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~Weim in a Wig

I Love her. Love the variation from the norm. She definitely gets comments when we are out and about – especially now the she looks like a “Weim in a wig” – Weim snout framed by curly ears.  

Yesterday (May 26th) Emmy spent the afternoon playing with a French Bulldog and today we went to my parents. Here she is with Bentley – a  3-year-old standard poodle.

Breeder’s Comment

Thank you, Jill, for sharing the photo and the video of Emmy playing with your parent’s Standard Poodle. It fun to see her in action.


Spooky Spoiled

     ~Nonetheless, Much-Loved

Scartozzi's Alli-2Thought you might enjoy to see how my girl Alli is doing! She is a love bug, but boy is she afraid of everything! As a pup I exposed her to everything and she is still afraid of every loud sound, the lawn mower, and gun shots (which we have a lot of) just to name a couple. She is terrified of getting her nails clipped even though that is also something I worked on with her as a pup. She is just a dog with her very own ways. She loves me to no end and her whole butt wages when I am near. She shares my pillow with me and we cuddle when she is scared. She loves my kids and gives them lots of kisses.
She has been a huge part of our family and I am so blessed you’ve allowed us to have this sweet girl!

Breeder Comment

There are many ways to end up with issues–especially loud noise sensitivity. We humans and I am not saying Ashley did or didn’t do this, tend to do the very thing that ingrains the fear rather than alleviates it. It is the most natural response in most cases. Well, nuff said. (Yes, I know it is more correctly enough said). Maybe it will be a topic of discussion one day soon. We have spoken about it before.

Thank you, Ashley, for loving this sweet girl and sharing with us.

Featured Weimaraner — Zeus

Zeus is doing great!

Hello I haven’t talked to you in a while and I wanted to keep in touch and let you know that Zeus is doing great! 🙂

Exciting News!

I wanted to share some exciting news, and this photo of him going over little jumps…he really seems to like it and even did it on his own when he was running around my friend’s back yard.

272The other dog in the photo is Zeus’s friend “Louie”. He is a Standard Poodle the same height and weight as Zeus. They are best buddies and they play just about everyday for an hour. It is great for him and really wears him out!

Zeus birthday 1

Zeus at his 1st Birthday!

Rally Obedience

I don’t know if I shared that I took Zeus to a Rally Obedience class. He was a little out of control at first but by the end of it he was doing very well He got a 92 on his final exam!! 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I met a very good trainer who helped me a lot. That is where I met Barb (Louie’s mom) and we found out we lived about 15 minutes away from each other! It’s great!