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Colorado OwyheeStar

~Office Help

All is well.  All systems are working and we have had only one accident (my fault), otherwise, she’s going outside regularly. She does well at the office and actually asked to go out!

P.S. please put me down for a blue female with the tail.  Let me know when I need to send a deposit.

Breeder Comment

First, we want to thank Steve for being such a fantastic Weimlover. Now, some of you might wonder he what he means when he says, “with a tail.” Don’t all Weims have a tail? Yes, they do.

Steve means he wants an undocked tail on his next pup–which is what this one has by request. We have a particular protocol we follow for this type of request. For one thing, the deposit is sizeable–because if the person happens to walk away, then finding another home for the pup is an arduous task. It can be done, but it requires a lot of extra work. Therefore, we need more to get on the Wait List for the undocked tail, as well as to reserve such a puppy. Once the decision has been made, as about one-week, then docking the tail also becomes more involved.

Our Penny

~A different Life now

Hey There–here we are with Penny (Polka Dot X Blue). I got her from you some time ago (about 8 years ago)–since then our life has changed a lot. We want to add another OwyheeStar to our family, but let’s update you first.

I am very excited also to share “Penny’s” (Pendleton Juno Kopeck’s) story with you. I initially got Penny (who we picked up in Pendleton when getting her hence the name) when I was single and now Penny has a whole family, a dad and 2 brothers age 1 and 3.  We live on a cattle Ranch (my partners family is 5 generation cattle ranchers in British Columbia) so Penny really is loving the dream and thinks she is now a cow dog. 

My partner (Clint) actually raises border collies and breeds them.  We have 4 borders and Penny.  Penny is the only real indoor dog of ours, except for when puppies come. We have had our challenges over the years but I think that’s owning a Weimaraner.. haha.  She still is my snuggle bug and sleeps in bed, under the covers, at my feet every night… 

Breeder Comment

It is great to connect with you again. Wow–there have been a lot of changes since we met nearly a decade ago. Thanks for sharing with us and returning for another OwyheeStar.

We look forward to the day we meet again, and you bring home your new family member.


Wild Child

     ~ Newest Trick

Henry’s newest trick. Bring me everything I need to take him on a walk.

First, he brought my hat, then my shoes. He has yet to bring an unmatched pair.


Henry Works His Charm

22751261_10155661950964564_1805265951_oHenry got what he wanted, a hike up Pisgah with his BFF Tule. For extra fun Henry found a wiggly rope (snake) and brought it out to play 😳

And he is a blessing. Most of the time, lol. He loves to chew on wood, he finally has a victim….bamboo coasters. I told Kevin last night that Henry is a wild boy sometimes, but at least he has only ruined our coasters. Lol.

~ Kiley

Breeder Comment

Have we mentioned that we meet the most incredible people in the world? Kiley is amazing with Henry. When she is not orchestrating a family event–like the laundry, an outing, or whatever Henry has planned you might find her saving lives. That’s right — Kiley is a nurse. I am sure she has a more impressive title, but to anyone who ever needed specialized medical care for their self or someone they love, we can agree nurses are incredible.

Thank you, Kiley, for letting us use your video and photos and for sharing your Henry tails. We sincerely appreciate your dedication and your sense of humor.

Are You Familiar?

The Balad of the Weimar

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He sang me the “Song of His People” this morning for 35 minutes from the backseat crate. I listened to intently, but in silence. It was a very sad ballad.

                             And he has been perfect ever since!!
“Grandma” and “Grandpa” are smitten.
                       Luey gave him play bows & low rider runs around the back yard!
He’s all tuckered out now.
Thanks for everything!

Every project needs a Supervisor

Meet Luna

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Luna takes her job of supervisor very seriously, not only does she check my work closely but she has also decided that she is my body guard.

I’m on Team Luna

At just under 5 months Luna is a great partner, she is obedient and really tries to please sometimes I forget that she is still a baby 🙂

Breeder Thoughts…

I could have titled this Matches are a good thing. What do you think about this bookend set –one kitty, and one Blue Weimar? Isn’t it adorable? 

Other Matches

Do remember Holly and Goldee’s hair? Click here to see the matching braids. When Nancy posted the supervisory photos of Luna (not so long ago) I noticed her toes looked polished. When I queried about the nail polish, I learned that Luna and Nancy were sporting the same nail color. I guess looking perfect (and matched) for the job site is important. Enlarge the photo below to see what I mean.image2

Featured Weimaraner — Magnum

Magnum Pillow

Every Weimaraner Needs a Job!

