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Puppy Faces

Filling the Void

We are waiting for pups here just like you folks on our Wait List. I am out of easy posts for the blog, and I needed one this morning. I thought you might enjoy these photos pulled from the archives. A puppy fix never hurt anyone.

Pile on the Blankets

No Rush to Rise


Arliss under the covers

The Pacific Northwest weather has been nothing short of wet. Far Eastern Oregon (home of OwyheeStar) has moved to window-scraping weather in a blink of any eye. Hoses must be winterized with predictions of a twenty-degree low last night. That kind of cold means it takes some time to awaken and warm. This slower to warm up and move attitude is true of the earth as well as the critters that reside herein.

Arliss loves being snuggled in the warm bed. He sees no reason to hurry toward the inevitable. He is not alone. Snow in the mountains. We see it above Boise. The ski resorts will soon be opening. The snowmobiles are getting a tuneup in anticipation. By the way, some Weims have snowsuits.

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Fellig’s Progress

Just a few lines abut Fellig’s progress; now it’s coming up to a month of having him around.

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As you can see from his FB posts he has settled in well, is enjoying all kinds of adventures and is trying all kinds of foods and winning all kinds of friends on his journey!
There are two bad things about Fellig – one, his biting. My arms and hands are full of welts, and it is extremely difficult to break him of the habit. I’ve noticed that the biting occurs (mostly) when he is tired. Two, his screaming when he has to go in the lair. But both these things are surmountable and nothing compared to how great he is in other departments.
He hasn’t once had an accident in the house – it’s quite amazing! He takes himself outside and is now starting to save poops until our morning walk rather than in the garden.
He is learning really quickly. He knows his name, know his whistle and comes to it also 80% of the time will come when asked, and he sits. He is learning ‘off’ because he is ripping holes in pants and shorts from jumping and grabbing.
He loves travelling in the car and has found his favourite niche (the passenger seat floor) where I provide a bowl of ice (it’s still hot here). And he likes to watch out of all the windows.
He is free feeding now. I have shifted him to two new kibbles since we can’t find the one you use here, a large breed puppy grain free and a limited ingredient grain free adult kibble. I top this with a little raw lamb, and he has sampled salmon (he likes it cooked) and many vegetables and fruits and these are included in his bowl. He likes chick peas as well. He LOVES green beans, and I have discovered him helping himself to them straight out of the garden!!
He is pretty fearless – the only thing that phases him are sirens and motorbikes – he doesn’t mind storms and is very friendly with all dogs, and people. I take him everywhere – art openings, shopping, etc. and everywhere we go people want to say hello and make a fuss and he certainly accepts all that attention with grace.
We hike and go on various walks quite a few times a day and also he loves the dog park. He is off leash a lot of the time, sticks close and comes when called.
He sleeps with me on the bed – sometimes he gets up in the night and asks to go out, but more and more is lasting all night. He gets very fractious when he is tired and bites, but then flops down beside me and snuggles up.
He is a very, very smart little wilful creature and is going to be a great little dog.
I’ll keep you posted and feel free to guide people to his FB page!
best, Jill

A Weim Fix

Sometimes Words do not Suffice

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Sometimes Words Cloud the Issue–today for your enjoyment a few Weim looks.


AKA Whippersnapper

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Well, we are just past the 10-week mark and boy are we having fun!  Olli, aka Whippersnapper, is keeping us all busy and entertained. He already knows the sit and drop it commands, and we are working on the come.  I should send pictures of our flower pots as Olli is quite the gardener although his pruning skills are questionable….  Still working on house training – but we will get there.  We know when he needs a nap is when his energy level goes through the roof! The little devil turns back into the sweetest puppy once he wakes up and gets out of his crate:). Our older dog is still not thrilled but tolerates him better when outside.  That will take some time.

Breeder’s Comment

It sounds like you are off to a good start. The recall (coming when called) is vital to master. Pruning skills are not a necessity but could come in handy.  The resident Weim being happy about the new arrival will take some time. Regardless, it is hard to move over and share some of the limelight.

An OwyheeStar Labor Day

Dusty Trails (or tails) at the Nielsen Farm

Murray for a Walk with Cliff and Shela-15

There are no puddles despite the sprinkles we have seen. The only real water is the irrigation water; in some places it is sparse. Dust boils up from the dry fields being harvested. Nonetheless, our hay looks lush in comparison.

We had this little longhair out for a walk. Not everyone loves the Longhair Weimaraner (sometimes called the other Weimaraner). Nonetheless, they have a growing fan base. Cliff and Shela adore all things Weimaraner.

This Week at OwyheeStar

10906300_886047904762849_586912771443928812_nSeptember unfolds as we say goodbye to August 2005. The fall temperatures are pressing in, and it seems like football weather. Those in the Northwest are well aware of the Boise State — Washington game that occurred late yesterday. The first half was all Boise State; the second half it looked like Washington was going to overtake them–or at least they would tie Boise’s score. A missed last-minute Washington field goal was Boise’s saving grace.

