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Thank You Again Jan

64151_10200572638061715_1147811218_nI highly recommend OwyheeStar, as Cliff and Shela do a fabulous job and my girl Willow is everything I could have asked for in a Weimar.  Eventually when I am ready for another Weimar I will definitely return to them.  Not only do they have great dogs but they are there for support the entire way and long after the puppy has come into your home.  If you read their blog you will see folks who have had one of their dogs for many years adding comments, etc.  I have had this breed for 37 years and Willow is by far the healthiest and best-temperamented of any Weimar I have had.  Five Stars!!!


Jan Magnuson
SUNSTAR “Best-In-Show & Best Friends”
Champion American Bulldogs & Weimaraners
All-Breed Dog Obedience Training
P.O. Box 98072, Des Moines, WA 98198

Breeder’s comment—Thank you Jan! This was a forwarded reply to a query Jan received about OwyheeStar. No breeder can unequivocally guarantee that nothing will go awry. They cannot guarantee longevity. All they can do is try to do the best possible job breeding, screening, and preparing pups for the future. That being done, there are variables.

Everyone hopes for the Weim that lives sixteen years (without health issues). Everyone wants the nice looks, and great temperament–and more. All breeders want to produce this pup every time. To do so would require cloning, and while that might sound like a good idea, there are flaws in that plan too! The uniqueness of each living creature is more than special. As the DNA weaves through a living creature, they are stamped with a pattern. Things pull through that we want, and sometimes that which we don’t want. These variants can come from generations before. Thank goodness the unwanted ones are rare occurrences, but to deny they can happen is dishonest.

Every breed has their issues. The Weimaraner is no exception. They are sensitive to drugs, and can suffer reactions to their environment. Some are allergic to grain, certain grasses, and other things. These are factors no one can totally avoid. The best approach to raising the healthiest Weimaraner, is the more holistic approach. Guarding your approach to vaccinating the young Weimaraner will also go a long way toward avoiding vaccine reactions, which can lead to severe issues (and possibly death). We recommend turning to the titre test instead of doing puppy shots at the sixteen-week mark. In our experience, our protocol is producing adequate protection, and in some cases double what is necessary.

Ruby Tuesday

Why Yes I like the sofa like this!


Ruby is a well-mannered blue female who lives in Western Washington. You might remember Ruby when she was featured on a previous blog post.

Ruby Tuesday started off so small. She is not a huge female, but she is no longer dinky.

The Many Faces of Winnie

Oh How Time Flies…

I have sent some newer pics of Winnie and some from her photo shoot. Winnie loves her naps and taking them with either her toys or her people (I prefer the latter, because it allows me to slow down and enjoy some quiet time). Winnie has learned how to use the dog door and the potty training has commenced. We are now on to the new tasks of leash walking/running and bird hunting training, both are going very well.

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Queen Bee Winnie

She rules the roost. When we feed Max (our 6 year old chocolate lab), Winnie will go to his bowl and he graciously moves aside for her to have his food. Max is so gentle and playful with her. We hope all is well with you both!
~Sherena & Brendan


Thanks again for everything, Bella is doing really good, we are all in love with her.

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Bella is doing great, getting bigger everyday and she is a sweetheart.

Breeder’s Note: We love hearing how the new pup is adjusting. Those involved with us know, we put a lot into getting them ready. What that means is they are set up for the person bringing them home. They are ready to housebreak, crate-train, and whatnot. No matter what they know here, when they arrive at their new home, it is unknown. The humans are waiting, and ready to be molded (as well as manipulated). It is shocking how quickly the pup has you wrapped around their paw, and in compliance. It would be so amazing if we were half as sucessful.

Some of the best pet-lovers fall victim to their Weimaraner. They fail to get loose-leash compliance, and they resort to pinch collars, head-halters (like a gentle leader). We are not a fan, because although they are unable to pull you down the street–they do not give you the respect of their compliance. (Click here to read a previous blog on this topic.) Earning respect is a two-way street, but for many dog-savvy people it requires they dig-deep to achieve. The Weimaraner is up to the chess match that we are playing. They intend to bring us to a checkmate. Each compromise is a loss for our beloved friend. The backdrop to what I am speaking of is that every week some dog (many times it is a Weimaraner) loses their life because they failed to comply to the recall–or they just took off. Sadly, many times these are well-trained Weims. It happens to the best of us, but we up the odds in our favor by achieving the loose leash lead. Ultimately, we want them to want to please us more than to have their own way–not to prove we are the best trainer, but to create a positive atmosphere that fosters all the attributes we are hoping to achieve. This takes patience, follow through, and more than a little knack. Jan Magnuson has had the Weimaraner for more than thirty-five years, and she is one of the best trainers in the northwest. Click here to read a comment from Jan, and more about what we believe is the ideal goal.

DSC_6279Cliff and Shela try to learn from their own mistakes. They also try to learn from the errors other people make. With the Weimaraner, it is important to get it right up front, because the propensity toward concrete-thinking makes it difficult to undo the bad habits once formed. Seeing the rocks in this photo with Bella, we cautioned Sri to keep an eye on Miss Bella. It seems that Bella has been found with at least one in her mouth. Here is yet another read (click here) for those who think nothing happens to Cliff and Shela. This link mentions Dusty, and an encounter with a rock.

