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Just Like That

                      We went to Two!



Things Happen For A Reason! If you would’ve asked me one month ago if I wanted another puppy, I would’ve told you-you were crazy and on drugs, but then we met blue. He had been returned to the breeder for reasons that make no sense to me how could you ever give back a baby!!! ALL puppies are work–Weimers a lot of work. But at the end of the day, they have turned into my favorite dogs! Gunner is so happy to have his new friend!! We love Blue!!! I’m so grateful to have the chance to be in the Weimer family with amazing people and great dogs!! Thank you, Nancy, for bringing this loving baby to me!! ~ Beth

Breeder Comment

OwyheeStar received word that the puppy (known as Blue) was not working out. Nancy (Weimlover extraordinaire and NW Playdate host) has experience at doing Weimaraner foster care. We contacted her for assistance in picking up Blue, and she also agreed to keep him until we found a second-chance home. Well, as good fortune would have it there was more than one OwyheeStar vetted applicant. Thanks to Nancy’s intervention and transitional work, Blue has made an excellent adjustment to his new family. Thank you, Beth, for bringing him home too! We are happy that he is a fit.

Gunner loves his new brother. If you want to read about young Gunner–click here! Yes, Gunner is a Blue Longhair.


And It Beginsminors-timber-_20170115_121244561_hdr

Thank you, Shela for the additional information. Your emails have been truly invaluable to us as we are raising a pup for the first time. Timber is settling in very well. She is sleeping in her crate at night and naps there during the day as well. We are all learning the importance of praising Timber’s good behaviors, and are already seeing that payoff, as Timber is already learning what is and isn’t okay to chew on, and that going potty outside results in lots of love 🙂

Free To Dig

Today At Cannon Beach

~November 7th, 2016

14205999_592073297644265_3347585519385296134_oMaizie, age 4.5, shows her delight at Cannon Beach today. No ball, no frisbee, no sticks. Just chasing freely at her pace, going after birds and pouncing on clam shells with glee!  Lots of digging spurts in the wet sand and happily greeting people and dogs all along the beach. All smiles for this happy girl today!

Maizie and Linda recently brought home a medal.

Congratulations to the both of you. Training has paid off. She is one of the many OwyheeStar long-distance running companion Weimaraners.

Willow wins hearts and makes friends….

Willow is beyond my wildest expectations.

DSC00205She has won the hearts of all who meet her. Willow has become part of the family, including several aunts who must have their time with her as well. It is quite fun and she is eating it up!

The Grand Adventure…

Last weekend we took all the dogs and horses to the cabin. It was a grand adventure. Ponine, my mom’s dobie, is Willow’s best friend. They played for hours and would then curl up together. It is very sweet. My mom asks Ponine where the baby is and Ponine runs to find her. It is hilarious. She is a great baby sitter.

Silvi and Willow…

DSC00186Silvi didn’t want anything to do with her in the very beginning, but has started to snuggle with her and allow her to chew on her ears. I am not so much a fan of chewing on the ears, because I’ve paid to have both of them fixed at one time or another. However, Silvi and Willow have worked out their own arrangement and I’m trying to just support them. Having Willow in the house has caused Silvi to eat better and gain strength, to the point the vet asked if this was in fact the dog with the heart problem. YEAH, what a bonus!

Horses are a big part of my life…

Willow has ridden the horse with me for a lap around the parking lot at the cabin, but is still too small to go for any rides (while walking). She appears not to be afraid of the horses, which was my main concern at this point. We have yet to ride the quad, but will include a picture as soon as we accomplish it.

Willow and her toys…

DSC00193Willow loves her toys and plays with them alot. Her favorites are her skunk and the ball you sent in her pack. She loves going on walks with Silvi and I; we are up to 1/2 mile a couple times a day. Potty training is going well; probably slightly more difficult due to my work schedule, but we are being successful over the long-haul. Silvi and Willow both sleep in the bed with me because at this point, being in the crate all day and again all night is just too long. She enjoys her crate time as it generally involves food of some kind. Breakfast in the morning and a cookie when you come in to dry your feet off. We are working on sit, off and wait. All of which are coming along better than expected.

Willow and my mother…

Funny thing… My mom is a dobie dog owner thru and thru, however, she is thoroughly impressed with Willow and how well she has adjusted. From day 1 if you tell her no, she will stop what she is doing wrong, look at you and then go find her toys to keep playing. She loves to curl up on her lap and sleep after playing. We have had huge laughs while she is playing with my nieces and nephews. They all love her and she seems to have a ton of fun with the kids. Thank you again for such an amazing puppy! I look forward to having her for many years and adventures to come.