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At Three Years


I am writing to request an application for a second Weimaraner.  We got Mystic from you three years ago.  She is lovely, gentle, sweet and smart.  I can trust her everywhere we go.  She both protects and relaxes when she knows it is safe.  

Last December, we moved out of the city into the “country”.  We now have 5 acres out near the Skykomish River.  Between Mystic being 3 and well established with us and having more space we have been thinking the time is right for a second dog.  When I saw your email saying that you have a surplus of blues, Juan and I both agreed that this would be a good time to let you know.

Unknown-2We would love a second blue.  I am mostly looking for compatibility for Mystic.  She is neither the “alpha” nor the submissive type.  She will stand up for herself and let her boundaries be known, but quite diplomatically.  She is a peace maker.  She does know how to communicate what she wants and how, but does it so sweetly we all just give her what she wants, unless it is not safe or healthy.  Mostly, she makes us laugh and often just by being herself.

Superficially, she is gorgeous!  We get endless comments about how beautiful she is every time we go out.  

I have been sorry to hear about your health.  I am quiet on this end but watching and sending prayers for good health. I hope that things are getting easier. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer and Juan

Breeder Comment

5 Blue Males-Zula Blue X Blue Week Four-120.jpgThank you for your continued interest. We have followed up with you as you know by now. We are so happy to hear about Mystic and her life with you. Thank you for all you do for and with her. We appreciate your personal comments and prayers as well. They mean the world to us.

OwyheeStar Week Thirty-four 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

5 Blue Males-Zula Blue X Blue Week Four-119

This bouquet of adorable blue goodness might put a smile on your face. These five Blue Males were born to Zula Blue (in a litter sired by Blue). It kind of makes sense with two Blues and all the color being thrown around that we would get this adorable group. No, they are not all promised yet. We (actually) got more than expected with the Summer and Fall Blues we had born. The opposite of keeping folks waiting too long — like happened earlier this year.

The political hoopla has created a mud-slinging half-truth arena of a special kind. Many people have requested I post additional photos. I will see what I can do. We have the OwyheeStar photo archives. The sad truth is they are a mess after the last computer snafu where the 46,000+ files ended up in the trash by mistake. Then they refused just to return to their rightful places. (Eke) I have a semblance of a fix–it will never be as organized as it was before the unwelcome event. Nonetheless, I can pull out a photo here and there and share it with you. I think we will all welcome the diversion.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today! We began with Walter’s arrival and ended with Maizie picking huckleberries. This week saw more current departure news than that the type to feature adults. Nevertheless, Maizie and Roca both made an appearance on this week’s blog. 

Sunday—August 14 — Not So Long Ago (Walter)

Monday — August 15—We’ve Move (Roca in Washington DC

Tuesday — August 16 — First Camping Trip (Diesel)

Wednesday — August 17 — Tobryn & Tallyn

Thursday  — August 18 — From Central Oregon (Cooper)

Friday  — August 19 — Berry Picking (with Maizie)

On a very personal note

The house next door is on the market, and the traffic is insane. We are happy to have the puppy fence up to provide a measure of privacy. The last thing we need are people tracking the Parvo virus onto the property and spreading it to the pups. (Eke)

It has been a fix it type of week. There is more of the same in sight. Cliff moved the wheel lines (because they are going to be coming to cut the hay) and the chain broke. The tractor put up a fuss yesterday. It required some work to keep it running right. The little Stacker (Suzie) the Washing Machine (that I use for puppy and dog bedding) threw a belt. Cliff needs to buy and install another soon. We cannot drain the water out of it. (Bummer) I am so thankful he can perform these repairs.

I took Cliff to the Dermatologist yesterday. He had a sizable growth on his face. We were sure it wasn’t serious, but his father fought skin cancer (as did his mother). There is also the risk of it getting caught and torn off working on the farm. While he was there, the doctor gave him a skin check. The overall news, as well as the visit, was positive. Two pre-cancerous growths on his nose got the zap; the growth on his face is gone. He also has a condition on his feet we are treating. All of this is minor, but catching it now was a great thing.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. We can fill in a bit when necessary; however, we like to keep the integrity of your writing real. A couple of sentences can go a long way–sometimes it is enough. Those that have sent us updates know we are more than likely to post it word-for-word. 

There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing!

Tobryn and Tallyn

We Are Seeing Growth on Every Level!

August 13th — 

Seeing Tallyn when we go to bed and every morning (at 5a or earlier….ugh), I swear he has grown overnite.  He’s basically “potty trained”.  Has already learned to squeeze open the patio door to go outside to do his business.  Is loving the garden and it is amazing to watch his brain take everything in.  We still have eagles that fly around here looking for rabbits so am vigilante when he is outside.  I figure a couple more weeks and he will be big enough so an eagle won’t try and take him.  Well all for now.  Cooler here but still in the lower 80’s but the humidity has been so high that it makes it hard to stay outside for longer periods of time.  But this, too, shall pass.

August 15th  

  20160814_152459Since I’ve had Tobryn, he has slept under the covers with me and somewhere we are always touching.  Since Tallyn arrived, Tobryn has been on strike and slept in his recliner at least half the night.  Last night, Sunday, Tobryn jumped into bed and nuzzled himself under the covers and Tallyn somewhere on top of the covers in the bed and everyone slept the entire night, well.  No growling, no jumping out of bed.  Just beautiful sleep.  I know they will have their “tiffs”, but they are in full bonding mode now.  How happy that makes us all.  Thanks Shela and Cliff.

