwyheeStar and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.

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