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First Oregon

     ~Now he’s a California Boy


Alder here just letting you know I am Award Winning Weimar!


Our perfect shy little puppy is anything but shy any longer! Alder will approach almost anyone or anything for some play time. After living in Oregon for the first few months, we moved to Southern California! Alder quickly adjusted. Let’s just say we can’t keep him out of the ocean, and if he is out, then he is rolling in the sand which is wonderful for our home and cars.

Being a household dog means he never ceases to entertain us. He has two chihuahua siblings and frankly, our 85 lb monster thinks he’s the same size as his little buddies. He makes this clear while trying to sit on our laps in the car, or by sleeping on their tiny beds. All in all, we wouldn’t trade our perfect pup for anything!

IMG_4647I just thought we should email you to let you how happy my family and I are to have found you guys. It was our good fortune because we got our beautiful and the most perfect dog from you–Alder. I included some pictures in case you guys wanted to see how much he’s grown! He loves to cuddle, play at the beach, and fetch pretty much anything. We could not be happier.

Breeder Comment

We are ever so happy to receive news of Alder. We are also especially delighted to hear your lap Weim experience. It sounds like Alder enjoying his essential role within the family. How excellent that he is a perfect fit for your family. Thanks for remembering us.



Messages from Beyond

     ~Renee Writes


This is so beautiful – Tony was out looking at carpet swatches today, and was drawn to the grey one in the middle. He was blown away to see that the color palette is named after dog breeds & dog names. That one in particular is the color of the Weimaraner breed, but instead they named it Roxy!! 💕💗25396222_10154928626656126_1165834033228116972_n

We have SO MANY signs from her lately. It takes my breath away.

Breeder Comment

Can I say these guys are life-changing? She had an incredible life on this side thanks to you folks. Roxy–I hope you like this post. :O)


Happy Together


Dash had his 12-Week Vet Visit and the Parvo Shot today. He is 24 pounds and has the best disposition. He is just a gorgeous boy!

Breeder Comment

Dave, we are happy to learn you and Dasher are off to a great start. It is also a blessing to know that you are delighted with your new family addition. We know how important that is and never more so when someone has had a less than ideal experience before coming to OwyheeStar.

The importance of looks–while often a top consideration, pales in comparison to temperament and health. A beautiful unhealthy Weimaraner is heartbreaking. We realize that living creatures have issues–some more than others. Regardless, getting off to a fantastic start with a thriving pup is something we wish for every OwyheeStar client. Of course, we give tips that can help maintain these goals–follow the OwyheeStar Weimaraner Vaccine protocol, keep guard against parasites (they are everywhere), and get the basics done. Each of these things is foundational. There may be hiccups and rabbit trails along the journey, but nothing is more imperative than getting off to a good start.

Parasites are something not discussed much on the blog. Nonetheless, a goodly percentage of pups become infected–OwyheeStar and other than OwyheeStar. Possibly the biggest culprits are Giardia and Coccidia–one-celled parasites that are found in the environment. To some degree cleaning practices can help avoid these issues; however, puddle-drinkers and paw-lickers can ingest these opportunistic predators. When they do, they can take off like a wildfire in the gut. This scenario is best avoided–it can undo housebreaking at its best. A simple fecal check can help prevent this unraveling adventure no one wants to visit. Of course, keeping the young pup wormed is essential too.

Loose stools can be caused by stress but should you see them it is best to keep an eye on things. The cost of the fecal exam can put your mind at ease. Many times these issues resolve without medication–that is optimal. Pumpkin or squash are helpful. Bloody or mucous filled stools (a bigger concern) should be checked. If you see them, don’t think the worst–so far, no OwyheeStar pup has been lost to the Parvovirus. (I hold my breath as I type that statement, but following our recommendations helps keep your new family member safe). There are a number of things that can bring on such an event (terrible diarrhea)–the parasite infestation, and irritated gut, etc. Some Weims have a very sensitive stomach. The same ones may not leave the woodpile alone or stay out of the trashcan. (oops) It is imperative that you are proactive and find a solution–not only can ingesting these garbage-can-finds be upsetting, but it can also be life-threatening.









So It Begins!

Frankel's Dasher_3424Dasher is doing extremely well. No issues with housebreaking so far, he lets us know when he wants to go outside and we take him. And he has been sleeping all night. Dasher plays–then he first eats and then he sleeps. Not a cry baby.


Maybe the smartest puppy that we have ever had. Went to the Vet today for his 9-week puppy shot, following your vaccine protocol!


Dasher loves biting our other dogs fluffy tail. It has been hilarious to watch them interact. The video I sent you was from earlier in the week. They are almost friends now… Almost. They will be in another week.

Thank you two for our new family member!! ~ Dave

Breeder Comment

We are happy to have connected with you Dave (and Audrey). Thank you, for keeping us abreast of what is happening in your lives. The transition looks to be going well.

One day at a time. The journey has just begun!



When We Travel


We spend quite a lot of time in the car. My brother has things to do that takes him away quite often. I have quite a few toys–some I confiscate from the laundry, etc. “Woof!” You know what I mean. I was looking this VTech thing and thinking that those icons should be slightly larger to accommodate my nose bumps.

Chickens were tapping out music on the xylophone on Facebook. If they can do that surely, I could master this game. “Woof!”