Dusty recovered, but we learned a valuable lesson. We also changed vets after the experience. It took a lot of effort to get Dusty back to the same trust-level after the not-so-happy veterinary office experience. Today, he is awesome with everyone. He still doesn’t totally trust anyone wearing ode-de-vet-office cologne. He is better, but it took years to get past the ordeal he suffered. Some things are best avoided.

Hans is a Good Boy

Adding a Second Weim was a Good Decision

Just wanted to say hi and give you guys an update on Hans.  He is doing very well, he is such a good boy. We are so glad we decided to get another weim and one from Owyheestar.  It has been such a blessing having him in our home.

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Hilde is in Control

It didn’t take long for our 4yr old Hilde to warm up to him, she still has her moments tho.  Of course all the toys are hers, but I think Hans likes it that way.  He enjoys taking them when she isn’t looking and getting chased.

About our Hans

He is getting so big! He weighed in at 42 lbs yesterday! He is also one of the calmest puppies we have ever had or met, so much more than Hilde was as a puppy.  He is so smart as well, he’s pretty much got everything figured out.  He’s starting to show signs that he is ready for his training to begin.  It always amazes me how fast they pickup on things.  We are looking forward to the summer and the many adventures we will have.  Just wanted to say thank you again for such a great experience and the new member of our family.  You guys do such a great job.

Featured Weimaraner — Zeus

Hi Shela and Cliff!Zeus Canine Good Citizen


I just wanted to let you know that Zeus passed his “Canine Good Citizen” test last night! It is a test that passes or fails them on 10 aspects of manners. If they fail one of the tests they do not pass. I am so proud of Zeus! We have been working hard with him and taking him to many obedience classes. We both really enjoy them and I think that they have helped socialize him and made him have the wonderful personality that he does!


Zeus does very well meeting other people and other dogs which is one of the things that he was tested on. He was also tested on some of the basic commands such as “Sit”, “Lay or Down”, “Come”, “Stay” & “Wait”, which he excels in! He also had to heel and do some turns and stop which he has practiced many times in his “Rally Obedience” classes. Zeus loves other people and has no problem with wheel chairs, walkers or canes. I have taken him on “field trips” (as I like to call them) to outdoor fairs and such to expose him to  a lot of different people and situations. I have never seen him not love another dog either. It’s such a joy to have a dog like him!


Zeus was tested on his reaction to loud noises.  He did just fine.  Separation anxiety was the one that I thought he would have the most trouble with…. there were a few peeps out of him but he did well enough to pass which is good! 🙂


We will get an official certificate in the mail  with the option to buy some “Good Citizen” buttons and other things! I can’t wait…of course I will order them! Haha! 😉


Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup! I can’t imagine my life without him. He has been a true blessing in my life!

Breeder’s Note –The Life-Changing Weimaraner!

Much of what the Weimaraner becomes rests in the hands of their family. 🙂 Some people do the minimum, and try to work it around so they can live amiably with this wonderful creature. Others, like Jeanne, go the extra mile. They see how far the journey will take them together. 🙂

A person grows in their ability to handle and train the Weimaraner. At the same time, they experience personal growth and maturity. No matter how old you are, or what your experience might be, when you come to the Weimaraner, they will exploit your weaknesses. They challenge you in ways you didn’t expect.

Jeanne and Zeus have accomplished a lot in their short time together. 🙂 We truly appreciate the efforts. For those reading these comments, Zeus was featured on the blog not long ago for his natural agility ability. Here is a link to the former blog if you want to check it out click here!


Featured Weimaraner — Sucia

Breeder’s Note: Please understand that Meg is a doctor. She works around the clock on some days. Her schedule varies, and for this (and other) reasons she wondered if she should bring home a Weimaraner puppy. The question was not so much as if, but when. Should it be now, or should she wait until things are more perfect for bringing home a puppy. No one can tell a person when the right time is to move ahead; but we know a lot of people who have put their dream on an indefinite hold. Things have never been ideal. We are glad that Meg could make this happen now. Here is the lovely note we received regarding her new best friend.

Look closely, and you will see two girls smiling in the kayak :O)

Look closely, and you will see two girls smiling in the kayak :O)

Shela and Cliff-

Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for such a lovely dog!  Sucia (named after one of the San Juan islands I love to paddle around) has been an absolute joy!  She is playful, inquisitive, beautiful and makes me laugh so many times each day.  She is independent and plays well by herself and with others.  She does have cuddly moments each day, when she seeks out my lap and snuggles into it, burying her nose into my side and making little contented puppy sighs and grunts as she falls asleep.  Very sweet.

