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Pilikia in the Snow

~ With Kula Bleu

They dogs are loving their Carhartt jackets and they are getting used to their boots, although Kula will still only let me put them in his back paws!

Pilikia Wears All Four

Mahalo, Brent

Breeder Comment

Brent–thanks for thinking of us; it means so much. We know everyone will love these photos of the two, and how Kula Bleu doesn’t wear all four boots.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

We are in mid-January

Thick Hoar FrostWinter pervades my every thought, and action. There is no escaping it unless you fly to a more tropical location. We see the posts on Facebook; there are those of you going to Hawaii and such. We are home-bound. Even if we desire to escape the cold, and the extra brutal winter-work, we cannot. There are those that depend upon us being faithful.

It seems no matter which way you travel from Ontario, we have more snow–unless you go into the mountains. There is not much, but what there is, has frozen, and attached securely to the ground. It is not sledding or snowmobile material.

Closer to Ontario

The western Treasure Valley is staying close to freezing (as our daily high), and dropping to 20 degrees or so at night. Near Boise, they have been getting above freezing during the day. That would explain why we are seeing the lasting snow. We also have a lot of the beautiful hoary frosted trees. These conditions are enhanced by an inversion; resulting a lot of heavy fog the last few days. This morning, I can see further from where I sit typing, but fog tends to be somewhat oppressive to our spirit. You have to let sunshine of one sort or other in often to overcome the winter-blues.

Cabin Fever

Brewster and Cliff 5The winter is also plagued by an outbreak of flu and colds. You cannot go anywhere they are not discussing being sick, or found to still have a hacking cough. Nevertheless, this is not the greatest winter danger looming large on the horizon. I feel it coming on; Cliff is brewing a huge dose of cabin fever. Working out in the cold doesn’t cure or prevent cabin fever. I think he will soon be in pursuit of something other than the norm. I hear him planning, and trying to arrange a special outing. He needs it! January is a vast improvement from the brutal cold we experienced in December, but it is somewhat oppressive anyhow. It is the time of the year when we hope to see a bit of something green. We are looking for a little promise of spring; the anticipation is good medicine for our soul! I am going to plant some bulbs, and hope they (not only grow) will bloom in the kitchen’s bay window. Cliff picked up a plant bulb yesterday. I am good to go; I just need to fish out the bulbs (from the refrigerator), and plant some to see if I am lucky.

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Saturday unknowns….

I am not sure what we will be doing today; the day may well include a little football, possibly a granddaughter visit, and a lot of cleaning. It is not too early to begin spring cleaning. (Oops) Maybe this is last year’s spring cleaning that didn’t get finished. The sewing room has been packed with things we wanted out of of sight–hurriedly put in there to move forward. Ashley and I are wanting to use the sewing machine. I may dig into the room a bit deeper today. We need a lot of supplies, and to get rid of old things that we are never going to use.

Looking Ahead…

We have some blogs in the works; and other ideas being mulled. We hope to have an update or two this week; however, we plan to talk about the benefits of getting a winter pup. We may feature some longhairs, and talk about them a bit more. Keeping the blog packed with information, updates, and tips can be challenging. We don’t want to have fluff-articles.  However, a little Weim-fluff is OK.

Our heartfelt message……


Jake with Ilsa and Indy

Whatever you find yourself doing today, we hope you have a Weim friend with which to share the moment. Shared moments are the best kind.

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!