A Dream Come True

We are Happy to have Blu in our Lives

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I am a huge dog-lover. As a kid, I grew up with Labs. As an adult (and as a father) I had to take a back seat to what dogs my kids liked. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming for me to have “My Dog”. The kids are grown, that is except for our four-year-old. She is not yet old enough to select her dog of choice. This time around it is my turn. I love the fact that they are friendly and feel part of the family. Have looked into this breed for years.

Blu is making his way into our home and hearts

Plenty of room for Blu to run around.   My youngest Daughter is in love with Blu, and he likewise with her.

Ghost @ 9 Weeks

Holistic for GhostGhost @ 9 WeeksGhost and the 9-Week Puppy Shot

He went in yesterday (it was either then or Friday for our vet)

No reaction here, not even stiffness at the injection site. He has a very minor ear infection so we had his little ears cleaned out deeper by the vet and got some ear drops to clear it up. I love our new vet, when I told her I didn’t want lepto or corona in the DPPV she said she doesn’t use those any way! And she’s made it clear she likes to keep treatment simple and holistic when possible.

I had a fecal exam done too, just to be safe because he had some soft stool that day any way, and just to be safe, it came back this morning negative. So, we are off to a great start.

At the Barn

Today was his first trip to the barn and he was magnificent. He has such a winning personality, cautious but not nervous, and he adapts to new people and places so quickly! He’s already begun to calm for non sleep/night time crate time pretty well.

He’s going to be such a wonderful man!

Breeder’s Note: For more information on how to keep the Weimaraner puppy safe, check out our blogHolistic for the Weimaraner.’


An Update; Healing Thoughts….

Bliss and I wish you the best and hope the “cone-head” days of healing are soon behind you.

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The cone-head photo was taken in Bliss’ first year. She has had to wear it again on numerous occasions in the last three years, but Thank God nothing too serious. She needed stitches after catching a wild turkey that fought back, a run-in with barbed wire, and numerous encounters of poison oak.

While she doesn’t care for the cone, it doesn’t get her down and she uses it to her advantage like a battering ram. Male groins beware!

Thank you so much for all that you do, we would be bereft without our Bliss! She has given us so much joy and plenty of stories of her adventures and antics. I have many pages to write and share another day.

Wishing you cone free days ahead soon,

Katherine and Bliss —  (Maggie x Zee 2011)

Kula and Pilikia

 Brent Reported: I just took Kula and Pilikia to the vet for their annual shots, and the Vet said that Pilikia was about as perfect of a dog she has ever seen!!!!

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Breeder’s Note: We meet the most interesting folks via the Weims. Kula and Pilikia reside with a couple who put a lot of effort into everything they do. It is not surprising the Kula was featured in the Whole Dog Journal, and accomplished so much more. Then Pilikia joined the family, and it was a good fit all the way around. This athletic family could be spotted in any number of locations–running, biking, or sailing. Brent recently described himself as a professional dog-walker who sails now and then;-) Brent has been sailing professionally for 23 years. We loved these photos he shared  with us of boats he sailed on (in various capacities). Honestly, we don’t think the Weims made any of these trips. 

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A hole in one, or not….

Hummmm I wonder what happened here?!!

         Lucy discusses what happened in their backyard…

If it looks like a hole and smells like a hole could it really be a hole?!! I think it is!!! But…. Who would dig a hole in my backyard?!!

Seriously, what happened here?

Seriously, what happened here?


 I am not taking the wrap for this…

I sits, and I am innocent. It was the neighbor's dog.

I sits, and I am innocent. It was the neighbor’s dog.

Oh now I know!!! It’s my bratty baby brother Luigi!!

He really irritates me at times and I must do something to set him off in a frenzy. The next thing I know is I see him digging a big hole!!

He likes to dig deep enough to expose all the white sprinkler pipes. You see all the evidence on his face and his feet?!!! Will he ever grow out of this? Not as long as I’m around….. But isn’t that what brothers and sisters do antagonize each other?… Ha Ha!!!!

Note: I am not a racist, but I want to point out that Luigi is not a Weimaraner. He is not a longhair Weimaraner. He is a Golden, or as he points out to me–he is Mom and Dad’s Golden Boy. I say uhuh whatever. You are taking the wrap for this buddy!

Idelle  has some thoughts on the topic too!

This is what we came home to today after leaving the kids outside while we went to Costco.

I don’t think Luigi will ever grow out of digging. For years we used to blame Lucy because with Luigi’s bad elbows we didn’t think he could power dig those big holes. But as time went on we discovered that the dirt was always all over him and not Lucy. That’s not to say that she is all innocent but we now think he does all the digging and she watches. I have seen her give him a look or bump into him and then he will go into a frenzy and zoom around the house or yard. Well I guess Lucy is keeping him young huh? Ha Ha!! Here is the damage we came home to…..

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"I gots my toy, and I am truly innocent." ~Lucy

“I gots my toy, and I am truly innocent.” ~Lucy

Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner can be a digging machine. We have seen a Weim dig a hole large enough to park a jeep in less than 20 minutes.

We have cautioned people who are raising the Weimaraner puppy, not to let the digging (chewing on the house siding, or other unwanted behaviors) to begin. That is the best way to avoid a lifetime of issues.

The Weimaraner that is a serious digger cannot be left access to the yard, or a lot of freedom. Some have been known to dig in the carpet. The pup that is supervised, and doesn’t get the notion that they want to dig for fun is going to be a lot easier to manage.