Breeder Comment

Last week Ron updated us on his new adventure–adding the second Weimaraner to the household. You might have read that blog–Two T’s

Advanced Training

Looking Ahead

   ~ Buck and I are making progress

13912492_10210601813669483_5534717232495097166_n“Well, he managed to get thru the intermediate training, on to advanced in sept and hope he passes the canine good citizen test at the end.”

Breeder Comment

Congratulations to the two of you. Training is as much for the human (if not more) than the pup. Socialization and learning skills in an organized manner is always a great idea.  All who achieve greatness start out at the beginning. It is all about the journey you are taking together.


Young's Cador at home(7/16/2016) Home safe and sound. He slept the whole way and is exploring the yard now. Thank you so much! I attached a picture with Luke, Cador, and Lilly.

Breeder Comment

This lovely family adopted Luke a return/rescue that could not be kept by a senior family. Isn’t it grand that he has a Blue Longhair brother? He might not love it at the moment; however, soon they will be co-conspirators and inseparable.

Things are Going Well

(7/19/2016) So far housebreaking and crate training have been pretty easy. Luke is scared of Cador, though. It’s pretty funny.


In Colorado

Shiny’s first dog show, first rally course & first leg!!!


The Roaring Fork Kennel Club (AKC) sponsored event will see the lovely Shiny for a second time. Yesterday, he completed his leg toward getting his Rally Title. What an awesome achievement! Today, they are back to see what else they can accomplish.

Let’s cheer them on!

Congratulations Julia and Shiny!

Yes–Shiny is a Blue Longhair Weimaraner!

New To The Water



I’m a very happy person today. I haven’t found any safe place to take the dogs swimming until today. Willow is 3 and Ruger 4 so I was concerned I’d be dragging dogs into the water and then having them sink. Silvi (my first Weim) refused to swim but could float for 30 minutes. You can be proud and pass this on to Cliff please, their early training kicked in and they were swimming back to shore over and over again. Willow had to be brought in by her collar still but if I was in the water with her, Ruger came in by himself. I think this will happen pretty fast as he seems to like it and she’s fast getting content in the water.

Ruger rested on the way home, Willow watched the scenery. So different but they LOVE each other very much!

Breeder’s Comment

Sunday’s Blog featured Ellie at Quinn’s Pond near Boise, Idaho. This is a littermate to your Ruger. As you might remember, he was captured swimming (or water retrieving). Click here if you missed that blog or want to review it.

Close Your Eyes

Luna’s Find

After we got home  (from our SUP adventure) it was time to work on the property, as Bill and I were working on fences Luna was “hunting” … I was watching her thinking how cute she is thinking she can catch a gopher by digging a hole, just at that moment I heard a squeak and Luna had caught her first gopher!

Garin's Luna the gopher

What do you mean when you say, “leave it?” 

This week she has also learned that she doesn’t have to be on my heels nonstop, she likes to pretend that she’s independent but most of the time if you see me you can spot Luna not too far away 🙂 but this week if she wasn’t included in the activity (like working in the fenced garden) she would wonder off and hunt or just find a nice cool place to rest, of course she still needed to know where I was, but as long as I was where I was supposed to be she was good! I’d like to chalk this up to maturity (she’s a year and a half now!) but maybe we just plain wore her out, it was a very active week:)


Breeder’s Comment

For those wanting a pristine and vermin free environment, this can be a mixed experience. The Weimaraner is a hunter. They may find a bird, a mouse, a bug, a frog, a toad, or (like in this case) a gopher. They also might roll in something dead given the opportunity. Keep in mind that they think it smells fantastic.

Sleek and Clean

A lot of folks were initially drawn to the Weimaraner due to the smooth coat. Possibly years of cleaning after the ultra popular Labrador left you wanting less hair. There will always be hair, but this is eyelash length. It is not found all over the furniture, the car, and in piles along the floorboards. Despite this fact, if you are a neat-freak it might be time to pause. This breed can be quite messy and they are attracted to some things you might not want to embrace.

Ewe and Oh No!

They love to raid the trash and play to toads–both could be deadly. Some toads are toxic; they trash may have dangerous bones, glass, metal, etc. For many the shredded paper is not a huge issue; however, the Surprises, Gifts, and Whatnot is not tolerable. It is never a good idea to assume you can train the Weimaraner not to roll on a dead something or the random cowpie. Keeping them being interest in vermin or the occasion Tweetie Pie is not realistic either. Some will simply keep watch while others plot how they will capture them.  The Weimlover must be willing to accept the breed for what it is and to be vigilant to keep them safe–even from their own wiles.




Colorado Boy

A Blue Longhair

Shiny is a true Colorado Boy! Here he is on his first “fourteener” (mountain over 14,000 feet) just 2 weeks before his first birthday!

Demo Dog Too!

He also was the demo dog for the local 4H conference today.
As you can imagine, he was a big hit!

Time For


Murphy Ready for TVMurphy says


Ok Dad, time to watch TV now right?!?!  I’m sitting like you and everything!!!

Charlie Mae and Elle

Charlie Mae Enjoying TV.jpg

Time Watchers

Does anyone at your house tell time? Our Weims know when it is bedtime, mealtime and the general routine we keep. They are not happy about us not keeping on schedule. Evidently there is television time and place too. Murphy and Charlie Mae know their routine. They might know how to work things to their advantage too.