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~Living the Life in Weiser, Idaho

Hi !  Hope you and Cliff are well!  I want to give you an update on Sophia.  10 months old now (can you believe it?!) and she weighs 75 pounds.  Martha (vet) said “Keep doing what you’re doing, she’s healthy and at a perfect weight.”  😁

Breeder Comment

We love hearing the news that Sophia is doing well–and the Vet endorsement that your diet is perfect for her. Thanks for keeping us apprised. Keep doing what you are doing — it is a journey, and in time we will see what you become.


~Meet Up Again

Saturday we too Andi and Alli (Dahlia X Boone) to get a Titer Test at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital in Nampa, Idaho. As it happens, Sheila and Foster were there for the same thing with Duchess.

So, the three sisters had a moment. Andi has her forever family in Nampa with Nancy and Sam–there will be an update this week. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this short video.

Thunder prefers the driver’s seat…

My name is Thunder

            and I want to be in the driver’s seat !

Thunder prefers to be the one driving...

Thunder prefers to be the one driving…

Mom and Dad both work..

Last week I went to the office to help my Mom with her job. Now, we just got home from going to visit Dad at work. This work thing has me puzzled, but the folks say they have to keep doing it so I can have what I need. “Woof” –that means whatever in my language.

Growing like a weed

Mom says I am growing fast. She thinks I have long legs, and truth be told I do tend to stumble over myself.

I like to chew…chew …chew

I chew everything, I mean everything! I have ever kind of toy you can imagine, but I more often than not opt for the off limit things–like shoes, furniture and yes, I still chew on my sister.

Featured Weimaraner — Tiga

Tiga March 2013

Tiga March 2013

Tiga is doing doing great!!!

He is very calm, curious and playful.  The biting is getting much much better.  Still have to keep a close eye on the youngest kid, but no problems to report.

What about adding a second Weimaraner to the family?

So I am curious about your opinion of having 2 of these pups.  I assume they develop a different personality if they are matched with a second dog. 

Not long ago -- January 2013

Not long ago — January 2013

Tiga Likes to Please!

I think we have him pretty well figured out and he is definitely a dog that likes to please.  He has shown attempts at dominance over the kids, but Lena is very good about telling him no and has almost figured out how to keep him down.  I assume a few more weeks and he will know she is no pushover.  Our son is still too little to really know the difference and nibbles feel like a great white got him from his reactions, so we keep a very close eye on them when they are together.  Casey and I have his respect at this point, as we both are pretty direct people regardless of having a puppy or not.  

Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner is very addictive for some folks. Mike wants a second, and will surely add them before too long. Timing is important. We have written a blog on this topic. You might want to check it out. Click here!