She has fit right in at Jan’s (who you met) house where she lives when I work my 24 hour work shifts.  Sucia is being ‘parented’ by Jan’s two sweet pit bulls, and is being socialized by them how to interact with big dogs.  It is a joy to watch Sucia go zooming around the yard at Jan’s, playing with her two big sisters.  In addition, Jan has a 14 yo neighbor girl who lets the dogs out each morning and afternoon to play in the yard if Jan is working.  Mindy is over the moon in love with Sucia and is keeping a puppy journal about what she does every day. Sucia is a great car traveler, and spent 5 days with me on Orcas Island at my tiny cabin last week.  She enjoyed the freedom of exploring my property and sniffing out all the good sniffs there. She loves stalking and pouncing on big pinecones!  She has gone swimming in the freshwater inland lakes there and is a good hiker and beach walker.  Imagine all the good smells on a saltwater beach!

I took her to the Orcas Farmer’s Market on Saturday and she made many new friends.  Everyone wanted to say hi and she was mellow and warm with adults, little kids and many other dogs.  She is getting a great socialization period.  I am thoroughly enjoying her and appreciate all the hard work that both of you have done to breed such wonderful pups.

In short, I am in love.  Thanks, Shela, for patiently waiting for me to realize that little girl number 3 was supposed to live with me. ~ Meg

Featured Weimaraner — Bella

Purple Collar_3417Bella adjusted quickly

Just a little note to say hello.  Darilyn and I are having the time of our lives with Bella.  We go walking the trails and play in the yard constantly. Purple Collar_3419

We love her personality

She is quite the character!  We love her so much.  Purple Collar_3420

There was Only One bad Night

We only had one bad night where she howled in her new crate until 3 am but we didn’t give in and now she has no issues at all being in there.

Breeder’s Note: This was one of Hollee’s older pups born this winter. We are happy to report she made a great transition. When taking home the older pup, there are a lot pros (and a few cons). The most important thing is to let the process unfold. These photos were taken a few days before she left OwyheeStar.

Featured Weimaraner — Magnum


Magnum, the new kid at Mike and Monica’s Place

Magnum is doing great!

(Michael wrote) At the last vet check she (Melissa Albert) said, Magnum is going to be bigger than Hemi. Hemi and Sophie are also doing great. Hemi has taken on the mission to be a mother to Magnum and she’s doing a excellent job. Sophie tolerates him while in the house. But, likes him as a hunting buddy when outside…

Magnum has been perfect for us!

(Monica wrote) Magnum loves Michael so much and is happy to meet people.  He loves to play and is very birdy or a very nosey dog.  Always sniffing out things.  He likes to take a bath and overall just loves to get into everything.  I told Michael that is name was nono, ha.

Magnum is normal and gets into the usual Weimar trouble!

We will getting a new couch in about 18 months, too.  He loves my ear plugs and Michael always asks me if I want them back after he finds them in Magnums poo.  No thank you.!  He loves to be outside and finding things like my chickens and of course is new thing chasing leaves all around.

We want to thank you for a great dog.  

I would have said little guy, but he is getting bigger and bigger.  Sophie is the only one that has an issue with him.  She just does not know what to do with him, so she yipes at him when he gets near her.  At the end of the day you can find her on the couch with him laying next to her or with his head near her butt both sleeping on the couch, she has given up at that point.  He just like to be near her.  Hemi makes him mind is p’s and Q’s.  But she plays with him too. Other than he still has loose stools for part of the day, he is a growing and fun loving little guy.

Breeder’s Note: Try adding some plain pumpkin to his diet everyday. It will most likely clear up a slight digestive imbalance. It is also a healthy snack. You can use canned pumpkin, or if you find regular pumpkins, you can bake and freeze them. You can also try sweet potatoes baked and given as a snack.

The heartache of loss

The Late Turbo with Michael during a demonstration on how firefighters could help pets

The Late Turbo with Michael during a demonstration on how firefighters could help pets

The recent passing of Turbo left a gap in Michael (and Monica’s) hearts. Turbo was their first OwyheeStar. Those of us that lived the journey will never forget him. He had a winning personality, that lead to earning firehouse hot dogs all too often. He was irresistible. We will never forget his pilfering, and how he found a castoff artificial tree branch covered in delicious tasting leftovers, and ingested it. His life was filled with fun, joy, antics, and a few accidents. He will live on in our hearts. He could not be replaced. Nonetheless, Michael needed a new sidekick, and they added Magnum. He is their fourth OwyheeStar Weimaraner.

Before Magnum there were three

Hemi, Turbo, and Sophie with Monica

Hemi, Turbo, and Sophie with Monica

Mike and Monica fell in love with Turbo, and they wanted a female to add to their family. They brought home Hemi. Yes, Turbo and Hemi (cute names), filled their lives with so much joy that they wanted to open their home to another Weimaraner in need. Sophie was returned after a relationship change happened where she was no longer wanted. They opened their hearts(and home) to Sophie. They tried to change her name to Shadow, but she would not accept the name change. There were ups and downs in the working through of Hemi and Sophie getting along. Two females both wanting to run the show didn’t make it easy on Mike and Monica, and Turbo either. Nonetheless, they kept their commitment to Sophie, and she is much loved. We thank them for that!

Sunday Featured Photo

Jan Willow --Best In Show 2013

Jan Willow –Best In Show 2013

We will be talking more about Jan, Willow, and her achievement as the weeks go on. This photo speaks to our heart. It says, “So, what did you expect?” At thirteen months she is amazing. We are so very proud of Jan and Willow.