Not the Norm

Before the beloved Koda

~There Was Tucker


Koda @ 4.5 YrsKoda is much loved and celebrated within his family. He is about 4.5 years old. Nonetheless, like so many Weimaraners, he came to his family with huge paw prints to fill. There are always the hopes and then we have our expectations.

Tucker’s shadow had cast a special spell upon his domain. Koda walked into this family’s heart and household as young pup without reservation. He didn’t know of Tucker, but Tucker had left this family taking a piece of their heart with him. At the same time, he set them up with a void that left a much need place for Koda. Somehow it seems Tucker was looking down with an approving smile and maybe a smirk too! How can you hope to fill my paws, little man?

Tucker’s Kitty Sister

Amy writes

I keep hoping she will convince Koda 100% they should be this loving. Koda is good with her most of the time, but he does get a bit rough occasionally. We haven’t really seen this type of snuggly love in the driveway yet, but keep hoping! She is determined!

Breeder Comment

Most Weims who grow up with a kitty accept them; however, not all them lay around and snuggle. Not every Weim scoops the kitty up and embraces them. Sometimes they tolerate the household cat. Other times they pretend they don’t exist. There is no one scenario. Bringing an adult Weimaraner into such a situation is precarious and could end badly. Please take caution.

Koda has made a previous appearance on our blog. You might enjoy that post–click here!











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  1. I’m sure Tucker is glad that you cured the heavy heart of your humans Koda… think your paws fit perfect in the pawprints he left… :o)

  2. We cannot live without a Weim-fix. Yup it is like a drug I suppose. LOL

  3. So nice to see Koda again😃.

  4. Yes, he should do more and keep the Rockstar Status like Maize

  5. Yes, Maizie believes she is a rock star!😉

  6. Well — uh who could prove otherwise or would want to??

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