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Featured Weimaraner — Raein

Got Velcro?

The Weimaraner frequently accompanies her or his human. Events might include a special venue, or possibly it is you and your Weimar hanging out together. Either way, whatever you are doing; your Weimaraner wants to be with you. If you are inside the house, then they want to be in there with you–preferably leaning on, sitting on, or touching you. I heard there is a plot for them to find a way to be injected under the skin.

Parade of Paws

Around Spokane, Washington, you might run into Shelli and Raein. They are out and about doing things whenever possible. Shelli and Raein put in some long distances.IMG_20130616_00224710

Raein is a very social girl. Recently, Raein, Shelli, Shelli’s sister and her St. Bernard took part in Spokane’s Parade of Paws. Aren’t these photos great?

Note: Please be advised of the watermark on these photos taken by InSpirit Studioz Photography–click the link and find them on Facebook. They are specialists in animal photography. Thank you Shelli for all you share, and what you do with Raein!