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~Part Three

~ We Miss Our Sweet Girl

This video (click here) was a couple years ago, after Cabela had had her teeth cleaned and a small growth removed from her eyelid. Ella (our middle kiddo) was all about taking care of her.

Thank you so much for chatting with me, I’ve found comfort in sharing our memories of Cabela. Like you, I feel like it was just yesterday that you were emailing me to tell me her miraculous birth story. She is so very missed. 

Jessica ❤

Breeder Comment

I know we can relate to the loss or the fear of the loss of our beloved Weimaraner. No one is ever prepared to say goodbye. Cabela had the best possible family and life–for that, we are ever so thankful.

Her family knows she cannot be replaced, but Caleb (the gray male they got from us some years ago), needs a new sister. So, soon Clover (another Blue Female) will join this family. We are honored to know them, and touched by their loyalty.

Colt; birthday boy extraordinare

Celebrating another Birthday….10531114_781726225195018_2102090676_n


Breeder’s Note: We have known Colt’s parents for a goodly number of years. We consider them seriously addicted to the Weimaraner virus.

Remi, Sadie, and Colt

Remi, Sadie, and Colt

They currently live with three OwyheeStar Weims–Sadie (the older silver-gray girl), Colt (the blue boy featured here), and Remi (the crazy gray longhair). I mean crazy in the best of ways. We cannot thank this couple enough for all they do for these three Weims. They lead extraordinary lives of a special sort. Here are a few photos snatched from the library we have collected. We hope they make you smile. They gave us several smiles ❤

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