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No Costume for Me

~Hello –it is me, Bart

Breeder Comment: We had a couple of blogs (about vaccine reactions) in the works when we received this lovely note from Bart, who lives on the Oregon Coast. It was a different kind of Halloween for many of us. Thank you, Bart for writing to us.

No costume just a pumpkins, bats & corn candy halloween scarf.

Trick or Treat! Bart 🎃


~Aka Patti and sometime Patti Cake

The trip couldn’t have gone any better. Now I am checking and rechecking every corner of the house and attempting to disembowel the toy you sent. (Oops) We’re happy campers–me and my family.

I wondered why you were fussing with me so much lately—all these changes and wanting me to do different things. I now see you planned to let me have my new Oregon family–so I am reporting we made it home. I am surveying the landscape and deciding where first to raise a little havoc. I know you would not want me to miss an opportunity.

Coco Joins Her Family

It’s a Good Match…

Bobby and Coco

Bobby and Coco

Oh my gosh!!!  She is absolutely adorable and so sweet!!  We love her!!  What a little doll baby!!  I just want to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle her!!  She & our Gunnar are slowly getting more comfortable with each other.  Even our kitty came out to check her out.  She was playing with her toys and being pretty social and then she just crashed and passed out.  Too cute.  She’s stirring now so I think she’s getting her second wind.

We’re going to make an appointment at the vet for her for next week.  Thank you for all the information and I will continue to read and monitor your blog.  Your website has wonderful and very helpful & informative information.

Bobby is ready to start with her training tomorrow and getting her more comfortable with her surroundings.

Thank you again, she’s wonderful! ~ Gayle

Breeder’s Note: You might remember we had a wonderful longhair girl who still needed placement at 11-weeks. We had a few more born in the litter than expected; however, most were snatched up in quick order. We had thought we would save Roca (Coco’s sister), but we decided to place her as well. The demands upon our time are too great to keep Roca with a perfect home awaiting her arrival. Both longhair girls have departed; we miss their cute faces, but we know they are doing well. We know they are getting the best. Our hearts are warmed–thank you to their wonderful new families.