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Our sweet boy Nixon went on his first full river float/kayak adventure yesterday! We were on the river for 3 miles and 4 hours. He swam, ran, tromped his way through the fields and river banks the entire time! Took a short break on the kayak twice, passed 5 other dogs he didn’t bat an eye at, was super curious about the crawdads the kids were catching and even caught a sand piper bird that he ever so gently brought back to me and I returned to his nest safely 😂

He was absolutely amazing and to say he slept good was an understatement! Loving our boy and all the adventures! 

Breeder Comment

What a great family adventure. The sandpiper story was excellent. We appreciate you allowing us to share your story with our readers and follow along with you on your journey.

Baby ‘T’

~Made it Safely to California

(Saturday October 26, 2019) What a day…and we’re not done yet!  Baby “T” (name still under discussion) was great meeting friends and relatives today in Roseville and he was perfect on the drive home.  This was taken after a wave of relatives had left just before we left Roseville.

He comes with the ability to run after small children (very happily). I’ve had a half dozen alerts that the power would go out at 4 p.m. It’s now 5:30 and the car is unpacked and I still have power but wanted to get this to you today as we could be without power until Wednesday.  Not a big deal really…glad its a weekend. 

Love to you both, Barb

Breeder Comment

It always makes us happy to know a puppy has made it safely and is making an excellent adjustment. All the socialization and work should set you up for success, but it is an ongoing process. Thanks for the news. We sincerely hope you are safe. Let us know how things go.

Remy Blue

~ part two

Trips to the “holistic” vet have been fine. No issues with the titer testing, in fact, our vet was quite pleased with your protocol. Remy Blue did fine. Next big milestone is spaying sometime this summer.

Remy Blue took to initially swimming in our pool. She is much more adept at the water than Riley, our last Weim.

Car rides are fun, but Remy Blue becomes sad when my daughter, Evi exits the car for her activity. The tears of a Weim are so heartfelt. She also likes drinking my coffee; she seems to want me to stop at Starbucks for another.

Beach walks are fun for Remy Blue. She seeks out other dogs and wants to run and catch the water. I thinks she likes being a California Weim.

Breeder Comment

It is so great to see Remy Blue in her element and to hear how well she is doing at the Vet Visits, traveling, and enjoying the beach. Yes–she is a California girl.


She’s Growing

Just an update on our girl! She’s growing like a weed and learning new commands every week. We decided to bell train her for potty time and shes mastered that pretty quick! Currently working on “leave it” and “stay.” She’s making lots of people friends and her and her older brother (6yr Yorkie) play a rowdy game of Tug of War almost daily. If she’s not playing you can usually find her lounging on the couch or sleeping on someone’s chest. 

Happy updates, Angel and Jake

Breeder Comment

Dear Angel and Jake–we love hearing how Pepper is adjusting. Also, it is fabulous that she is making a lot of friends, Thank you –for remembering us.


~ We Celebrate 5 Years in December

Just wanted to send the yearly photos of our Maggie who turned 5 12/19.  Still bringing us lots of happiness and joy!  Our boys love to get her all riled up when they hide her ball. Too bad their hiding skills are no match for her nose!  

We have also started to teach her how to find sheds.  She is so smart!  Anytime you say “let’s go” or “bird” or “duck” her ears perk right up.  She still loves to cuddle with the cat.  Phil and I can barely get our running shoes tied and she already is standing at the front door!    The neighbors think it is pretty cool that we have her hold her own leash on our walks……Can’t imagine our lives without her.

One more thing….we take her collar off at night and in the morning we tell her to “go get her clothes” and she brings us her collar….She’s so much fun!

Hope all is well with you!Phil and Gretchen

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for another update on Maggie and her life with you. She looks so happy–glad you love her so much.

Second Christmas

~ Dasher

This was our second Christmas with our Dash. As you can see, he’s grown up quite a bit from last year at this time. He continues to be a happy, healthy and handsome boy. He just has the best disposition and we love him so. We just wanted to let you know that we are so grateful that we got him from you. All the best to our OwyheeStar family. Audrey & Dave

Breeder Comment

Thank you for sharing this lovely photo of Dash. We are thrilled that he more than met your expectations.


     ~No Cats Allowed

Ellie loves to rest on the couch by the fire with her blanket covering her.  Unfortunately, so do the cats. The black cat likes to “knead dough” on the blanket, especially if Ellie is under it.  This really annoys Ellie.  In this picture, Ellie is pretending the cats aren’t there.

All the Best,  Bob

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Bob, for sharing Ellie’s dilemma. I am sure she is not the first to cope with unwanted attention in this manner. You’d think though, that she would relish the idea of the kitty-kneading away. What a silly girl she is–and those cats make sure they are never too far away. (Haha)


At Three Years


I am writing to request an application for a second Weimaraner.  We got Mystic from you three years ago.  She is lovely, gentle, sweet and smart.  I can trust her everywhere we go.  She both protects and relaxes when she knows it is safe.  

Last December, we moved out of the city into the “country”.  We now have 5 acres out near the Skykomish River.  Between Mystic being 3 and well established with us and having more space we have been thinking the time is right for a second dog.  When I saw your email saying that you have a surplus of blues, Juan and I both agreed that this would be a good time to let you know.

