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~Living the Life in Weiser, Idaho

Hi !  Hope you and Cliff are well!  I want to give you an update on Sophia.  10 months old now (can you believe it?!) and she weighs 75 pounds.  Martha (vet) said “Keep doing what you’re doing, she’s healthy and at a perfect weight.”  😁

Breeder Comment

We love hearing the news that Sophia is doing well–and the Vet endorsement that your diet is perfect for her. Thanks for keeping us apprised. Keep doing what you are doing — it is a journey, and in time we will see what you become.


~Five Monday and Growing

Happy Memorial Day!

A little update on our buddy Nixon, now 5 months. He is happy, so loved, growing like a weed (65 lbs), loves the beach and loves to swim and chase his kids! We spent the day cleaning graves and he was a great helper and quietly watched over us. Socially he is getting so good in public and behaves so well! He gets excited to go for rides and walks and is learning lots of tricks and commands. We wouldn’t trade this laid back snuggle buddy for nothing! We love him! 

Breeder Comment

Nixon, while your update comes on the heels of the extraordinary six-segment Sherlock update, you are no less stellar. You are lovely and larger than we would expect. Many of the Weims in Fern’s DNA pool were the sort that you would have called undersized; however, even though Fern was around 63 pounds and Boone around 83, your boy is big. He is lovely. He doesn’t look fat–growing a pup slow is in their best interest, but they get most of their size in the first six months, so it might be that Nixon ends up to be about his papa’s size. We will see in time.

Haze and Skye

1421274_10202570022273325_1013885619_o1234117_10201484856619457_1783153611_n[1]Here is our 4 and 6 month birthday picture. Haze is on the left weighing in at 38 pounds at 4 months and Skye on the right weighing 35 pounds. My younger sister officially weighs more than me-at least I am faster, I am a lean machine!

601050_10202552787162458_1763356095_nA little about Jean and Nancy

In case you don’t know, we are best friends, business partners, etc. We live next to each other, and operate our business from our home. We each got a blue female from Cliff and Shela.

We are having a blast raising these two pups. They cause such a stir everywhere we go. Our recent trip to Cabelas is included. To the right, you can see one photo of three of us in front of the native fish tank.

Here is a slide-show encompassing the last few months. We hope this brings a smile to your heart. Click here to learn more about us!

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