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Happy To Be Dropped At Daycare


Lily’s Mom Writes…

Thank you so much to our awesome daycamp for the pic! I can’t believe how much @lily_the_weim loves day camp. Makes me so happy that even if I just have to run some errands, I can drop her off and she is so happy to play. She just loves it there. (Photocredit @petshotel2242 ) that face. ūüíöūüíö. I am such a sucker for that face.

When Lily’s Home

     ~ I am a Watchdog and a Gamer





Strategic Lookout is Lily’s Favorite¬†



Ping Pong Anyone?



Lily now wants to play ping pong every time anyone from our family does. It all leads to lots and lots of laughter from all. It has been super hot here lately and these little things keep her busy while also out of the heat.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lily, for being you! The fun, as well as healing you bring everywhere you go, is inspirational. Girl–you are a much-loved fur family member. You are the first Weim we ever heard of that plays ping pong too! I think you are full of life and it oozes on everyone around you. Cliff and I love it!

Agent Eleven Plus Years

Good news to report on our Agent .. 11 years / 4 months

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So Agent is now 11.4 years of age. Took him to see Dr. Sara Rice , who has seen him since he was 20lbs. She loves him so. Full check up including all blood work. She was amazed at how well he was doing. Agent’s physique and the way he carried himself certainly caught Dr. Rice’s eye. She commented on the muscles in his back and stated “Agent came from excellent Genes and Bloodline”. Dr. Rice also mentioned that if she did not know his birth date, she would guess his age to be around 8. Such great news. Agent gave her his Shake and they parted as good friends as always.¬† I would like to say that Agent Is doing very well as is Lilly. I would like to thank both of you for excellent dogs that are so part of our family. Owyheestar Weimaraners is the Best! David and Sherri H.

Breeder’s¬†¬†Comment:¬†Thank you David and Sherri for staying in touch for all these years, and for this recent update. Agent is awesome. Lily is not too bad. You have done great with them. No one can say how long a living creature will be with us. We all want the longest possible scenario–certainly everyday must be grand. Nevertheless, when a Weim reaches eleven they have beaten the odds; some do not make it this far. As with humans, every year a few depart this world for various reasons. Of course, some are lost to an accident, but a few succumb to a medical issue. We are¬†thankful these two are doing well, and that they bring you joy. Thanks ever so much for the referrals, and for staying in touch.

Emma and Alice

Two Sisters for Cheryl and Dave

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Alice is really really smart I was working on the down-command. ¬†She saw Emma do it, ¬†and then she did it. Alice follows that command now easily, like her sister Emma. ¬†She also loves retrieving tennis balls. Alice is socializing well; she has a curious but cautious nature about her. She is never still, except for when she sleeps. Her addition to our home, has benefited Emma’s health. Emma is in better physical condition. She has slimmed down from participating in joint ventures with Alice.

Stacked SistersThe girls are inseparable. It is fun to see the differences Emma and Alice have too! ~ Thanks again Cheryl and Dave

Note: In general, it is rarely a good idea to bring home a second female Weimaraner. Traditional wisdom tells us that a neutered male, and a spayed female has the best chance of avoiding fur-flying situations. It is a well-documented fact that two female Weimaraners will (more often than not) vie for top position. The art of vying to be the alpha female Weimaraner, can take on an ugly-look, even when you have a nice couple of Weimaraner girls.

A breeder has to be the gatekeeper. It is important to determine if a placement has an excellent chance of working. There are always going to be ups-and-downs with the raising the Weimaraner. There are many factors to consider when puppy placements are made. Those who work with the Weimaraner know there is any number of ways things can go sideways in a heartbeat. The folks that work with Weim rescue need us to do a good job. They should not need to run after us cleaning up bad decisions we make. :O)

Featured Weimaraner — Blue

Is this what they mean by a versatile dog? ūüėČ

Blue is Great All-Around

Versatile Blue BoatsBlue is becoming such a wonderful family dog as well. Tyler and Aaron are taking him to obedience classes. Blue is the eager to please, coming home after each class having mastered the desired skill. The instructor understands the different expectations of working dogs so everything has been easily transferable to working on developing his scent and skills that will be used in the field.

Breeder’s Note: This is the perfect example of a versatile Weimaraner’s life. They take part in every aspect of the family’s life. Versatile refers to the hunting dog who hunts upland game, as well as water fowl. They are both a dry-land companion, and a water dog.

Blue attracts a lot of attention..

It is also amazing how much attention Blue gets from around the neighborhood. Aaron and Tyler took him for his first big walk around the lake and to the park the other day. Blue’s senses were on overdrive as he was walking past quail, geese, and many other wildlife. They walked to the park where many kids were playing on the play structure, and a few volleyball games were ending. Aaron said that they were stopped multiple times by many different adults and kids asking about what type of dog he was and commenting how beautiful he is. Blue was a picture-perfect dog the entire time; sitting next to Aaron on-command when people would approach, letting then pet and admire him. On the way home (from the park) Tyler looks up to Aaron and says, “Oh I get it. You wanted to take Blue to the park to walk past the girls.” We just could not stop giggling. Already, Tyler sees how Blue can attract “cute” attention.

Blue impresses my father too!

As you remember, my father was the¬†president of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America. It means a lot that he loves him too! He babysat Blue a few weeks ago and commented what a well behaved dog and highly intelligent he is.¬† He said he has a very good temperament and is very birdie.¬† It pleases me to hear such wonderful compliments from him. ūüôā

Thank you for all the other adorable stories that will have with our Boy Blue.IMG_3035IMG_2224