We mentioned the fall-like weather. It was below fifty degrees when we turned in last evening. It is fifty this morning. A home cooked breakfast is in the works for Cliff. We hope you have something fun planned for Labor Day Weekend. We don’t know for sure what we will be doing. It for sure will include more football.

This Week on the Blog

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible!

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On a very personal note

IMG_0826It has been yet another busy week–no surprise at all. We are working on the farmhouse remodel. I believe we will be tying up a lot of loose ends this weekend; however, I am only on board for the trip. The skipper has not laid out a clear voyage on paper for me yet. Sometimes when he is at the helm there are a lot of changes; therefore, it is best to be the ever dutiful deck mate. Sometimes I fail to excel. We are both administrator-types.

My arm is improving. Progress is slow but consistent. I am not wearing the compression sleeve, and it doesn’t get any worse. The lymphedema massage therapist said my arm is doing better than another client’s arm who is experiencing almost identical issues. My arm has gotten better (with limiting compression), and this woman is wearing the compression sleeve constantly and has developed severely pitted edema symptoms. I feel for her.

As Alway

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–we need the updates. They are vital for inspiration, and they brighten our day. Yes, and allow us to have something to share.

Beauty Rest Required

This Look Requires

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  1. Adequate shut eye time.
  2. The right sofa, chair, or bed.
  3. A pillow.

After all, a girl needs what she needs. Right?

You and Your New Weimaraner

Letting the Process Unfold

WP_20150716_15_57_33_Pro (2)Have you considered how relationships work when you come to the table with preconceived ideas? In my personal experience, this doesn’t work out well. It doesn’t matter how many best friends I have had; this is a new person, a new time in my life, and a new type of interaction. It is unique.

11164737_10205700470504544_2879016024495933137_nNo matter how many puppies (or Weimaraners) you have brought home, this is going to be different. Yes, there will be things that are similar. This Weimaraner will (no doubt) remind you of a former fur family member. Nonetheless, to press ahead with only a goal of achieving certain things in mind will rob you of an unusual opportunity. Bringing to the table your experience, and preconceived ideas may prove counterproductive.

We encourage people to take a deep breath and to move forward slowly this is about the journey. For all you folks out there giving advice, and setting goals for other new puppy owners, you might help them more by sharing less. All too often people feel pressured to impress someone — or to achieve (master) the perfect obedient young Weimaraner. We are not suggesting that you should work toward other than making every attempt to evoke compliance; however, we are suggesting you go about this in a different manner. You want this magnificent creature to have a desire to please you. When they desire to comply with your wishes, then you are not embattled in the ongoing war of who is in the lead. One thing to keep in mind here too is that the Weimaraner that doesn’t get control of the situation may turn to manipulation. It is amazing how they can wrap a person around their paw. The Weimaraner is all about the relationship and at the same time they have a large bag of tricks. Ultimately, your relationship is the foundation of all things possible. This idea is not to have a willy-nilly anything goes type of relationship. Respect must be elicited from the Weimaraner; likewise, you need to show them respect. They are not running things. There are many ways to show your approval and appreciation; however, the manner in which to interact and reward them will make all the difference.

Rewarding Achievements

The cookie-treat enticement has its place. Nevertheless, we hope everyone will (eventually) achieve compliance without the use of bribe. Otherwise, there is the chance that one day the treat-offering will not be as important as them crossing the road to get to something. By the time you get the Weims attention, it might be too late. No matter how this scenario ends, it is either the unthinkable heartbreaking outcome or the close call that leaves you shaken to the core. The latter is preferable; however, it means taking a step back and earning absolute compliance. pick_trainer

Winning titles and demonstrating obedience is amazing–it is one way of receiving tangible rewards. Not everyone has the time, money, or knack for competing. Nevertheless, it is important to remember the most important things are the simple ones. Achieving the various disciplines (loose-leash compliance, housebreaking, crate training, and the recall to mention a few) can be challenging. The Weimaraner (and their antics) can get you off-track. A trained and obedient Weimaraner is compliant on the leash and off the leash. Very often the Weimaraner choose to be compliant off-leash because this puts them in control. Well, that is food for thought.

Jan and Willow have a collection of ribbons and trophies. Their achievements blow us away. We blessed to know Jan Magnuson, who has been involved with the Weimaraner on so many levels for more than 35 years. We are not diminishing her achievements by saying the show ring is not for everyone. You can still achieve great things with your Weimaraner. If you live near Jan, she holds classes. Click here to learn more about Jan’s classes. Everyone can benefit from proper socialization and a well-structured obedience class. Look for a place to participate, or an interesting activity to share with the Weimaraner. The venue can be something simple you both love and enjoy together.

Extreme Weimlovers

Sometimes a photo pretty much speaks volumes.

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The only thing missing is a longhair. Guess What? Their neighbor has a blue longhair from us. They got us covered on Camino Island…

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