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Puskin & Marie

In Mesa, Arizona

20180429_081112The travels with Pushkin are going well. We arrived in Mesa yesterday morning. The photo is of a sunrise somewhere in Nevada. I am not sure where we were when I took it as we were driving from Susanville to Las Vegas. I do know that we had crossed the state line into Nevada.
20180501_072751I had to stop a little more often than I normally would to let Push exercise a bit but really no complaining on his part about the long ride. The picture of Pushkin was taken in my mother’s backyard in Mesa.
I know that I have said this multiple times, but thanks for the wonderful companion

Breeder’s Comment

We are so very glad to hear that you and Pushkin made a safe journey to Mesa, AZ. Thank you, for remembering us!



     ~Coping with Excess Energy 

Pushkin and I are preparing for a long road trip to Arizona to move my mother into an assisted living facility. Once that has been taken care of we are going on to the Chaco Canyons of New Mexico.  It is the oldest Anasazi site in the U.S. In preparation for the trip to Arizona, we took a trip from Salem to Kennewick to see my grandchildren.

What I learned on the drive was that we had to stop quite often, not because Push had to “potty” but because he needed exercise. Once he was out of the car and we walked for a bit he settled right down when we started up again. At every rest stop, someone would comment on what a beautiful dog he is. I have attached some pictures for you. The man is my son, the children are obviously my grandchildren. I am not sure who that white-haired old woman is, could it be me?😏

What a great dog he is!

Breeder Comment

Thanks for the great share–we are excited you’re traveling together. That is fun. We loved your pointer on burning off the excess energy. It is good for humans as well.
One suggestion we might have is to be careful about dusty areas you visit while in the Southwest. Valley Fever in dogs is a thing. We would not want anything to happen to the lovely Puskin. Click here to read a bit about this potential risk. 


I Travel

It depends on where we are going. I sometimes travel wearing the safety harness because Mom says I cannot be unsafe in the car. Other times I am allowed to use the counsel for my pillow. It is then I can look up and send laser beams to give my Mama the signal for what we should do next. I like the Puppucino and a vanilla cone. It is amazing how she speeds right by the ice cream joint and the coffee place.

Are You Traveling

A lot of you are probably doing something fun today. Maybe it is a family reunion. Or the traditional BBQ with friends and family. Others have gone to the mountains, the beach, or a local event. Whatever you do, be safe. Oh, and have some watermelon along with your ice cream.


Happy Labor Day Weimlovers!


Miss Layna

Bauer's Miss Layna_8451

Hi Cliff & Shela,
Miss Layna (Blue X Greta 3-3-14) just had her third birthday! Being a Real Estate Broker she is my co-pilot most of the time. I would l like to say I purchased the crew cab truck for signs and hauling things, but clearly, it was for Layna’s condo, this is what we call the back seat. She loves looking out the window so with one seat down, and the other lifted for her bed, it is perfect. This girl loves her sleep!  We have had record snow fall and cold weather this year in the Flathead Valley so we are all ready for spring and more outdoor activities. We wish you all a wonderful spring and a Blessed Easter!
Jonny, Collette, Cole & Carson
Kalispell, MT

Breeder Comment

Nothing tickles us more than to hear such news. We love that Miss Layna is busy helping you nearly every day. Thank you, for remembering us. It means the world!

Featured Weimaraner — Bella

DSC02895Bossy Bella...

Bella is just awesome, she tends to be a bit bossy at times.  Typical in what I’ve dealt with in this breed.

Nervous peeing (click here for a link on the topic)

Hope you are not posting our secrets...

Hope you are not posting our secrets…

She has started to pital pee when she gets over excited.  We are dealing with this daily by talking to her calmly and not adding to her already excited state.

Playing Fetch is Fun

She has pointed once or twice but that is all.  She loves to play fetch so I’m working on commands of release with her.

Bella loves to cuddle and get in our bed with us…IMG_20130412_092723_216DSC02883

She loves to sleep with us but we limit that as to not let it get out of control and she doesn’t share her pink chair with anyone.  She knows that’s all hers!

Bella loves the car

We took a trip to Idaho and she loved the car ride, in fact if you leave the car door open she takes it over.  That is about it for now.

Bella Camps in StyleIMG_20130525_130547_362

Bella’s second camping trip.  Our friends bought her a tutu.  Look at me so pretty.IMG_20130525_130549_157

Breeder’s Note:

The female Weimaraner most usually likes to run the house. They are clever, and manipulative. Oh, and maybe we should add, they are surprisingly creative. Despite the challenges, some people delight in the Weimar-antics. Bella’s parents are Weim-savvy, and have her number (so-to-speak).