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Dyson’s Big Win

It’s not your typical hunting dog brag but Dyson won a cover photo contest for Oregon, Washington and Idaho Weimaraners Facebook group with this double derp picture.  He was waiting intensely for a ball to be thrown.  He’s such a lovable clown. 

Cheers. ~Mardo

Breeder Comment

Mardo–thanks for sending this along to us. What a fun and funny photo capture. Way to go, Dyson. You are a winner!


10376144_10152078608297282_5506890378674751977_nHe’s a Winner!!

Hi Shela and Cliff,

We took Kiefer to a rattlesnake avoidance training class (we’ve been taking him to Hell’s Canyon with us — lots of snakes!) and won a contest sponsored by D&B Supply.  So our handsome “Mr. Hollywood” was featured on the D & B Supply  facebook ….

Retirement is on the horizon, and we will be talking to your about a friend for Kiefer…