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Independence Day Weimar Wishes

17C_Duchess in the Hay Field Sept 2011 (64) (Custom)4july003“Woof” “Oh, I meant hello there fellow Weimlovers!” Here we are at Independence Day, and I wanted to point out a few things that we Weimars are hoping to celebrate this 4th of July.

fireworks-02-juneWeimar Freedom Wishes include the right to clean up dropped bacon, even if it is on the platter (and the kitchen counter). Today we are free from automatic suspicion if the toilet paper mysteriously unravels down the hallway, or the trash can topples over. fireworks-01-juneMaybe Uncle Billy imbibed a little too much, and the TP followed him out the door. Remember, fireworks can shake the ground; quite possibly it was that which caused the trash to vault across the deck. On this blessed occasion, we are not owning your farts, or other disgusting sounds you like to place off on us.

american_bombamerican_bombRemember, people admire you more when you have us for a friend. (Woof) Think of the calories you saved because we licked your ice cream cone. We do all kind of thankless services for you, and your friends, who also think we are convenient to blame for their farts. You see the just of this note is one day a year we declare our freedom from the unwarranted accusations. We do admit that many a Weimar antic has caused you a measure of inconvenience, but in the long haul who else accepts you with corn in your teeth–and is happy for the opportunity to remove it for you? Thank you for taking a moment to think about these things.

4july001Be safe and sane with the fireworks. Remember some of us will want to cower, and others will try to retrieve the smoking embers. We are kids that never grow up, and you are the adult. So, this holiday is on you. If I drink too much, it is because you were sloppy. If you leave your plate on the ground, it is fair game. Remember, I don’t sort out the chicken bones, and this could mean an emergency trip in the midst of your holiday fun. Please don’t blame me, because you let things get out of hand.

Finally, don’t let me get frightened and have to run away. If I get lost it would be scary. I have read about Weims turning up at the shelters after a holiday. Thank you in advance for the watermelon, ice cream, and hot dogs. Please make sure I don’t over eat and get sick, but do share. “Woof” fireworks-02-june

firecrackers_walk~ Happy 4th of July14thjuly

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