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Happy To Be Dropped At Daycare


Lily’s Mom Writes…

Thank you so much to our awesome daycamp for the pic! I can’t believe how much @lily_the_weim loves day camp. Makes me so happy that even if I just have to run some errands, I can drop her off and she is so happy to play. She just loves it there. (Photocredit @petshotel2242 ) that face. 💚💚. I am such a sucker for that face.

When Lily’s Home

     ~ I am a Watchdog and a Gamer





Strategic Lookout is Lily’s Favorite 



Ping Pong Anyone?



Lily now wants to play ping pong every time anyone from our family does. It all leads to lots and lots of laughter from all. It has been super hot here lately and these little things keep her busy while also out of the heat.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lily, for being you! The fun, as well as healing you bring everywhere you go, is inspirational. Girl–you are a much-loved fur family member. You are the first Weim we ever heard of that plays ping pong too! I think you are full of life and it oozes on everyone around you. Cliff and I love it!

Blu loves people…

She is a Quick Learner…

I just wanted to let you know how our little girl is doing. She just as of yesterday has got the potty training down, it was so cute, she went to the front door, I have no bell there, so I was not paying attention to her, till she spoke up, and made eye contact, I open the door and she was off. What a proud mother I was to see her learning… she got her 9 week shot, is now on Nuvet pill, have not order Fasttrack yet.  She plays fetch, IHave one of the learning toys that gives her treats, she know how to get the treats out really quick.

Ron and Blu went Fishing…

She has also went fishing with Ron in our boat.. Ron said she did really good in the boat, for 8 plus hours.She loves being with people, we have a business so she is with customers all the time… our cat ( Abby ) wants nothing to do with her, 😦  Blu tries everyday to say hello, but the cat just gives a big hiss… I am hopeful that it will change.

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She doesn’t want to be left by herself…

Blu does not….. like to be alone. I really do mean that she has a whining spell, So I give in, it just makes me so sad to hear her whine like that.. She loves fruit, and yogurt, Her little nose is up in the air when I am serving dinner, if she could she would love to eat everything we eat. We have to put her in her kennel when its meal time, or she is bugging us for our food.. here are some picks of her in action. Thank you both so much for giving us such a wonderful little girl, My mother everyday has me send her a text with a new Picture of Blu, so I am always taking pictures of her… Thank You again. Ron,Tammi, Abby, Blu.

John, G2, and Duck Hunting

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Hi there! I finally got some pics of G2 in the field. They were taken on a recent duck hunt with my dad and I. The other dog you see is my dad’s lab Toby. G2 and Toby are like brothers they get along and hunt together so well.

Breeder’s Note: We know it is no small thing for a hunter to take the time to get field photos. When you are hunting, (unless you have a Go-pro, or something like that) your attention is focused in another direction. We appreciate John’s effort to show their success, and how the sport of hunting brings their family together.