Unknown-2We would love a second blue.  I am mostly looking for compatibility for Mystic.  She is neither the “alpha” nor the submissive type.  She will stand up for herself and let her boundaries be known, but quite diplomatically.  She is a peace maker.  She does know how to communicate what she wants and how, but does it so sweetly we all just give her what she wants, unless it is not safe or healthy.  Mostly, she makes us laugh and often just by being herself.

Superficially, she is gorgeous!  We get endless comments about how beautiful she is every time we go out.  

I have been sorry to hear about your health.  I am quiet on this end but watching and sending prayers for good health. I hope that things are getting easier. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer and Juan

Breeder Comment

5 Blue Males-Zula Blue X Blue Week Four-120.jpgThank you for your continued interest. We have followed up with you as you know by now. We are so happy to hear about Mystic and her life with you. Thank you for all you do for and with her. We appreciate your personal comments and prayers as well. They mean the world to us.

OwyheeStar Week Thirty-four 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

5 Blue Males-Zula Blue X Blue Week Four-119

This bouquet of adorable blue goodness might put a smile on your face. These five Blue Males were born to Zula Blue (in a litter sired by Blue). It kind of makes sense with two Blues and all the color being thrown around that we would get this adorable group. No, they are not all promised yet. We (actually) got more than expected with the Summer and Fall Blues we had born. The opposite of keeping folks waiting too long — like happened earlier this year.

The political hoopla has created a mud-slinging half-truth arena of a special kind. Many people have requested I post additional photos. I will see what I can do. We have the OwyheeStar photo archives. The sad truth is they are a mess after the last computer snafu where the 46,000+ files ended up in the trash by mistake. Then they refused just to return to their rightful places. (Eke) I have a semblance of a fix–it will never be as organized as it was before the unwelcome event. Nonetheless, I can pull out a photo here and there and share it with you. I think we will all welcome the diversion.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today! We began with Walter’s arrival and ended with Maizie picking huckleberries. This week saw more current departure news than that the type to feature adults. Nevertheless, Maizie and Roca both made an appearance on this week’s blog. 

Sunday—August 14 — Not So Long Ago (Walter)

Monday — August 15—We’ve Move (Roca in Washington DC

Tuesday — August 16 — First Camping Trip (Diesel)

Wednesday — August 17 — Tobryn & Tallyn

Thursday  — August 18 — From Central Oregon (Cooper)

Friday  — August 19 — Berry Picking (with Maizie)

On a very personal note

The house next door is on the market, and the traffic is insane. We are happy to have the puppy fence up to provide a measure of privacy. The last thing we need are people tracking the Parvo virus onto the property and spreading it to the pups. (Eke)

It has been a fix it type of week. There is more of the same in sight. Cliff moved the wheel lines (because they are going to be coming to cut the hay) and the chain broke. The tractor put up a fuss yesterday. It required some work to keep it running right. The little Stacker (Suzie) the Washing Machine (that I use for puppy and dog bedding) threw a belt. Cliff needs to buy and install another soon. We cannot drain the water out of it. (Bummer) I am so thankful he can perform these repairs.

I took Cliff to the Dermatologist yesterday. He had a sizable growth on his face. We were sure it wasn’t serious, but his father fought skin cancer (as did his mother). There is also the risk of it getting caught and torn off working on the farm. While he was there, the doctor gave him a skin check. The overall news, as well as the visit, was positive. Two pre-cancerous growths on his nose got the zap; the growth on his face is gone. He also has a condition on his feet we are treating. All of this is minor, but catching it now was a great thing.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. We can fill in a bit when necessary; however, we like to keep the integrity of your writing real. A couple of sentences can go a long way–sometimes it is enough. Those that have sent us updates know we are more than likely to post it word-for-word. 

There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing!

Tobryn and Tallyn

We Are Seeing Growth on Every Level!

August 13th — 

Seeing Tallyn when we go to bed and every morning (at 5a or earlier….ugh), I swear he has grown overnite.  He’s basically “potty trained”.  Has already learned to squeeze open the patio door to go outside to do his business.  Is loving the garden and it is amazing to watch his brain take everything in.  We still have eagles that fly around here looking for rabbits so am vigilante when he is outside.  I figure a couple more weeks and he will be big enough so an eagle won’t try and take him.  Well all for now.  Cooler here but still in the lower 80’s but the humidity has been so high that it makes it hard to stay outside for longer periods of time.  But this, too, shall pass.

August 15th  

  20160814_152459Since I’ve had Tobryn, he has slept under the covers with me and somewhere we are always touching.  Since Tallyn arrived, Tobryn has been on strike and slept in his recliner at least half the night.  Last night, Sunday, Tobryn jumped into bed and nuzzled himself under the covers and Tallyn somewhere on top of the covers in the bed and everyone slept the entire night, well.  No growling, no jumping out of bed.  Just beautiful sleep.  I know they will have their “tiffs”, but they are in full bonding mode now.  How happy that makes us all.  Thanks Shela and Cliff.

Breeder Comment

Last week Ron updated us on his new adventure–adding the second Weimaraner to the household. You might have read that blog–Two T’s