As you can see, I serve as a pillow at times. I also function as a seat warmer (in the house and the truck). Who needs a GPS when they have me in the passenger seat?

Two look-alike girls were spotted driving a rig that looked a lot like something that was parked off street at their house.

Two look-alike girls were spotted driving a rig that looked a lot like something that was parked off street at their house.








Passenger Seat Weimar

Of course, this (using of the passenger seat) is only necessary because Dad won’t let me drive.) I saw Ilsa and Indy went out for a spin, and felt a little underprivileged. 

I wear many different hats…

I have a full-time job keeping my two Weimar sisters (Hemi and Sophie) in line. Then there are the guys who hangout with dad. They are guys of a special sort. I am not supposed to eat hamburgers and hot-dogs, or even a lot of other people-food. Uhhhh, they told me why, but it completely slipped behind my left ear. Or was it my right ear. Well, it slipped out of the forefront of my thoughts.

Mike and Turbo Demonstrate why pets are safer on Camino Island

Mike and Turbo Demonstrate why pets are safer on Camino Island


When Turbo went over the rainbow bridge, Dad needed a new sidekick. I am he! Nonetheless, there are so many things that Turbo did. Some of these things I have been informed I can skip–such as eating an artificial tree limb and needing surgery. However, working as a firehouse dog, is one of my important jobs. I have to be well-behaved, friendly, and keep secrets. I have this covered!

Mike wrote (05/12/2013): Magnum is doing great…

Growing well, maybe too well–I’m thinking he is going to be our biggest Weim yet.

Breeder’s Note: Magnum’s parents are Millee (who weighs about 50 Lbs) and Stackhouse (who tops the scales at about 85 Lbs). Predicting the Weim’s final adult size is tricky.

Whatcha gonna do Cliff?

Whatcha gonna do Cliff?

We have Bernie (a longhair female from the same litter as Magnum). She seems to be smaller, which is normal for a female. However, it remains to be seen how large either of these two litter-mates will grow. It should be noted that slow growth is very important for the large breed Weimaraner puppy.

Cliff recommends a High Quality Large Breed Puppy Chow for the Weimaraner (4-5 Star)

Never feed your Weimaraner puppy regular puppy chow. This puppy chow is designed to encourage puppy-growth which is great for the small-breed pups. Like so many topics, there is a difference of opinion on whether to use large breed puppy chow, or regular adult dog food.

Wuz that a birdy??? Where'd it go Cliff????

Wuz that a birdy??? Where’d it go Cliff????

Treats count, and add up at the end of the day!

Cliff believes the grain-free large breed puppy chow is going to serve the Weimaraner better than most other choices. It is important to remember treats are counted as part of the diet, just as our snacks add up as well.

Weimaraner Puppy Biting Revisited

Sunny at the Beach Nov 2012ASunny is amazing.  For some people their weimaraner is “part” of the family, and for others like me, their weimaraner “is” their only family.

Puppy Nipping Happens

Sunny did alot of “affectionate” nipping, and I donated my fair share of blood, but slowly but surely it got better. Now at a year old, this issue has passed completely, and he’s very gentle with his mouth. Now still working on calm greetings, and not jumping up when over excited…… It’s been very fun.

It is important to control the situation

One more comment on the puppy nipping. I have learned that it is very important to control the interactions that my dog has with people we meet along our travels together.  People often wanted to play rough with Sunny with their hands, and then he got out of control, and started nipping.  Then, I don’t think it’s fair to the dog to correct him for nipping after he got too wound up.  These weim puppies just can’t control themselves when they get too excited at a young age.  So I used to always carry a booda bone or toy to substitute when playing.  Biting the toy…..good dog…… !   If someone I meet won’t play with my dog in an acceptable way, I take Sunny away from the situation immediately.

Breeder’s Note: Rod raised Sunny in the middle of his life, and since he takes him to work every day (click here to read more) it was important to get results very quickly. We often say it takes a knack to raise this breed, and that is probably a good way to explain things. There is not a one size fits any situation and approach to raising the Weimaraner. This is what gets some seasoned Weimaraner owners into trouble with their next Weim. They come to the new relationship with a lot of preconceived ideas, rather than looking at this as a fresh opportunity. Either they are thinking they are endowed with dog-savvy and experience, so they know best, or they are over compensating for mistakes made the time before. Neither is a good approach to a new situation.

Rod’s comments (posted in this blog) were in response to yesterday’s blog. We thought they might prove helpful to those of you struggling with puppy biting. It can grow old, and you can become weary of having to deal with it. In time, it will pass if you don’t over react.