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~First Snowfall Fun

Our Shadow is now 8.5 months old! He is enjoying his first snow here in SE Idaho! We even got him a sweater just in case he shows signs of getting too cold! 

Here is Shadow with his furry bro and sis… this is as close as we could get them without Shadow trying to gnaw on them, and then running away! Shadow’s fur-baby bro & sis play with him sparingly as one of his paws on top of them ends the playing pretty quick! He just finished his basic obedience training course this past month, and he shown how smart and sometimes obstinate he can be!

He is loved by our family with 4 kids to play with, and loves playing keep away with anything he knows isn’t his! He loves to settle down in the evening and cuddles with our youngest (pictured above).

We get tons of compliments every time we take him out on how beautiful and striking he is. We couldn’t be happier with him. Shadow has been healthy and well, we worked with our vet to spread out his shots longer-term, followed your instructions, and he is doing wonderfully!
We are so happy that you entrusted this wonderful personality to us! 

Sincerely, Amber & Jeff

Breeder Comment

Thank you for thinking of us, and more importantly, for doing everything so correctly with Shadow. We know your life must be insanely busy with the little ones and the three fur family kids. Kudos to you and your Vet for getting the vaccines done and spreading them out.


~ Private Romp with Hudson

Just wanted to share this funny picture of Dexter and Hudson. Dexter is getting paybacks for all the times Hudson sat on him! Dexter will be 10 in April and starting to slow down but LOVES his private romp sessions with his daddy when his weim brother and human brother are upstairs and not there to disrupt!

Breeder Comment

What memories Hudson will have–of his time with Dexter. A boy and his Weim–are forever etched in his heart. Cliff is a bit older but here is Cliff’s first Weimaraner.


~A Weim and His Boy

Hello! Our OwyheeStar Blue Boy is maturing–We loved the post featuring Loki from the same parents (Dixie X Boone).

Also, I have not forgotten our previous discussion about one day getting s long hair Veim.  They are unique and pretty.  Please keep me in mind.

Breeder Comment

Hello, again. We are happy to learn that CW is doing well. We look forward to working with you once again, when you are ready for your first Longhair.


~Part Three

~ We Miss Our Sweet Girl

This video (click here) was a couple years ago, after Cabela had had her teeth cleaned and a small growth removed from her eyelid. Ella (our middle kiddo) was all about taking care of her.

Thank you so much for chatting with me, I’ve found comfort in sharing our memories of Cabela. Like you, I feel like it was just yesterday that you were emailing me to tell me her miraculous birth story. She is so very missed. 

Jessica ❤

Breeder Comment

I know we can relate to the loss or the fear of the loss of our beloved Weimaraner. No one is ever prepared to say goodbye. Cabela had the best possible family and life–for that, we are ever so thankful.

Her family knows she cannot be replaced, but Caleb (the gray male they got from us some years ago), needs a new sister. So, soon Clover (another Blue Female) will join this family. We are honored to know them, and touched by their loyalty.


~Somewhere in Utah

Then this Happened

Brandon Writes–Just wanted to drop a little note to let you know that the puppy is home and seems very happy.  I look forward to working with you guys in the very near future!

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear that Toby is setting into his new family–doing well. We look forward to working with you again, thanks for the photos, Brandon.

Blu at Two

Blu Came Home

           ~in January  2013

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So today I decided to celebrate her birthday a couple of days early, we went for a walk/hike. She is amazing– she just loves children and other dogs. We are not hunters; however, I believe she would be a real good bird dog if given some training.

Blu has faced a Big Change

Unfortunately, she is like a lot of children today. I am speaking of having their parents become divorced. Ron and I have decided to part ways; she lives with him. I didn’t have a home where I could keep her. She is not as finished as we hoped when we got her. This lack of manners is because she did not receive enough early age training. She is a sweet girl. She loves to give hugs; she will come up to you, and lightly put her neck right on your neck.

Our Birthday Walk

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Blu and I met a lady walking with her children. Of course, they wanted to pet Blu. As usual, I said yes. So I was explaining that her birthday was in two days. They were excited for her.  The little boy asked if they can sing happy birthday to her. Wasn’t that so precious? I asked for permission to post it online. We got it. 

Blu was the Perfect Pup

I just wanted to say thank you for picking out the most wonderful puppy for us. Sorry for not getting you an update on her life sooner. As you can see a lot has happened. I wanted to let you know she is alive, healthy, happy, and a joy to be around. Thank you again. Tammi
Breeder’s Comment
We truly appreciate the extra effort Tammi went to (in order) to send us the note given the circumstances. Divorce and broken relationships are one of the primary reasons pets become orphaned. On occasion, neither person can take the family pet. This splitting-the-sheets action can lead to kind of hurt that is almost too much to bear–so much loss packed into the process of the dissolution. When a child’s pet must be left at a shelter or rehomed it can leave an even bigger wound than the parents separation. 
The pets are often the best kind of friend. They keep our secrets. They know our hurt. The love us unconditionally. There most certainly are no adequate words to cover what they mean to us. To leave them behind is tragic and heartbreaking. In some cases, it is unavoidable. 
We have received many inquiries from people who lost their beloved Weimaraner in the divorce or separation. The sad truth is you cannot just replace what you had. You must start over with a new best friend. Never give up–it is possible to begin afresh. Each journey is unique and takes us to a special place we share with that particular Weimaraner. 

Featured Weimaraner — Blue

Sgt. Blue Gunderson…or Blue……or Bue

I just wanted to send a little note to thank you so much for our boy Blue.  He has been such a joy to us the past few days.  IMG_3035As you can see from the pictures, the kids just adore him.  My youngest, Ella woke up this morning asking, “Wher bue? Wher Bue?” IMG_2224

Who says you cannot buy love?

He is a very loved pup and is adjusting nicely, only yelping today when he needed to go outside.  I think it is going to be easier house training him than potty training my 2 year old!  We are very excited for each new adventure that comes with our boy Blue.  Our entire family is excited to have him around. 

Turkey Feathers for training

My oldest daughter went searching for turkey feathers at my parent’s lake house up north to make a training tool in order to build his scenting abilities and desire to point.  It is fun to see my dad get excited about hunting again.  He is very much looking forward to helping Aaron work the dog this winter. 

 Thank you so very much again for our Blue.

Breeder’s Note: This wonderful family wrote us the most wonderful introductory note. Here is a portion of that email.

My husband and I are looking to adopt a Weim puppy to add to our family.  We are looking for a hunting dog, rather than a show dog.  Your name came highly recommended. 🙂 (There were names listed, but we deleted them. We are very careful not to share people’s names, as well as their other personal information).We have three children: an 8 year old son, 6 year old daughter, and 2 year old daughter.  We live across the street from a two acre lake that is ideal for training.  We are very excited to bring a new puppy into our family that my husband and son can work together.  My dad is also excited to help with the training.  🙂  He is a former President of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America.  I have many fond memories growing up with quail in our backyard, exploring during field trials, and “helping” my dad train our dogs. I am looking forward to passing down these memories to my children.  

Our Cliff, and his first Weimar -- Doc

Our Cliff, and his first Weimar — Doc

Dreams come true…

Many people who grow up with the Weimaraner, remain taken with them for life. We get a lot of inquiries from people who have wanted to get another Weimaraner for a long time. Often, they cite their first being the one they had when growing up. We cannot help but imagine the impact this pup is going to have on these three children. Thank you Kimberly for sharing the news, and your excitement.

We truly appreciate it.

~ Shela and Cliff